BlackLyxn17: These two have always been a couple I've liked. Finally had enough inspiration to make a fanfiction about them after I tried reading some about them and didn't find a lot. So readers, I hope this inspires you to make your own fanfiction about Wendy and Mest so I can read them. Thank you.

Takes place after the seven year BS thing. While they are still celebrating about returning, before the Grand Magic Tournament.

I don't think Mest/Doranbolt and Wendy have a couple name yet so here are a list of some, tell me your favorite and I'll continue using that one. I like West, Dorandy and Mesdy as my favorites.

Mesdy, West, Wenbolt, Dorandy, Mendy, Wenst, Dendy.




The first time they met after seven years was at Fairy Tail. He couldn't believe it, he wanted to see for himself, he wanted to know that it was true! So he went, in secret though. No one seemed to notice him as he watched from afar, such joy and relief that his old teammates, fake teammates, were back and well. Only she noticed him. His scent was carried through the wind, passing by him and heading straight to her. Her nose wiggled as she sniffed again, confirming it. While everyone else was still celebrating and cheering, she snuck away from the party and followed the scent.

She was surprised of course, but happy as well. He had seen her heading towards him, preparing to leave before she saw him also but... something stopped him. It had been too long since he's seen her, a full seven years, and yet she hasn't age a bit. He came out of hiding, but instantly regretted it for some reason; he couldn't just leave now that she saw him though. Time had age the man, she thought nicely though. Though it's been seven years, she could still see the partner she once had in him. She smiled at him, her dragon fang sticking out like it always did when she smiled.


How long had he dreamed about hearing her voice? How long had he blamed himself for the voice disappearing? Too long he thought, much too long. Mest gulped and cleared his throat, he leaned up and straightened his posture.

"It's Doranbolt actually, Mest was just an alias." He told her.

Her smile faltered a little and Doranbolt immediately wanted to kick himself.

"Oh, that's right. Doranbolt is a nice name as well! Even better than Mest!" She said then bit her tongue.

That wasn't a nice thing to say, she mentally hit herself while Doranbolt had a ghost of a smile on. He was glad to see that even after all these years, she still acted just the same.

"Well sorry to tell you this, but my real name is Wendy! No alias here." She joked trying to lighten the mood.

Doranbolt had actually chuckled at that. Wendy's smile returned at full blast then she started looking around.

"Um, can we talk? I mean, I'd like to talk with you and... catch up. I have some questions and oh, is that okay?" Wendy asked, blinking rapidly.

"I don't think that's a good idea, I'm not even supposed to be here right now." He answered honestly.

This time her smile fell, along with her eyes and eyebrows clearly showing her displeasure.


That one oh was a deal breaker for him. Doranbolt grimaced then ran a hand through his hair as he sighed out.

"I was actually planning on getting some coffee before I headed back, I can't stop you from following me there or joining me." He told her.

He was amazed to see how fast her smile came back.

"You know, there are easier ways to change your mind and say yes." She giggled.

He turned away to hide his blush of embarrassment and started heading off in the direction of the coffee shop, hearing the pitter patter of her feet walking after him.

He took his coffee black with an enormous amount of sugar, so much that he could make his spoon stand up in the cup. He offered to buy her whatever she wanted and Wendy had chosen a blend of strawberry tea, planning on getting a piece of shortcake as well until she noticed that he wasn't going to order anything else. He was surprised that she didn't get any cake, but didn't show it.

Wendy stirred her tea before taking a sip out of it, humming lightly at the sweet flavors that explored her taste buds. Doranbolt watched her as he took a sip of his own coffee, taking an eyeful of her. She placed her teacup back down and smiled at him.

"Your hair grew."

He placed his cup back down as well and nodded.

"I like it, not that I didn't like your hair before! I mean, just-"

Doranbolt chuckled, "it's alright Wendy. I'm not offended if you say I look better now, calm down."

Wendy did as told and calmed down, exhaling loudly as she did so.

"Sorry." She mumbled taking a sip of her tea again.

"You really haven't change, still that young girl from seven years ago that I asked to be my partner." He reminisced.

Wendy's eyes slowly lowered and Doranbolt blinked, was it something he said?

"Mest, I mean, Doranbolt... so, how have you been?!" Wendy asked.

He had a feeling that she didn't ask the question she really wanted to ask him, but didn't press it.


Good... How could she carry on with that?

"So what brings you to Fairy Tail today? I mean, why didn't you come in and say hello?"

"Like I said before, I wasn't even supposed to be there."

Wendy pouted, "then why did you come?"

Doranbolt licked his lips and stared out of the glass window. He saw people walking past the coffee shop, mostly families and couples.

