This is my second SOA fic. I'm just so in love with the show and I keep coming up with stories in my head. I was originally in love with Opie until I became completely infatuated with Juice (still am and I'm pretty sure he will always be my favorite) but I of course love them all, Happy included, and have been reading Happy fics lately so I decided to write one myself. Probably gonna keep this one as a series of one-shots just like how my Juice fic started out (which I'm still working on btw). Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy!

Disclaimer: As always, the genius that is SOA belongs to Kurt Sutter and FX.

Happy pulled his bike into the TM lot and backed it up in line with the other bikes. He swung his leg over and walked towards the clubhouse. SAMTAZ had just gotten into town from Tucson on some club business and Jax had called everyone back to the clubhouse for church.

Pushing his way through the door Happy moved to the bar. Normally seeing an unfamiliar woman behind the bar waiting to get him a drink wouldn't have made him think twice about it, but this girl was different from all the rest somehow.

She was small, the top of her head barely reaching his shoulder, and thin, but not too thin. Her jeans hugged her hips in just the right way and the black SAMCRO t-shirt she wore was stretched across her chest in a very flattering way and dipped down in the front just enough to give him a slight view of her cleavage. She had a nice rack, he thought to himself. Her copper waves contrasted very well with her ivory skin and fell over one shoulder all the way down to her waist. And those eyes. She had big, icy blue eyes that would've unnerved him if they weren't so beautiful. He felt like they were piercing his soul, and yet she looked so innocent while she looked at him waiting for him to tell her what he wanted to drink.

He'd seen plenty of beautiful women before, but he just couldn't put his finger on why this one was so captivating. He hadn't even realized he'd been staring until she raised her eyebrows at him and cleared her throat to get his attention.

"Um.. Just a shot of whiskey." He rasped.

She replied with the cutest crooked little grin he'd ever seen and turned around to grab a shot glass. Cute? What the hell was wrong with him?

He couldn't help but watch the little sliver of skin that was revealed when she reached up to get the bottle of Jack and running his tongue along it was all he could think about as she turned back around to place the glass down in front of him.

He looked back up at her face as he took the glass and threw it back, setting it back down on the bar afterward. "So you're with SAMTAZ?" He asked, wanting to know more about her. Was she just a sweetbutt? Or was she someone's old lady? That would suckā€¦ Like a lot.

"I rode up here with them, yeah." She replied. God her voice was so sexy.

"So if you're with them, why are you wearing a SAMCRO shirt?" He wondered out loud.

"I was with SAMCRO first." She said with a proud smirk.

When he looked at her confused she said, "Tig is my dad. Moved down to Arizona to go to college and just haven't made my way back to Charming until now."

"So you're not an old lady?" He asked letting her know what he was thinking.

She didn't say anything, just laughed and shook her head as she turned away. He wasn't used to having a woman just brush him off like that. He was used to croweaters who were so eager to do anything to please him and any other guy in a cut. It made him want her even more.

"Church!" Jax shouted as the last of the Sons made their way into the clubhouse.


She watched as the assassin walked into the chapel with all the other Sons. She'd known who he was right away. She already knew almost all the other Sons from the mother charter, and between the few she hadn't met, this one was the most intimidating. She'd heard plenty of stories about the man, he was practically famous with every charter, but she hadn't met him. He used to be the enforcer with the Tacoma charter, quickly earning the nickname 'The Tacoma Killer' before going nomad. He'd patched into the Redwood charter a couple years ago.

She had no doubt the minute she saw him who he was. If she had just met him on the street and didn't know who he was or that he was a Son she would've been scared of him. He just had a very intense, angry look about him, one that just screamed 'I'll kill you if cross me and I'll fucking enjoy it.' His jaw was set and his dark brown, almost black, eyes were deadly. He looked like he was ready snap and rip someone's throat out in an instant.

Maybe that's what she found so attractive about him. Sure, he was physically attractive, tall, at least 6', and muscular, but she was around attractive guys all the time, this one just had something else about him that just drew her in. She found herself hoping church didn't take very long, although she knew it would, it always did when two or more charters met up.

She busied herself cleaning the bar to pass the time and prepare for the party that was sure to follow tonight. The Sons never passed up a chance to party and a visiting charter was plenty reason to throw a party.


