Ok – I was meant to finish this before I started posting, but I seem to have hit a wall...anyway, please read it with a pinch of salt, it might clash with your views of Richard's family or his character in general but it's meant to be a bit of fun and a new slant on the story. Let me know what you think!

The team was in a jovial mood, returning to the station after closing a case of minor burglary. Dwayne had been left guarding the station and nursing his hangover, but the usual laughing and joking came from Fidel and Camille while Richard was doing his best to ignore them, concentrating instead on not passing out from the heat and humidity. He was desperate to make it back to the station and some cold water, where he could finally take his jacket off, he only hoped that he hadn't begun to sweat through his shirt. He was therefore the first one to stop on hearing music coming from the station, and was rewarded by the rest of the team walking into him.

"Richard..." Camille was about to begin her chastisement when he held up a hand and shushed her. She was gearing up to give him a dressing down but Richard beat her to it.

"The music," was all he said by way of a perplexed explanation.

"So? Dwayne always plays music when he's on his own. You're not going to discipline him for that are you?" Her voice had taken on an incredulous tone which was ignored by her superior.

"Don't be ridic..." he stopped realising that she was unintentionally sidetracking him from his original thought. "Just...give me five minutes will you."

"But Richard..."

"I'm not going to cause any problems ok – just five minutes, I have a feeling"

She nodded confused but let him go watching him jog gently up the steps before turning to Fidel. "A feeling? He's kidding right?"

He did have a feeling, an email that he had received the previous day, not much to go on, just dropped hints, which he had put down to the usual banter. But what if there was something in it? At the top of the steps, he stopped and put his head through the door. Dwayne barely noticed his presence, his forehead was covered with an ice pack and his eyes were closed. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary so far was the music. It wasn't the usual laid back rhythm of the Caribbean. It was decidedly European in its nature and while Dwayne didn't look bothered by the change it was something he clearly wouldn't have chosen for himself.

Richard stepped further into the station and did another scan. The only parts that he now couldn't see were his desk and the cells. There was nothing new in this; no one could see his desk from the door. He put his nose in the air and sniffed. Cigarette smoke. He gave a small huff of laughter and ventured to Dwayne's desk to turn off the radio. That caught his attention. Dwayne's eyes flickered open and gave his superior a cheeky grin. Richard returned it with rather a more shrewd look and motioned for him to leave the station. With a grudging and laboured effort Dwayne took his leave, he had been rather hoping to see the chief's reaction.

A distinct thump coming from around the corner confirmed his suspicions. He bit back a smile and took a step forward.

A man in his mid 30s with green eyes and unruly dark hair, beginning to recede slightly at the temple, was staring back at him nonchalantly. His was leaning back in Richard's chair, his hands behind his head, his feet on Richard's desk, and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. His smile grew wider by way of a greeting.

They stayed looking at each other for a few moments, one grinning inanely and the other trying to look stern but failing miserably. It was Richard who spoke first. "Your feet are on my desk." He was roundly ignored, so Richard rolled his eyes and tried again. "What are you doing here Jamie?"

"If I told you I missed you, would you believe me?"

"There's always a first time."

"How about if I told you I wanted a free holiday?"

Richard bit back another smile. "I take it from that comment that I have the pleasure of your company for at least a week?"

"Problem?" He took a drag on the cigarette.

"That depends on how you behave while you're here." He sighed resignedly. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you're not paying for your own accommodation."

"Why would I pay for a room when my big brother lives on the island?"

"Because I live in a shack and have a double bed! I told you that ages ago – you never listen to me!"

"I listen! I just figured you could take the sofa and I'd have the bed"

Richard narrowed his eyes. "I don't have a sofa, pillock."

"I guess we're sharing a bed then."


"Ok. For half the week. Then we switch."

"It's not a negotiation Jamie. I have work. You have the floor. If you don't like it go to a hotel. Look I don't really see what the problem is, you should be used to sleeping on the floor." He muttered under his breath, "Army Rat."

"Yeah? Better than Filth."

"You watch your language."

"You started it." He huffed a little more considering his options. "Fine. But if I bring a girl back, I get the bed."

Richard's expression at this statement twisted immediately into one of revulsion. "Quite aside from the idea of you sharing sheets with me being disgusting, it is totally inappropriate to bring a random girl back to my house! And what the hell happened to Jules?" He was spluttering now, not letting his brother get a word in edgeways. "And I'm not having this conversation with you. If in the unlikely event you have messed up your life and you need to you yourself a girl then you sort it out, but you don't bring her back to mine."

