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Bella and Renee entered Alice's hospital room all smiles and chatter, for Renee she felt as she were really connecting with her daughters girlfriend, and Bella just felt relieved to be telling someone of her childhood...even if censored and only the happy moments, but she felt as if she was finally opening herself up to the people she's come to love, and that love her. Now if she could just do that with Rosalie.

"Glad to see you're feeling better mom", Rose smiled, standing up, " Bella you ready to go?"

Just now realizing that Leah was no longer in the chair by the door, or anywhere else in the room. "Sure, home?"

Rosalie nodded. After saying their goodbye's with some hugs and kisses for Renee and Alice, Bella and Rosalie were on their way home. Both were sure was cold as hell, since neither have been home last night. As Bella drove along with the light traffic, she couldn't help but feel as if the quietness in the car was a little tense, she briefly wondered what was said between Rosalie and Alice while she was away, since Leah apparently left right after she did.

"So how was work last night? Get anything done?"

Rose groaned, closing her eyes while reclining her seat back. "Nope, nothing. We were wasting time following up on leads that were dead ends."

Bella was half tempted to just tell Rose where Edward would be tomorrow, location and time so she could just come home and rest, but she had her own job to do, so she held her tongue...barely. "Oh."


"So how is Alice doing, we didn't get to talk much?", Bella switched lanes quickly, passing up a black Porsche Panamera.

"Alice is...well she isn't back to being the Alice we all know and love...but she will be soon, she's just needs some time to heal.", a huge yawn followed after.

Bella nodded, her fingers tapping on the steering wheel gently and a bit anxiously. "Well that's why she has us...her is she taking the news about Jake, did she tell you?"

There was a pause, Bella took her eyes off the road and looked at Rosalie but the Marshal was asleep. Sighing with small dissatisfaction, Bella turned on the radio with the volume low. Then her personal cell rang, it was the store.

"Bella speaking."

"Mi-miss Swan...hi.", it was Eric Yorkie, the dorky guy that thought he knew everything about anything and would always try to talk Bella's ear off to try and impress her...and he was the store manager. But no matter how badly she wanted to punch him in the chest, he was good at his job and kept the store running smoothly when she wasn't around.

"What is it Eric?"

"Uh..there's this guy here, he says he needs to talk to you immediately.", his nervousness was seeping through the phone line, and Bella didn't like it.

"What's this man's name Eric?"

"J-asper Whitlock ma'am. He said he needs to see you now...asap...or he's gonna break my neck!", then with the worst whispering Bella's ever heard, "Please...don't let him break my neck..please get here quickly!"

Bella hung up with a loud sigh, she took the exit off the belt way and made a u-turn at the light just to get right back on it. This shit better be good. It took Bella about 30 minutes and a quick gas stop to get to her music store. She saw the lot around the building was full, customers coming in and out of all types. She spotted Jasper's familiar bike sitting in one of the spaces reserved for bikers.

Bella pulled into the only reserved executive parking space in front of the building, right by the front door. She left the car running, and went inside making sure to lock the doors...god forbid some one try and steal her car with a sleeping Marshal inside of it.

Bella greeted her customers with a smile, helping people as she made her way to the stairs that went up to the second level,where her office and the stockroom were located. She wasn't all surprised to find Jasper up there waiting in her office with a terrified office manager cowering by the door. Bella looked between them briefly, then going over to her desk.

"Get out Eric."

"Yes ma'am.", he damn near ran out her office, closing the door behind him loudly.

Finally taking a good look at Jasper, Bella realized this was an emergency. He looked like he had been in a shoot out...literally. His brown leather jacket had a few holes in it, and dirty. He looked beat up, she could see his pale bruised knuckles just beneath the sleeve of his jacket, he obviously cleaned up the gash sitting right below his hairline and he looked down right pissed.

"What happened to you?"

"Edward fuckin' Mason..."

Bella was startled hearing this, she couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry what? Edward did this to you? You let him fuck you up?"

Jasper glared at Bella as she leaned back against her desk, arms and legs crossed looking way too amused for his liking. "I didn't let him do a damn thing! He got help! I dunno how, but he ain't alone here...not like we thought."

"You're accent is cute, what part of Texas are you from Jasper?"

He just stared at her as if she lost her mind, "Woman! This ain't a game! I was almost killed last night!", he nearly yelled getting in her face, though she remained unfazed. "It won't be long til he come for ya when he finds ya!"

"So why didn't you just call me to tell me that?"

"My phone was shot up. It happened too fast, but it's too hot for me to move around...witnesses and all. Happened downtown, my place."

"Do you know who was with him?"

Jasper sighed, hands going through his messy blonde hair in frustration. "I wanna say his old buddy Royce...but there were at least three of them but I don't know how they knew where I lived."

Bella sighed, pushing him away gently and moving to a photo of Marilyn Monroe on it, and pressing a few hidden buttons on the side of it, after the air pressure was done releasing, she pulled the large wall sized photo back, revealing it to be a door and a safe in one.