Gemma had asked her to help her out with something so she hadn't been there when church had ended or when people started showing up for the party. By the time she got back to the clubhouse, the place was crowded with Sons- two charters- croweaters and hang-arounds.

As she walked inside she saw her dad and Kozik in the ring right outside. She shook her head. Her and Kozik had had a little fling a few years back and ever since her dad had had it out for him. She didn't understand why, yeah things hadn't worked out, but it wasn't anyone's fault, they'd just decided they were better as friends, especially since he was patched into the Tacoma charter and she was living in Tucson, and there was no way in hell she was going to move up to Tacoma, she liked the desert too much.

"Done serving drinks?" She jumped when she heard the voice in her ear all of a sudden.

Turning she saw him staring holes through her. "I was just doing that to help out until the croweaters showed up." She said.

He stood there silently for a minute. "What's your name?" He finally asked.

"Emma." She said. "You're Happy, right?"

He threw back the shot he'd been holding in his hand before leaning down and whispering in her ear, ignoring her question. "I'm gonna fuck you Emma." She felt the heat pool in her belly as he turned around and headed outside to watch the fight.


Three hours later and Emma was drunk and so into the round of pool she had going with Jax and Opie that she didn't notice Happy watching her from across the room. He'd been watching her all night and he'd caught her looking at him more than a few times.

Watching her now Happy was just waiting for an opportunity to get her alone. He was like a wolf stalking its prey. He didn't know what it was about this girl, but the minute he'd seen her he knew he had to have her. He'd spent the entire night fighting off every croweater that'd offered herself to him, which was becoming tiring and very frustrating. He wanted his girl.

Where the hell had that come from? His girl? Happy Lowman did not refer to any girl as his. He was not a one woman kinda guy. He barely even knew this girl and he was already whipped. He needed to get her out of his system.

As he watched her lean over the pool table he had the strongest urge to walk up behind her and grab her by the hips, bringing that perfect ass back to meet his straining cock. Standing, Happy made his way straight to the pool table. "Hey." He said coming up behind her and grabbing the pool cue out of her grip just as she was about to make the shot.

"What the fuck?!" She said turning to look at him.

"C'mon. We're going for a ride." He said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the door.

When they'd gotten outside where no one else was around she stopped and pulled her arm from his grip. "Fuck you." She said. She knew better than to make a scene in front of everyone else. You did not disrespect a Son, especially in front of the rest of the club. But, judging by the look on his face now, Emma almost regretted saying it at all.

Happy narrowed his eyes at her and grabbing her shoulders he slowly backed her up against the outside wall of the clubhouse. "I told you I was gonna fuck you.. And I meant it." He said, almost threateningly.

"I'm not just some sweetbutt you can call on whenever your dick gets hard." She said back.

"Never said you were. But we both know you wanna fuck me just as much as I wanna fuck you. So why fight it?" He said, successfully shutting her up.

Emma followed him to his bike and got on behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and leaning into his back before he sped out of the lot towards his house.


Pulling her inside, he slammed the door shut. When he turned toward her, he reminded her of a cat stalking a mouse. That's how intensely he was watching her. She slowly reached down and lifted the hem of her shirt. After pulling it over her head she looked back at him. Slowly, he walked towards her. Stopping in front of her he reached up and gently ran his fingers down her cheekbone before suddenly reaching back up and grabbing a handful of her hair in his hand. He crushed his lips to hers and as their mouths battled for dominance, he reached down with his other hand and unbuttoned her jeans.

She quickly shimmied out of her jeans and then slid her hands up underneath his shirt and over his rock hard abs and chest. Moving his hands down again he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into him, grinding his jean-covered cock into her and causing her to dig her nails into his chest, slowly dragging them back down. A low growl emanated from deep in his throat and he ground into her again, harder this time, and moved his mouth down her jaw to her neck, biting into the soft flesh at the bottom where her shoulder began. When he felt her shudder he abruptly stepped back from her, leaving her momentarily disoriented. He slipped his cut off and laid it on the counter and then moved to unbuckle his jeans, removing them and the rest of his clothes.

As he was pulling his shirt over his head he felt her hand wrap around his hard cock. Throwing his shirt aside he looked down to see her on her knees in front of him and his deep brown eyes locked with her steely blue ones as her tongue reached out and ran along the underside of his length and swirled around the tip, her eyes never leaving his.

