Mixed Destinies

By Kaehimi

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!


"The Plan"

Bakura's Point of View...

I walked toward the park, needing to get away from my Yami, who claimed to have changed. He was exceedingly convincing, but I still didn't believe him. I mean, you don't become a tomb robber without knowing how to lie, now do you?

I sighed as I stuffed my hands in my pockets. I thought a walk would clear my mind, but I was only getting more confused. I swung opened the gate, stepped through, and closed it behind me. Then I walked toward the public fountain.


Fate's gaze was glued to the water again. "That's it. Good mortal. Come to the fountain. Yes, yes..." As she murmured to herself, a figure snuck up behind her. Fate stopped her mumbling to greet the man. "Hi." She whispered, her attention diverted. "Didn't think you could make it." She turned around completely and hugged him.

The Dark Man kissed her in return, "Anything for my lover."


Yugi's Point of View...

I yelped and ran towards the door as Yami approached. Within a matter of seconds, he had grabbed me. I screamed and struggled and kicked but Yami muffled me with a rag.

He took a step closer towards me. My eyes grew wide. What does he want with me? Why is he acting so strange? What is his plan? Questions raced through my mind faster than the speed of light, but everything thickened into one huge question: what happened to Yami?!

"The Dark Man shall reward me handsomely when I give him the Millennium Puzzle," he hissed in my ear as he began to tie my hands together. I squirmed and he backhanded me with such force that my head struck the wall. I groaned and decided not to move anymore. "Oh yes." He paused and stared at my teary eyes in disgust, but I saw something else- pity. Then it was gone, and Yami moved on to my ankles. "I shall be free and have power beyond imagination!" Stepping back to admire his work, he smirked. "Now here is what you are going to do..."

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