"I wanted... I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true, if everyone was back... and I did. I saw, now I should be returning." He told her looking back.

"Wait, please don't go. All I've learned so far is that your real name is Doranbolt, you've been 'good' for the past seven years and that you miss us." She told him.

She made a good argument, but that wasn't the reason he stayed. Honestly, Doranbolt didn't really know the reason he stayed, he stayed though nonetheless.

"Ask then."

"Right, hmmm." Wendy hummed.

Her eyes always narrowed when she was thinking, a habit of hers that Doranbolt remembered, and when she thought up of something her eyes would always widen just like they were doing now.

"So, you infiltrated Fairy Tail as Mest right? Because of the Magic Council?"

Doranbolt stirred his coffee to give his hands something to do, "right. They wanted me to keep an eye on Fairy Tail."

"So why the name Mest? Out of all the names, why did you chose it?"

He looked up at her, what a silly question.

"It was the name I was assigned, the name that was given to me."

"Oh, so if you could have chosen a name what would it have been then?"

What was with the questions she was asking him? Were they important at all? Doranbolt took another sip of his coffee, wondering.

"Something with a suke in it." He mumbled.

"Oh, like a Sosuke or a Daisuke?"

He hummed, she giggled.

"That's cute."

Her giggles died down and there was a pregnant silence between them. Wendy had been trying to get Mest, no it was Doranbolt she reminded herself, to let his guard down and ease up. She tried to lighten the mood so things could be like they used to be between them, that didn't seem like it was going to happen though. She sighed and placed her hands on her legs, her eyes trailing down to stare at them.

"Why me?" She asked.

Doranbolt blinked, "why you what?"

"Why did you pick me as your partner? You could have had anyone, why did you pick a kid like me though?"

"Because you had connections to Mystogun, same as me, as Mest. It only seemed fit that I would pick you to strengthen my cover."

"So you were using me." She said in a quiet voice.

Doranbolt instantly wanted to deny. He wanted to tell her that wasn't the truth and tell her something that would make her happy, that would make her understand... but he didn't. He told the truth.


The mood had headed way south and neither friends, if they could call each other that, knew what to do next. She did ask him the question because she did want to hear the truth... there was apart of her though hoping that the truth would be different. Doranbolt watched as Wendy's eyes got watery and groaned.

"I regret it though." He said before he could process what he was about to tell her.

Wendy looked up and stared innocently at him, waiting for him to continue.

"I regret picking you as a partner."

Her eyes became even more teary and a clear frown showed on her face.

"It was because I'm weak right? That I made us lose on our first fight?"

"No, not that Wendy. Because if I didn't pick you, you wouldn't have been lost for seven years. You would have been safe."

Wendy blushed while Doranbolt looked at anything but her.

"Oh, I'm unsure whether to say thank you or sorry, hehehe. So tell me, still jumping into random rivers?"

And just like that, some of that stiffness between them melted. Doranbolt smiled at her and Wendy smiled back, giggles just waiting to burst out of her lips.

"No, nothing of the sort. Again it was all part of the act."

"You act like you suddenly want to do weird things? Did the Council assign that to you too or did you come up with that on your own."

"On my own."

"Ah, so subconsciously you've always wanted to do those things and was finally able to do it without getting weird stares from your peers with Mest."

Doranbolt chuckled, "you caught me. I've always wanted to eat wildflowers and swim in rivers at freezing temperatures."

"Honestly, I think everyone has wanted to do the same things but no one has ever had the guts to do it. You're really something Mest, oh I mean Doranbolt! Darn it, I'm sorry." Wendy whined.

"It's alright, call me Mest. It's hard to learn a new name if you've called someone by another name for a long time."

"Are you sure you don't mind? I'll get it right sooner or later."

"It's fine Wendy, Doranbolt maybe a better name but Mest is still fine." He teased.

Wendy blushed and pouted while he chuckled at her again.

"So Mest, really tell me. How have you been?" She asked.

And this time, Mest really told her. He told her everything, from the minute their comrades disappeared to all his years of depression and barhopping to his friend from the Council finally being able to convince him to clean himself up and make something of himself again. All the while Wendy listened, she hanged onto his each and every word and tried to understand everything he was telling her. She frowned at the sad parts, nearly cried at the heartbreaking parts and smiled at the happy parts, though there wasn't much of those. In the end Mest finished by saying that he couldn't truly believe that Fairy Tail was back until he saw it for himself so he came and here he was.

"From what it sounds like, you've really missed us. I'm sorry for worrying you." Wendy told him.

"Even though it was fake... I guess I did." Mest realized.

