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Blind Date

"Eren, you got to go! Everything has been arranged already. You only need to show up. You don't have to stay if you don't want to." Jean pleaded, dramatically clinging to Eren's shirt.

"I don't want to go in the first place!" Eren swatted his hands away but that only caused the horse faced teen to hug his leg.

"Pretty please." Jean's version of puppy eyes was ridiculous and angered Eren even more.

"Eren," Armin spoke from his other side. "Jean is right. You can leave if you don't like your date."

Eren turned to face his best friend, after giving Jean a glare of death. "Armin, you gotta be kidding me. I never asked for any of this. I am happy being single."

"Yeah right," Jean snorted and as soon as Eren returned to glare at him he put the puppy eyed look back on his face.

"Then you got nothing to lose," Armin said with a hopeful tone that Eren just couldn't disagree with.

Letting out a big sigh, looking from Armin to Jean and back. "Ok, fine."

Jean let his leg go, throwing his arms up in the air. "Yay!"

Unknown to Eren Armin had no idea who his blind date would be. It was all Jean's doing and if Eren had known this, he would have never agreed in the first place.

The place for the date was a restaurant that he frequently went to with Armin and Mikasa. He had been told that his date would be waiting at their regular table which had been reserved for the night just for them.

Eren sighed nervously as he walked into the restaurant. He didn't look forward to the awkwardness that was sure to follow when he had to break it to his date that he had to leave. He had played the whole scene in his head many times to get it right. He would be able to do this just as he had rehearsed. Sit down, tell them you are sorry to cut it short and walk out. Simple plan.

But as it turned out, nothing is simple as it first seems. He rounded the corner and came into the view of the table he was supposed to sit at and stopped in his tracks. This had to be a joke. He had imagined that his date would be a woman and, given that Jean had something to do with the pick, some plain looking librarian, but instead the person was a man and anything but plain.

Eren stood there looking at the man he was supposed to have dinner with. He wore a sleek black blazer with a black collared shirt under it. Couple of the top buttons were undone to give a casual look. His black hair was shiny like it had been freshly washed and Eren noticed he had a military style undercut. His black slacks were obviously tailored like rest of his clothes. Everything about him screamed money and business. Eren had no idea why this person had agreed to a blind date in the first place. He must have enough suitors to last for every single day or his life.

Eren's thoughts were disrupted when the man noticed him staring. Automatically Eren began to walk over to the table. He didn't want to seem like and idiot just standing there in which he probably had already failed.

"Hi, I'm Eren," he said, offering his hand for a shake as he stopped next to the table. The mystery man's hand was cool and smooth as he took Eren's in his own.

"Levi," his voice was as smooth as he looked. Something about this man made Eren unable to look away. His eyes were greyish blue like an ominous storm in the horizon, he noticed. His pale skin was brought out even more by the color choice of his outfit. Eren sat down and reluctantly looked away as he picked up the menu to glance thorough it. It was just an excuse to give his hands something to do. He already knew what he was going to order anyway.

His plan of leaving long forgotten he looked up to his date, Levi. "I had no idea what to expect when coming here." Eren admitted. This man intrigued him. The look on his face could have fooled anybody into thinking that he didn't give a rat's ass about what was going around him but his eyes flicked with emotions. The subtle movements of his face spoke in volumes to Eren.

"If you had turned out to be a woman, I would have walked out."

"I see," what else could Eren say?

The waitress arrived just in time to ease the tension Eren was starting to feel. He had no idea what he should say to Levi. His presence almost demanded him to keep his mouth shut, too intimidating. This man had to be a boss of some firm or corporation. He'd be perfect for it.

Eren put the menu away and told the waitress his usual order. Levi stated his and the waitress left almost too soon.

"How old are you?"

The question was not something Eren expected from the man sitting across him. "I'm twenty one," he almost wanted to add 'sir' at the end of his utterance. It would have seemed fitting. His age seemed to awoke some irritation in Levi, at least if he could judge the way his eyes narrowed slightly. "Is that a problem?" Eren dared to ask. He had not even started to question Levi's age but now this blind date started to seem ridiculous. Levi surely was not twenty anymore, right?

"No," Levi answered curtly.

The waitress returned shortly to bring them their drinks.

Levi leaned on his fingers, clenched under his chin. "So," he started to say, his eyes raising to meet Eren's. "What was it that you expected to find at this side of the table?"

Eren liked Levi's voice. It resembled the lazy waves of an ocean, steady and soothing. "Knowing my friends I was expecting someone boring, someone appropriate."

"Hmm?" Something flickered in the blue eyes. "Am I inappropriate then?"

"No," Eren rushed to say. "I mean some sweet next-door-girl who they think every boy should date."

"And why do you think they set you up with me?"

Eren was at loss of words. He didn't even know who was responsible for this in all honesty. There was no way Armin would have picked a person like Levi. "I am not sure."

Levi smiled slightly, looking down at the table for a second. "I have a fairly good guess who is behind all of this. Does a name Hanji ring any bells?"

Eren tilted his head to the side as he racked his brain for an answer. "Yeah, I think I have heard Armin mention her couple of times. She is a friend of yours?"

"You could say that," Levi said mysteriously. "I think I was right to trust her judgment in this."

Eren couldn't help but blush lightly. That was a compliment, right? He coughed into his hand. "So what do you do for living?"

"I'd rather not talk about work tonight."

Could evading the subject be more clear? Eren wanted to shake his head. He didn't need to know what this rich guy did. It couldn't be anything bad, right? Although given his appearance he could have been a mafia boss for all he knew.

"You are a student, right?" Levi eyes were boring into his once again. Eren felt somewhat hot under that gaze of his.

