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Hello everyone! In case you don't know who I am, (And you most likely do not!) I am the Skullmasta. Today I bring you a story from a different universe, one created by a single great person named Thegreatelisamousy! This is her universe, so do not worry, it is ALL quite canon.

And without further ado, let us begin.


Crying could be heard throughout the room, and it wasn't just from the newborn in his mother's arms.

"Against all odds, you made it! I'm so happy!" Cried the mother.

"What will you name him?" A nearby doctor asked.

"Michael..that's a good name, isn't it?"

"Michael it will be." The doctor stepped out of the room, leaving the mother with the newborn Michael, and a nurse.

"He looks amazing...you're quite lucky with all the trouble he had." Said the nurse.

"I know..I can't believe it either" Said the mother.

As she said this though, a small trickle of blood ran down from her nostril.

"Um...your nose!" A nearby monitor began to beep, and the doctor rushed back in.

"What is going on!" The doctor yelled, at the top of his lungs.

He saw the the trickle of blood, and suspected the worst.

"Separate the child, get the mother into surgery, stat!"The doctor commanded.

The mother slowly closed her eyes. She knew what was about to happen, that she would never see her baby Michael again..she did not care..he was alive.

A vision flashed before her eyes.

A teen, likely 16, was standing in front of a giant burning skyscraper alongside a Digimon.

The teen swiped a card, and out of no were, both disappeared into nothingness.

She continued to cry, as her heart stopped.

A saddening prologue I know..but necessary to set that this story is sad. By the end of this story, my goal is for you to feel the sorrow inside my characters, as each feels their life stripped away! Or not :).

I advise you not to forget this. If you do, I cannot guarantee


Anyway, I think that was a wonderful prologue, if you have any questions, complaints or anything, ask me in the comments, other than that, I'm planning a weekly schedule, and I'll TRY to lead it straight up into Season 2 of the main story.