Wendy did something brave and reached out her hand, over the table and towards Mest's hands. She placed her palm gently on the back of his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Fairy Tail doesn't fake anything. Even though you were a different person, Mest still existed. He was still apart of Fairy Tail and we were all friends of him."

Mest looked up and smiled at her. He didn't need to hear such a thing coming from her mouth because deep down inside, he knew what she was saying was the truth. Fairy Tail was Fairy Tail, after being in it for so long Mest wondered why the Council every considered them a threat. They were family to each other, a loud rambunctious family, but just like any other family in the world.

"I hope you considered us friends as well." Wendy added.

Mest placed his hand over Wendy's and nodded, "I did."

"Do, you should still consider it. I'm sure we all still feel the same way, or at least I know I do."

Old friends turned away and blushed from embarrassment, now that everything was said and asked and that everyone was caught up with each other... now seemed like as good as time as any to leave.

"I never told you the reason I said yes to you, didn't I?" Wendy asked all of a sudden.

"Wasn't it because I was Mystogun's disciple?"

Wendy smiled and shook her head lightly, "no. Actually, that could be a reason, but not the main one. There was just... something... weird about you that made me say yes."

"Thanks for calling me a weirdo."

Wendy shook her head furiously, "no! That's not what I meant, I mean there was something else. I admired you, how you did whatever you wondered. It may have been fake, but that was you doing it! And I still admire you... even right now I do. Mest." Wendy called.

Mest felt his mouth go dry and his throat clenched. He didn't trust his voice so he nodded at her.

"You'll come back right? To visit again? It can be in secret, you don't have to see anyone else. I'll hope that one day you will though, so you can welcome us all back and we can have a great party!" Wendy cheered.

"If I do, I'll only see you." He told her.

Wendy looked into his eyes, his pale green eyes and nodded, smiling her toothy grin.

"Yes, and we can meet here again to and discuss... discuss... whatever it is we'll discuss."

Mest hung his head down, taking that as a clear rejection since she didn't know what he truly meant by his words. It was a good thing too, nothing could happen between them. One being the obvious reason, because she was still a child, and two being... the Council hated Fairy Tail. How much trouble would he get in for dating a member of Fairy Tail? They'd might actually be happy and use her as an informant, no. Mest wouldn't let that happen... if that was the case. It wasn't though so why was he even jumping to conclusions like he was?

Little did he know though, Wendy did know what he was implying hence forth the reason she was giving him such a radiant smile. Their time together was short, but it was memorable. It was enough for her to have certain feelings about him and watch them bloom at their reunion. How could she act on these feelings though? She made the first step by finding him, knowing he didn't want to be found if he was hiding, and then the second step by asking him out. What steps did Mest take though? He agreed? He paid for their drinks? He answered her questions? Wendy pouted as she recalled their time together to see if there was some kind of signal that he was-

"Is there something the matter Wendy?" Mest asked, cocking his head to the side.

Wendy hummed and looked up, "oh uh, yes! Your hair!"

She named the first thing she saw to change the subject. Mest eyebrow's raised as he reached out to touch his hair.

"My hair?" He asked her.

"Yes, I want to touch it! If that's okay?" Wendy asked.

Mest blinked. Yet again, Wendy mentally smacked herself.

"Sure... I guess. Honestly, I don't get a lot of people asking to touch my hair." Mest chuckled leaning over to her.

Wendy giggled, "good. That must make me the first then."

She reached out to him and interweaved her fingers in his hair. It was soft, softer than what Wendy believed a boy's hair would feel like. It was as soft as Charlie's fur, and wavy too. She wrapped her finger around one strand of hair before letting it unravel and do it again. All the while Mest took a deep breath and relaxed, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the sensations that coursed through his body as she touched him.

"To be honest, this is my first time touching a boy's hair like this." She told him.

"I must be your first then." He told her.

Wendy blinked, feeling a sudden boast of confidence in her. Maybe it was the reason that she was so relaxed petting him or maybe it was because he wasn't looking directly at her, either way Wendy took a deep breath and said.

"To be honest, I never wanted to touch your hair. I was scared that you would find out what I was thinking so I just blurted out the first thing that I saw." Wendy said.

Mest forgot all about the pleasant feelings and froze up. Wendy stopped moving her hands through his hair also and just kept them there. He was afraid to ask, he shouldn't have asked. He shouldn't have even been here. Why was he still here?... That's right, because of her. And it was because of her that he asked.

"What were you thinking about then?"

"If, whether you liked me or not."

Mest leaned up and shot out of his seat, ignoring the strands of hair that broke when they were pulled out of Wendy's hands. He walked out of the coffee shop leaving Wendy to stare and watch, frozen at the scene that just played in front of her. She only sat there, unmoving, unthinking until he came back when he noticed she wasn't following him.

