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"Are you okay?"

It was the second thing that he heard – the first being that of light sniffles (the sound of forcibly held-back crying) as his heavy eyes barely flicked open and his numb fingers twitched.

"Lil–" He began, but immediately retracted the name before it could all just slip out, "Where am I?" He asked, forcing his eyes open to see the stark white ceiling of what had to be a hospital.

"You're awake!" A familiar, but unfamiliar voice sounded so happy that he was sure it could not have been for him, "Does it hurt anywhere?"

Yes, the skin around his throat was quite painful, but he would never admit it, "No." He answered simply, ignoring the pain of just turning his head to see who was speaking to him.


Gorgeous, gorgeous blue that took his breath away and he strained to just breathe for a moment. The utter vibrancy of the blue reminded of Lily's emerald hues and dare he say that the blue was probably the most beautiful colour he had even seen in his harsh and dreary life.

"Stop lying," The girl (so very young, he noticed) frowned and he unconsciously tensed when the tips of her dainty fingers barely brushed against the thick bandages wrapped around his throat, "There could still be venom in your blood."


That's right, the last thing he remembered was Nagini's relentless strikes and Potter's eyes before everything had gone dark.

So, he was dead?

"No, you're not," The woman-child said calmly, as if she had just read his thoughts, "You called out in what were supposed to be your last moments. You summoned me. You summoned me to heal you and save your life just in time."

Snape widened his eyes, his senses finally returning to him as the words sunk into his mind, "What are you?" He rasped out, wondering if this was an angel that was possibly tricking him.

She smiled at him and again, it stole his breath away that someone so beautiful could actually exist and he felt her hand rest upon the top of his clammy one and she didn't really answer his question.

"I'm just Higurashi Kagome."