At his sharp intake of breath she took as much of him into her mouth as she could until she could feel him at the back of her throat. She used her hand to work what she couldn't fit in her mouth. As she pumped her hand and swirled her tongue around him he threaded both hands in her hair and threw his head back, eyes closed, and began moving his hips in tune with her mouth.

Damn she's good at this. He thought to himself. He'd had plenty of women suck him off, but he'd always been in complete control before, never coming before he was ready. But this girl, it was like she had some kind of power over him. He could feel his control slipping away and had to pull her head back to stop her before he lost it. Hell, even looking back down into those eyes almost pushed him over the edge. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Hands still gripped in her hair, he pulled her to her feet and assaulted her lips one more time, biting her lower lip as he pulled away. Moving his hands down to her waist he lifted her up and set her on the counter and then reached behind her to remove her bra and then back down to pull her lacy thong off. He stood up again and put a hand on each of her knees, spreading her legs wide so he could step in between them.

He placed one hand on each of her perfect tits. They were just the right size, a little more than a handful for him. As he found that spot on her neck again that made her shiver with just a flick of his tongue, he ground his hips into her. He didn't want to enter her yet, just tease. Moving his mouth further down he moved his hand to take a nipple into his mouth and swirl his tongue around the tip. He used his now free hand to take hold of his painfully hard cock and began working himself, rubbing the tip over her sensitive little nub.

At the contact she threw her head back and bucked into him. He was driving her wild and she felt like she had no control over her body. Her pussy was dripping and all she could do was clutch his strong shoulders, until he finally placed himself at her hot center and allowed just the tip of his cock to slide into her. He stilled as his mouth released her nipple and straightened to meet her eyes again. He wanted to see her face when he let himself lose control. He wanted to see her lose control.

When she opened her eyes he saw they had darkened. They were now a deep shade of royal blue and she had her lower lip caught in between her teeth. He could feel the tension radiating from her and knew she was having just as much trouble maintaining control as he was.

With the tip of him still at her entrance he reached up with one hand and grabbed a handful of her hair to force her head to stay where it was, while moving his other hand down to her lower back. Holding her still he slammed into her all of a sudden and stilled when her eyes squeezed shut from the shock.

"Look at me." He growled. She opened her eyes at his order. "I want you to look at me while I fuck you."

She tried her damnedest to do as she was told, but as he started to pound in and out of her, her eyes started to roll back into her head. It wasn't even over yet and she could already tell this was by far the best sex she'd ever had in her life. At 27, she'd been with enough men to know what good sex was, but she'd never been fucked with such reckless abandon before and it was literally mind-numbing, toe-curling sex. Before she knew it her walls were clamping down around him and as she finally lost the last bit of control she had and came around his cock, she was screaming his name and could feel him coming inside of her.

As her pussy milked his cock and he emptied himself in her he pulled her head back so she would look at him as they came together. He could feel her nails digging into his shoulders and it hurt, but that only made it better for him. He loved it when he could be rough with a woman. There were just too many girls who couldn't take a good hard fuck, but this was so not one of them.

He looked into her eyes one more time and noticed they'd turned back to an ice blue. Pulling out of her he headed towards the bathroom to take a piss and get a clean washcloth to wipe up the come that was dripping from her pussy. When he came back out of the bathroom he stopped when he saw her sitting there on the edge of the counter still, legs still spread wide for him, eyes directly on his, and hand rubbing her clit, a naughty little smirk playing on her lips that he almost missed. Well if that wasn't the hottest fucking thing he'd ever seen in his life.

Not taking his eyes off of her, he reached down and fished his phone out of the pocket of his jeans and held it up to snap a picture. As he pressed the button to take the picture she slid a finger in her pussy. After successfully getting a few pictures he pressed the record button and watched as she went from rubbing her clit to fucking herself with her fingers and raising her hand up to her mouth to taste herself and his come that was still dripping from her.

As she worked herself he couldn't help but use to his free hand to start pulling at his cock. He was rock hard again already, but he didn't want to interrupt the show she was putting on for him.

Before long, she was arching her back and her soft moans had gotten louder until she was almost screaming again. With his hand pumping faster than it ever had he lost it when her eyes opened up and locked onto his and he came right there on the kitchen floor.