"Come on." He said grabbing her hand before tugging her out of the shop.

Wendy looked up at him as she followed along, tripping over her own feet at first before catching her balance. He led them far away from prying eyes, to an almost abandoned bench on an almost abandoned street.

"Just so you know for next time, you don't say those kind of things around other people when the person you're saying it to is a well-known Council member." Mest told her.

"I think playing with your hair is worse then confessing my feelings in public." Wendy mumbled, looking down at her shoes.

Mest opened his mouth to retort... but closed it after realizing she did have a point. That fault was on him.

"You do realize what you're asking me... right?" He asked.

"I haven't asked you anything yet, all I've done is told you."

"Right..." Mest let his sentence drop.

Wendy took the time to look up at the sky and stare at the clouds. How ironic it was to see a heart shaped cloud in the sky right above them, Wendy pouted and wanted to eat that cloud.

"It would never work."

She blinked and looked back at Mest, who was staring right back at her.

"Fairy Tail doesn't believe in that, we always try first and if that doesn't work we find another way." She told him.

She got him once again there, but Mest didn't give up.

"People would think I'm a pedophile, just look at you! You look young enough to be my daughter, you could actually pass as my daughter if we tried."

"Why would we try though? And technically I'm 19 right now so we wouldn't be breaking any rules." Wendy commented.

"But you have the body of a 12 year old."

"If you're worrying about what I'll look like when I grow up then don't. Natsu told me I would grow up to be beautiful and..." Wendy stared down at her boobs, "full." She decided to use.

Mest chuckled, "I have no doubt about that Wendy. You are beautiful even now as you are."

Wendy's eyes widened and Mest cursed, he didn't mean for that to come out. Things just felt so natural around her though so...

"So what do you want Mest?" She asked.

"If the Council found out I could lose my job."

"Am I worth the risk?"

"They could make me use you for intel about Fairy Tail."

"I trust you, you are still apart of Fairy Tail no matter where you are. No one can quit that easily."

Mest looked at her and frowned, "we'd have to keep our relationship in secret. We couldn't do normal things couples do, or even really normal things giving that I'm more than twice your age. Even handholding down the street couldn't happen since-"

"I know, I know. I'm too young, just please stop calling me your daughter, and I. Don't. Care. You're worth the secrecy."

"But what if I'm not?"

Wendy took a deep breath and smiled, "then we'll break up so you have nothing to lose by dating me. You actually have something to gain, a girlfriend or not worrying about me trying to convince you to date me every time we see each other again."

Mest licked his lips, "I could leave. I could leave right now and never come back, never see you again. What then?"

He felt soft hands encase his, he looked at her and never before seen such a sad look in her eyes. Such a look of utter despair, of agony, it was like he was looking in a mirror when he first discovered that she was gone forever.

"Don't, please. Anything but that, I'll do anything so please don't go."

Mest had to turn away from her gaze. He leaned back into the bench and looked up at the sky, spotting the heart shaped cloud Wendy saw only moments ago. What a joke.

"And what if, what if it's something special. What if we make it and truly love each other? What then?" He asked.

"That's the magical thing Doranbolt, I believe that if that happens then you'll rejoin Fairy Tail and we can be together without consequences."

Mest peeked at her out the corner of his eyes, "you're making it sound like this is all just some big scheme to make me quit the Council so Fairy Tail won't have a problem anymore."

Wendy giggled and shook her head, "you got me. I was assigned that very mission to seduce you and make you quit. Wendy is actually an alias, my real name is Windy."

Mest leaned forward as he snorted before laughing as hard as he could, winding hir arms around his stomach to ease the pain. Wendy blushed bright red and smacked his shoulder.

"Stop it! I never wondered about changing my name before, it's the best I could come up with on such short notice!" She explained.

Mest leaned back up and wiped the tears from his eyes as he stared down at a pouting Wendy.

"It wasn't funny Mest." She pouted even further.

Mest smiled and placed a hand on top of her head, petting her.

"You really are a child."

She swiped the hand away and glared. Mest took a look around them, noticing the few people that were here had their attentions away from them, before giving up to the little girl.

"And I guess I really am a pedophile." He added.

Wendy's face relaxed as she tried to realize what he was saying, but discovered it when she felt soft lips against her forehead. Mest leaned back and stared at a blank Wendy. She blinked... then blinked again before touching her forehead. All of a sudden she frowned and pouted at Mest, glaring up at him.

"Hey! That wasn't a real kiss!" She whined.

"I guess that doesn't make me a real pedophile yet then." Mest chuckled at her.

