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Without further waiting, considering you were left on a cliffhanger. Chapter 6.

Michael was amazed at the being standing from the crater. Mekanorimon was completely different from what had been Hagurumon. It was a large washing machine like robot, with a red orb in the center. He could make out eyes, and maybe a mouth like feature on its front. It's arms were long, and it had a blue dome on top of its head. He raised his Digivice for a better reading.

"Mekanorimon. Champion-Level. Attacks are Twin Beam and 4-Disc Break."

Michael turned to Cassidy with a smirk on his face.

"Looks like the tides have turned, 'elite'."

Cassidy, furious at the comment, readied a card.

"If you want a truly elite battle, then have one! Digital Ability. Marsmon: Corona Sanctions! CONNECT!"

With the ending of the word, Kabuterimon glowed red, and burst into flame. Feeling the power flowing through him, he flew directly towards the confident, newly Digivolved Mekanorimon.

Mekanorimon, though, was prepared.

"4-Disc Break!"

With a fling of his arm, 4 discs flew towards the flaming bug, only to be dodged like it was a simple act. Kabuterimon, proud of his opponent's miss, stopped, and spoke up.

"You better work on your aim, Mekanorimon."

The new champion, without pause from the remark, yelled out a new attack.

"Twin Beam."

The red orb glowed, and not giving Kabuterimon time to dodge, hit him straight on, knocking him back to the now floating 4-Discs, which proceeded to explode.

Michael, ecstatic at his partner's strategy looked towards Cassidy with a smile of success.

"You said something about an elite battle? Pretty sure the elite is losing."

Cassidy, looking straight at Michael, smiled, before a yell came from smoke of the explosion.

"Electric Storm!"

Suddenly realizing that he could no longer see his opponent through the smoke, Mekanorimon prepared itself for the worse. Kabuterimon flew out of the cloud, and sped towards his target with incredible speed. Before he could connect though, a voice rang through the room.


Kabuterimon flew to the side, and looked down to see the attendant and Chamelemon. Yokayama spoke up in discontent that the battle was stopped.

"What is it? Quickly. Can't you see we're in the middle of something?"

The attendant smiled, and yelled with a glee something neither Digidestined expected.

"The third ones here! The third Digidestined!"

Arriving in the lobby, the two digidestined, and teacher, found themselves face to face with a young, African American teenager, with a small, purple blob in his hands. At the same time, the Headmaster also arrived, alone.

The Headmaster spoke first.

"Welcome to the United States Digimon Academy! You are the third Digidestined, correct?"

The teenager looked at the headmaster, with what looked like a glare.

"You already know. You're the one who had me brought here. I would thank you if I didn't know this place is just like a prison."

The Headmaster frowned as he stared at the teenager.

"Well you'll fit right in with the other two."

He turned towards Michael and Cassidy, both of which dumbfounded at the new Digidestined's remark.

"This is Carlos Rodriguez. His partner is a Kuramon."

As he said this, a glow came from Carlos's hands, and small purple blob turned into what looked like a small purple hand with a large red eye.


The Headmaster, annoyed, continued speaking.

"I stand corrected. His partner is Tsumemon. Teach him the ropes, I still have repairs and so on to do. I have so many news networks down my back that I'm surprised the Paparazzi haven't shown up yet."

The Headmaster walked back down the hallway he came from, leaving the group alone. Yokayama looked at her watch and sighed. She look to the original two and spoke.

"You two will have to teach him on your own. I have work to do. Just remember to attend Dinner in the cafeteria, and not to get into trouble."

Yokayama walked away, along with the secretary and their partners, leaving the Digidestined alone. Carlos spoke up before Michael and Cassidy could even turn towards him.

"Let's get this straight. I am not your 'friend', I am not your 'ally'. I could care less about this place, and I'll be getting out of here first chance I get. What neither of you two get is that your prisoners here. They won't ever let you go, because your their precious little tools whose only destiny is to risk their lives for their wall being. None of the-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Cassidy turned around him a punched him square in the face. Carlos fell backward as Cassidy spoke.

"Never speak about this place like that. I don't care if it's our destiny to do this, or not. If we don't do this, people, and Digimon will die. You know of Pendragon's Flash, right? The large beam that was fired into the sea beside NYC? If that didn't happen, the city wouldn't of been standing today. An evil Digimon would've obliterated it all, if it wasn't for my father's partner."