Jasper looked a little alarmed with the shit he saw in there, Bella moved a few stacks of cash around until she found her silver desert eagle and tucked it under her shirt behind her back. She grabbed a pair of keys and a stack of cash. She closed the safe, making sure it was locked...and tossed the items to Jasper. He caught them easily, looking a bit confused.

"The tag on the keys...there is an address, lay low's a safe house. Use that cash to buy something nice for tomorrow night, get something to eat and a new phone. Get something. Just stay outta mind and outta sight. Okay?"

Jasper smirked, " much is this?"

"I don't know."

he nodded, "well...I have some people who would love to help out, I think you'll like them."

"Whatever, I just want him dead. See you later. Call Ray then call me."

without another word between both professional killers, Bella walked out after Jasper. He was gone in the crowd by the time she reached the first level. She didn't linger this time though, she left the store and went back to her car...though she stopped to find it empty, and the engine was no longer running. Immediately on alert, she tucked her shooting hand in her back pocket and carefully scanned the parking lot looking for anything suspect.

Trying to keep calm and not shoot every walking body in sight, Bella spun around in place checking the town center across the small field...and to her great relief Rosalie was coming back with two cups of Starbucks coffee. Bella slowly relaxed and brought her shaking hand back to her side and went to her car, leaning against the trunk.

"Hey baby", Rose smiled, "I figured you could use a cup...are you done already?"

Bella smiled, though her eyes were hardly on Rosalie. She was still scanning the parking lot, because she felt as if she were being watched from multiple directions. "Hmm, yeah...just a minor misunderstanding...I of it."

Rose noticed the brunettes lack of interest in the coffee and frowned, looking around as well. "What is it?"

"Nothing.", Bella took the coffee swiftly and leaned forward, kissing Rosalie before she could say anything else. "Nothing at all.", she sighed with content, "Let's go home?"

"Sure, maybe we can take a hot shower and watch some movies?"

"Or fuck like wild rabbits in heat.", Bella suggested in all seriousness, taking her keys and unlocking the car.

"Let's order Chinese."

"Let's cook instead, I'm sure your system can't handle more take out get in the shower,, let me take care of you today okay? I've been slacking..."

Rosalie smiled, tossing her button up shirt somewhere across the room, only in her unbuttoned jeans and bra. She walked over to Bella and pulled her into a hug, pulling their bodies close. "What would I do without you baby?"

Bella sighed, hands on Rosalie's hips pretending to think... "I can see you at wal-mart buying more batteries for poor Mr. Purple..."

Rose snorted but didn't say anything, her right hand traveling lower down Bella's back. "I seem to remember you breaking Mr. Purple."

Bella quickly reached back and caught Rosalie's hand, inches from her gun. "That wasn't my fault...I told you he couldn't handle me. Now, get that fine ass of yours in the shower."

Bella pulled away and walked into the closet and waited until she heard their shower start up before getting undressed herself and hiding her gun in a shoe box, it was easier to hide than her spas 12...and easier to get to if she needed to.

In a pair of tighty whiteys, an oversized patriots t-shirt and cheetah house shoes with her hair pulled into a messy bun on top of her head, Bella was in the kitchen cooking up a grand lunch...and maybe dinner. She was making Rosalie's favorite dish...well it's been the woman's favorite since the first time Bella cooked it for her. She was making the Pastitsio from scratch and destroying many pots and pans in the process. Right now, she was just waiting for the Bechamel sauce to finish so she could toss the dish in the oven.

"Wow", Rosalie took deep breath as she came up behind Bella, wrapping her arms around the woman's waist from behind. "Making my favorite must love me."

"I might",Bella smirked,turning around in Rosalie's arms hugging her waist as well. "Mmm, you smell good...nice shower?"

"Would've been great if you joined me...", Rosalie pressed Bella against the stove, unaware that it was on and Bella had it on high. She reached down with one hand and tightly groped Bella's near bare ass and brought their lower bodies together. "Is the food almost done?"

" it's not." it took a minute for her to process the question, she reached blindly behind her to turn off the burning sauce and staring down,trying to see what was pressed against confirm what her body already knew. She found the knob and turned the stove off quickly.

Rose felt smug, it's been a while since she's seen Bella look so...flushed, she wanted to see more. She took a step back, her smirk growing noticing Bella's body relax. "Okay... well finish it up and meet me in the living room. I have a surprise for you."

Once the dish was finally in the oven, and the timer set. Bella washed her hands and went into the living room, but she stopped. This was not their living room. Their fire place was roaring with life, wood cackling as it burned, the sofa and the two chairs were moved back some and the coffee table was no longer even in the room. The curtains were drawn all over the room, blocking all light from the outside. There was a monster pallet in the middle of the living room, with their comforter set spread out on top of all the blankets and sheets and pillows Rose brought down.

Bella couldn't help but smile, not even caring how Rosalie did all this without her knowing about it. She slowly slipped off her house shoes and joined Rosalie on the pallet, pulling off her shirt as she did. Not a word was said between them, as they fell together against the pillows with Rosalie on top, taking control.

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