"No it doesn't." Wendy said then leaned up and quickly stole a kiss from him.

She smirked when she pulled away, sticking her tongue out at him.

"That makes you a cradle-robber."

Mest blinked and licked his lips, this child was going to be the death of him. He could already see everything he worked on crumble right in front of him and burn, never to return again.

"What am I doing?" He asked himself.

Wendy reached out and cuffed his face, making him look at her.

"You're about to go on the magical adventure of love."

Mest frowned, "you see. It's talking like that that makes me feel like a pedo- what was it you called me? It sounded nicer."


"That's right, like a cradle-robber."

"Then I guess that makes me a grave-robber." Wendy smiled.

Mest's frowned deepened as he looked around them again before giving her a quick peck, on the lips this time.

"You win." He sighed.

Wendy giggled and stood up, stretching her arms up wide and smiling up at the heart shaped cloud above them.

"You win as well Mest, we win each other. Oh, I can see what you mean. I'll work hard on my speech so next time you won't feel more like a cradle-robber." Wendy promised.

Mest stood up as well, noticing how much taller he was than the girl and was already feeling regret about his decision. It was too late though now. Deep down he knew he wanted this, she clearly has showed him that she wanted this, all Mest had to do was accept it which he was working on now. He placed a hand on top of Wendy's head again and rubbed.

"You're such a weirdo."

Wendy looked up and smiled, "I guess that makes us weirdos together then."

Mest chuckled, "and if we're weirdos then I guess we want to go try those flowers over there."

Wendy paled and Mest laughed harder.

"You don't have to be Mest when we're together Doranbolt, I want to fall in love with you for who you are. Doranbolt or Mest, I want you."

Mest, Doranbolt, he bent down towards Wendy and stared at her.

"When I'm with you Wendy, call me Mest, please do, but I'll act how I've always wanted to act. I'll be me, I promise."

Wendy smiled at him.

"And what about you? Are you Wendy or Windy right now?"

"DORANBOLT!" Wendy screamed at him.

"Right, it's time for Doranbolt to return home. Mest wishes Wendy a goodbye though, no wait, both Doranbolt and Mest wishes Wendy a goodbye."

"Just wish me goodbye Mest."

Mest smiled as he kissed her forehead, "goodbye Wendy. I'll see you soon... maybe." He said standing back up.

"I'll be sure to grow two inches taller so I at least reach above your chest." She told him.

"Ah, I can see the papers now. Doranbolt, stripped from his rights from the Council and labeled as a Magnolia's pedophile with his technically 19 but 12 year old-" he didn't finish.

Wendy looked up with hopeful eyes, "technically 19 but 12 year old what?"

Mest didn't reply.

"But 12 year old girlfriend?" Wendy squealed.

"Let's just continue with the labels cradle and grave-robber for now kid."

"Fine, as long as you stop calling me kid though! It'll only make you think about our differences more and that's the last thing I want you to think about." Wendy told him.

This peeked Mest's interest.

"What's the first thing you want me to think about then?"

Wendy squeaked as she looked down at her shoes and fiddled with her dress. She realized this was a childish thing she was doing though and looked back up at him, fire burning in her eyes.

"How much you're going to miss me when you leave." She said.

Mest's eyes widened in shock, looks like his girlfriend was growing already.

"Make sure you miss me as well when I go." Mest told her.

Wendy nodded and Mest finally took it as his time to leave. He patted Wendy on the head again, realizing that was a childish thing though he quickly changed it to a kiss on the cheek before heading out. Before he teleported away though, Wendy blew a kiss at him. The winds carried that kiss towards his cheek and Mest smiled before disappearing.

Wendy stood there alone now, the nearly empty street completely empty now.


"What has you in such a depressing mood Doranbolt?"

Doranbolt looked up from his desk and stared at his old friend.

"Would you ever be a cradle-robber?" He asked.

Lahar looked a little bit stunned, "I've never heard that term before, what does it mean?"

"Just forget it, it's nothing important really. Just please make sure that isn't written on my tombstone after I die."

BlackLynx17: Hey, I thought the ending was cute and funny. I actually thought the whole story was cute and funny. It was a little hard getting Wendy because she was such a child and I didn't know she was only 12. I thought she was 14, I thought their age differences wasn't that bad but halfway through the story once I checked it... I kind of felt like a cradle-robber too you know?

Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this story. I'm definitely going to making another, if not a sequel then another one-shot so please review and leave me your feedback. I hope this story inspired you all to make your own MestxWendy and if so, message me so I can read it myself! Another couple I want to read about is CobraxKinana so you if feel like writing one of those too, feel free too. Bye, bye.