Jamie was finding it difficult to contain his glee. "Relax Richard. I was only winding you up. I'd forgotten how easy it is. It's like you've never been away." Richard harrumphed and Jamie took his feet down from the desk taking another drag. "You look crap by the way."


"I'm serious. You look as though you're about to have a heart attack or something. You need to loosen up. Wear something a little lighter before you die from the heat."

"There is nothing lighter, I don't exactly have an extensive wardrobe and I doubt I would cool down even if I ran naked through the streets. It's too bloody hot."

"Then take your jacket off, roll up your sleeves and get rid of your tie...at least until you've cooled down a little."

"Fine." Richard took both off immediately, feeling the small black spots disappearing from his eyes as he did so and his mood changing infinitesimally for the better.

"Better?" He was rewarded by an almost imperceptible nod. "Good. You know I did bring some of your "holiday" clothes with me." He used the customary air quotes with a sense of irony, knowing that the only holiday Richard really liked was a cold one and that the clothes he had brought with him would most likely stay in his case.


"Just some extra shirts."


"And some shorts and trunks. I thought we'd go to the beach..."

Richard cut him short. "Thanks but I really don't think there'll be time. My work..." He trailed off.

Jamie rolled his eyes, took a final drag then leant forward and stubbed his cigarette out on a stack of post it notes, knowing that it would annoy his brother. He was right and grinned naughtily at the scowl that he received. He went back to studying Richard. Then got up, sat on the desk and swung his legs around in one smooth motion so that he was no longer behind the desk but sitting on the front of it, hearing Richard muttering something about him being a child. He scooted up a little to ensure that there was enough space for Richard to perch next to him, then watched as he took his place.

"You know, you're hair's pretty terrible too. The least you could do is stick it up a bit."

His reward for his bluntness was a glare. "It doesn't stay up because of the heat. Do you honestly think I like looking like a monk?" He ran his hands through his hair at the front, trying in vain to put some life back into it and succeeded a little, probably due to the amount of sweat that was on his brow. "Anyway, I don't know why you're laughing, this'll be you in a couple of years." His brother looked suitably chastened.

They sat in silence for a while and Richard knew that time was running out and that the team would need to sate their curiosity soon. He wasn't really sure what he wanted to talk to his brother about but knew that he wasn't ready to share him with the others just yet. He pushed his hands deep in his pockets and searched around for some small talk.

"How's mum?"

"Alright I guess. She misses her favourite boy."

"I highly doubt that."

"Honestly, the way she goes on about you, you'd think she only has one child."

"Well, only one that counts, I suppose."

"Oi." His brother tried to nudge him off the desk. Richard nudged him back and knew that it was the closest that either of them was going to come to admitting that they were both pleased to see each other.

"You know, seeing as you're still not seeing anyone, I thought that you could introduce me to some of the locals, and help get me out of trouble if the need arises."

"No. No trouble. Not here Jamie, it's too small. The last thing I need is you leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you while I have to clean everything up."

"I'll just have to go it alone then." Jamie sighed theatrically and fished a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, opened it and tapped one up for him then offered the pack to Richard. "Want one?"

Richard gave him an exasperated look. "Don't do that."


"You know what. Stop being annoying."

Jamie giggled like a school boy and put his cigarette away. "Richie, has anyone told you that giving up smoking has turned you into a real grump?"

"Yes, you have. Frequently. And you aren't allowed to smoke in here." He lowered his voice and looked a little embarrassed. "Can you also do me a favour and stop calling me Richie? Just around here."


"Because, I don't want everyone to know, it's embarrassing."

"Why is it embarrassing?"

"It just is ok?" He wasn't sure if he was ready to admit that he didn't want his team teasing him over such an intimate detail, well actually just one member of his team.

"Fine, but it's going to be trickier when the others get here."

"What others?"

"You didn't honestly think it was just me did you?"

"You are joking aren't you?"

"Erm, well it was sort of meant to be a surprise."

"Shit. You know I'm not going to be able to take holiday at a day's notice don't you."

"Ah, I'm sure you'll work something out...They're not coming until tomorrow anyway, so you have a day and then you're rid of me. Contrary to what you think of me I have actually booked my own hotel room." Jamie let him digest the news a little then said hopefully, "pick you up later then?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"No. Well then, I'll leave these for you," grinning, he put the cigarette packet on Richard's desk, "and I'll see you later..."

And with that he walked out calling a cheery "Morning!" to Camille and the others who had decided to inspect the quiet coming from the station for themselves. All three stood looking at Richard who was trying desperately to stop the blush that was already spreading to his cheeks under Camille's steady gaze.