"Oh yeah?" Mimi's dad pulled out a gun and aimed it at Matt's heart.

Matt ignored the gun and charged towards Mimi's dad. The gun trigger was pulled and a bullet flew through the air, grazing past Matt's right cheek, causing a small trickle of blood to run down his face.

"Papa! Please don't!" Mimi pleaded, tears falling from her eyes.

"SHUT UP BITCH!!" He yelled, turning and aiming the gun at her. Before he could pull the trigger, Matt was on him, struggling to get the gun away from him. The trigger on the gun was pulled again, but the noise was muffled. Matt stumbled back, his hand pressed tightly against his left shoulder, as blood oozed out from between his fingers. Mimi's dad aimed the gun at Matt, for the last time, yet as he was pulling the trigger, Mimi jumped on his back grabbing his neck, knocking him off balance and causing him to shoot at the sky instead of Matt.

In the distance, the faint wail of a siren could be heard. As Mimi was thrown off her father's back, Matt ran towards her dad, and delivered a sever blow, knocking him to the ground, unconscious. It seemed like time itself had slowed down. Police cars came, taking away Mimi's father, her mother was taken into the hospital, and the parents of the kids were called. Mimi was sitting on the steps of the hospital, watching enviously as the parents ran to their kids, hugging and kissing them. Tai and Kari went home with their parents, Matt and his family were walking towards the hospital, so his wounds could be treated.

"Ms. Tachikawa, please come in so we can treat your wounds." Mimi looked up to see a nurse standing behind her. Looking at Matt again, he was feet away from her, walking up the steps. Nodding, Mimi got up and followed the nurse in the hospital.

*Hours later*

"You can go home now Ms. Tachikawa." A nurse said as Mimi finished pulling on some new clothes she was given. "Your grandmother's flight will be in tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you," Mimi bowed to the nurse before leaving. As she got outside, Mimi was surprised to see Matt standing there. There was silence between the two as Mimi walked down the steps. "I'm sorry for what my Father has done to you.and thank you, for helping me." A cool breeze scattered the pink cherry blossoms along the ground.

"Are you going to be ok?" He asked, looking at her bruised and bandaged body.

"Yeah, my Grandma is flying out, and will be here tomorrow afternoon. We're going to stay here for my Mom's funeral, and to pack my Mom and my things."

"So you're going to live with your Grandma in America." They had been walking towards the parking lot, where Matt's family were waiting for him.

"Well I should go, see you later." Mimi was about to leave, when Matt's Mom stopped her.

"Why don't you stay with us tonight, Mimi dear?" She smiled at Mimi, a warm, yet sad smile.

"Oh I don't want to bother you guys." Mimi blushed, her cheeks turning a reddish color.

"Please, we insist." Mr. Ishida looked at her, the kind of look you couldn't say no to.

"Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Ishida." Mimi smiled happily as she fought back the tears that were about to come out.

*Ishida house*

"What would you guys like for dinner?" Mrs. Ishida asked, as the three teenagers walked into the kitchen. "Does pizza sound good?" They nodded and left, except for Mimi who just stood there. "Yes Mimi dear?" Mrs. Ishida was surprised to see Mimi there.

"Can I help you make the pizzas?"

"Sure thing! Here, you mix that while I get a few other things." Mimi nodded and mixed the ingredients for the crust. "You are such a sweetheart for helping me! Those boys usually don't even bother asking." Mrs. Ishida smiled at Mimi, causing her to giggle.

*An hour later*

"Wow Mom, this pizza tastes better then usual!" T.k. commented, helping himself to a fourth slice.

"That's cause Mimi here helped me." Mimi just smiled and took another bite of her pizza.

*10:00 pm*

Mimi watched the silent t.v. as she laid on the couch. She just couldn't fall asleep for some reason.

"Can't sleep either?" Matt asked, causing her to jump.

"N-No." Mimi's hand was clutching her heart, for it felt as if it would pound its way out of her chest.

"Something wrong?" Mimi, noticing that he was only wearing gray boxers, blushed and shook her head.

"No, you just scared me, that's all." Mimi moved over on the couch, allowing him to sit down. Minutes passed in silence, before Matt finally pulled Mimi towards him. He wrapped his arms around her, while she rested her head on his shoulder. He felt so warm, that Mimi wanted to stay there, forever in his warm embrace. Her eyes felt heavy, and she drifted off into sleep.

*A year later*

"Ohh! So you wrote that poem about him! That makes sense now." Sabrina said, as she drove Mimi to the airport. "Will you read it to me, one last time?"

"'One last time'? You act as if I am moving back to Japan, Sab! I'm only going there for the summer! Hang on, let me find it." Mimi dug through her purse, before pulling out a piece of paper. "Here it is! He had eyes like the ocean, but I won't drown...he had hair shiny and beautiful as the sun, but I won't close my eyes to it...he had hands as gentle as the summer breeze, but I won't be whisked away...he had arms that cradle like a mother, but I won't fall asleep on them...he had a soul that felt warm to me, but I'm already cold...he had lips like a luscious cherry, but I won't taste them..."

"God, this is like a fairytale! You the princess, and him the prince. I envy you soo much!" Sabrina stopped in front of the airport and helped her friend get her bags. "I'm going to miss you! Remember, write to me and tell me every juicy little detail, ok?" The two best friends hugged, and Mimi waved before walking into the busy airport.

"I wonder if he even remembers me, or if he has a girlfriend, of if he even still likes me!" Mimi made it to her plane and plopped down on her seat, and pulled out a picture of Matt. "I hope he still likes me."

*Odaiba airport*

Mimi got off the plane, clutching the picture of Matt in her hand. She looked around, wondering if he was even there, or if his mom or brother would pick her up. Her eyes rested on a familiar boy with blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Her heart stopped for a few seconds, and people pushed past her, yet she didn't notice, for the only thing that she could see was Matt, standing in front of her.


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