Cassidy walked away with Tentomon, leaving Michael and Carlos alone. Michael held out the manual and began speaking, but Carlos simply grabbed it and walked off with Tsumemon, leaving Michael alone with Mekanorimon.

Later that night, Michael had caught up with Cassidy, and both had decided to head to dinner. The tables in the Cafeteria were mostly spread out, and circular. It looked almost like a resturant. The only thing that told him it wasn't were the banners on the walls, and long food line. At the end of the room, he could see a long rectangular table where the Staff were sitting, already eating, along with their Partners. Cassidy spoke up.

"I'll talk to you later. I'm going to go sit with my friends. I don't know if they want you sitting with us. Ya know, the Machine Digimon and the being the new kid. They really only prefer Insect pairs, like Tentomon and I."

Cassidy proceeded to run to a table with several tamers, all with Insect Digimon. After what looked like a couple of seconds, Cassidy walked slowly back, looking sad and scared.

"They...they denied me. They said they didn't want to sit with me because I'm a Digidestined now."

Michael, stunned, looked to Mekanorimon for support. Mekanorimon spoke up.

"If they're denying because of title, are they truly friends?"

Cassidy looked up, still with a face of gloom.

"I guess you're right. I mean, nothing's changed, right? If they want to quit being my friends out of jealousy, than they just lost a nice person."

Tentomon nodded in approval, and began to speak.

"I guess we're stuck together. I guess we can find a table to sit at for now."

Eventually, after they got some food, they found the single close to empty table. There was a problem though.

"Oh no, not Carlos again!"

Cassidy said, in deep despair. The table was occupied by a single duo, Carlos and Tsumemon. Without warning, Michael walked over and sat down.

"Hey Carlos, how's it going?"

Carlos looked up in surprise, and spoke with a flat voice.

"Good actually, I mean why wouldn't I be when a fool just sat down beside me and interrupted me eating."

Michael, seemingly ignoring what Carlos said, responded.

"Well that's great. I hope you don't mind if me and Cassidy sit with you?"

Carlos, obviously getting angry, raised his voice.

"Yes, I do mind, now go away!"

Michael smiled, and spoke back.

"Thanks, don't know what we'd do without you."

He beckoned for Cassidy to sit. After a moment's hesitation, she ceded, and sat down along with Tentomon and Mekanorimon. Carlos seemingly gave up and continued eating. At this point, Tsumemon spoke to the other Digidestined for the first time.

"Don't mind him, he's just bummed that I caused his computer to mess up and give away his location."

Carlos immediately grabbed for Tsumemon and covered him up with his hands.

"Don't listen to him, he was Fresh at the time, he doesn't know what he's talking about."

For the first time, Carlos weakly smiling, obviously trying to get the group to ignore what Tsumemon said. Knowing it would turn into an argument, both did so.

Midway through dinner, the Headmaster stood up and began speaking to the gathered students. After a couple of seconds, the student body quieted down and listened.

"I know we've had a rough couple of days, from the attack, to the media and so on. The staff, though, wants you all to know that everything is perfectly fine. In fact, better than fine. Milleniummon, long time enemy to all things living, was defeated and permanently sealed by the Japanese Branch's Digidestined."

This raised some applause, as the student's overjoyed at the news of the cause of attack being defeated. The Headmaster continued speaking.

"That is not all, actually. The Government, who had almost pressed charges against for terrorism, has agreed to let those charges go considering that 28 locations across the globe were defended by the Academies."

The applause were normal, except this time a single student stood up and questioned the Headmaster.

"You said 28 places. I thought only Academies were attacked by Digimon. There's only 16 worldwide."

The Headmaster responded, knowing that he would likely be questioned.

"The other 12 places are mostly classified. I can say though that it was Academy Tamers that defended them all."

This brought up applause as the Headmaster continued.

"Until further notice, though,.."

The Headmaster continued on with news and such, and about what would happen to the school for the next couple of weeks.

The weeks passed, day after day, and the group of Digidestined continued to train. They grew closer, maybe not by such for one, by still closer. The only truly eventful things were Mekanorimon's and Kabuterimon's daily spars, and the evolution of Tsumemon to Keramon.

In the Digital world, though, things were quite different. Armies began to form, including one of the largest. Metal clanking could be heard as its forces marched throughout territory after territory, either enlisting or enslaving all inhabitants there, depending only on whether or not they were Machine Digimon. They did this in the name of the Chessmon Army, and its all-powerful ruler, KingChessmon.

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So the second army introduced, and the third Digidestined making his debut, what can happen next?

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