"Yeah, it's my second year in the Trost University." Eren traced the surface of the table with fingers. He had to admit he didn't want to talk about his school life that much either.

"Then why are you here? There must be date worthy people in the University."

Eren hesitated. He wasn't sure how to answer. He opted on lying but it didn't seem the right thing to do. "I was kind of forced to come here."

Levi drew his own conclusion and it hit the nail on the head. "So you have been single so long that your friends are trying to get you laid. I like your friends already."

"Pfft," was all Eren managed to get out of his mouth.

"I am right, aren't I? No need to answer. It's written all over your face."

Eren fought against the blush that tried to creep upon his face again. "So what? I am fine being alone."

"Is that so?" Something flickered in the blue eyes. "Ok, Eren." The way Levi said his name carefully sent shivers around his body. "This night can end in two ways. We either go our separate ways or you end up in my bed. Which do you choose?"

Eren's eyes widened, his mouth going dry. Heat pooled in his nether regions, surprising him. He had not even thought about such a thing yet. This was supposed to be just a date not a sex hunting party. He was once again glad that the waitress returned, this time with their food.

"You don't have to answer yet," Levi said, turning his attention to his meal.

Eren nodded even though Levi probably didn't see it. He stole glances at the man as they ate. He was hot, he had to admit at least that. So this would be a one night stand? Eren contemplated it. He could do worse but what if Levi was here just for an easy lay, he asked himself bitterly. Then again, would he ever get another chance to sleep with someone like Levi? Probably not. The notion of sleeping with Levi did excite him and those god damn eyes of his made him melt.

"You don't seem the type that would need a blind date to find company."

Levi chuckled. "This was not my idea but I thought why the hell not, I might meet someone interesting."


"You seem interesting enough. Not that many get invited into my bed."

Eren would have thought that Levi had someone to warm his bed every night if he so wished, Maybe he did and Eren was just a temporary relief. "I am not sure if I should take your offer. It does sound tempting but…"

"But you want more than sex?"

"Well yeah. I'd like to see you again rather than have a one night stand." Eren took gulp from his glass of water and hoped he didn't come across as too demanding. He wanted to see if Levi would give them a chance. There was something about him that Eren just couldn't put his finger on and he wanted to know more.

"I'll compromise. If you take my offer, we will meet again," Levi said as he poured himself some more wine. He made the liquid swirl in the glass with a flick of a wrist.

Eren still wasn't sure. He spent few moments trying to decide until he threw caution into the wind. Oh what the hell, he wanted this man too much to pass this opportunity. "I'll accept your offer."

"That is what I wanted to hear." Levi picked up the menu and quickly flipped through the end of it. "Have you decided what you want for desert?" Levi's eyes were not on the menu when he said this.

Why did Eren feel that there was a hidden notion in that sentence? For the love of god he could not look away. "Yeah," he answered weakly. He tried his best to tore his eyes away from Levi's but something in them just kept his in place. When Levi finally looked away, Eren almost sighed out loud. His heart couldn't take this. He turned his head away to look at something else. He kept avoiding the man's gaze for several minutes. The waitress came to take their plates away and took their order of a slice of chocolate cake for Eren and an espresso for Levi. Eren had done good job at not looking up but his mission failed when he reached for his glass of water. Levi's hand landed on his wrist.


Eren was sure his heart would stop any moment now. His hand tingled where Levi was touching it. Somehow the prospect of sex had his mind completely jumbled and out of control. His friends had been right. He needed to get laid. The fact that he would excited him beyond reason.

"Eren," Levi's voice broke him out of his thoughts.


"Did you drive here?"

"Huh?" he looked confused for a moment until his mind comprehended what Levi had asked. "No, I don't live that far away."

Levi nodded but did not release his hold which Eren expected him to do. Eren took the water with his other hand as quickly as possible before he was completely incapacitated.

Levi was amused by his antics. "You could just pull your hand away if it bothers you that much."

"It's fine," Eren said, sipping his water. Levi's thumb was moving slowly in circles on the back of his wrist. Their position was not exactly comfortable but Eren didn't dare to move.

The waitress appeared once again, this time with their desserts. Instead of letting go, Levi pulled Eren's hand closer and took it in his hands. Levi thanked the waitress and asked for the bill.

"Separate or?" The waitress asked.

"I'll pay for it," Levi said without hesitation.

"I can pay for myself," Eren protested but was shot down. "Hmph, I'm not penniless."

"Maybe not but this is my treat, get over it." Levi returned his attention to Eren's hand when the waitress was gone. He fiddled with Eren's fingers and Eren let him. He took the chocolate cake piece he ordered and dug into it. He noticed that Levi's attention was not on his hand anymore as he stuck a spoonful of the cake into his mouth again and again.

Levi's fingers tightened around his hand as Eren deliberately slowly sucked on the spoon. Eren chuckled. He felt good at being the receiving end of such attention. It had been a long time since anyone had given him such looks or showed him that they wanted him. He was sure Levi wanted him, there was no doubt about it. As to why that was, he could only guess and he was not good at guessing. Besides he did not want to ruin his good mood with silly theories why someone like Levi would want him. It was a fact and he was going to enjoy it as long as it lasted. They could proof to be horrible in bed together and thus never meet again.

Eren lifted his gaze to Levi's as he ate the last spoonful. It was there, the lust. Eren cleared his throat and that seemed to remind Levi he had ordered something too. Levi drank the espresso as quickly as possible, his other hand still covering Eren's. The waitress returned with the bill and Levi had to let go of Eren much to his disappointment. Levi gave a generous tip to the waitress and got up from his seat.

Offering his hand to Eren he said, "Shall we go?"