Rapunzel woke up and knew it must be almost noon considering she hadn't fallen asleep until so late. Her back felt out of sorts and that was when she heard the soft snoring next to her. She turned her head and saw that both she and Jack had fallen asleep on the couch with the throw over them. He'd lain down and his arm held her waist gently. She must have used his arm for a pillow since she felt a slight bump on her head from where she rested her head on his bony arm. She didn't dare turn around to face him for fear of waking him up.

She waited a moment before deciding what to do and felt a tickle on her neck where his breathing blew strands of her hair against it. To be honest she was quite relaxed and almost didn't want to move, but knew this was a very immodest situation to be in. She moved her arm and touched Jack's hand and gently tried pushing it away but that only made it worse as his hold on her tightened.

She grumbled softly and then tapped his arm, "Jack?" she whispered loudly.

"Mmm?" he mumbled sleepily as he stretched his legs.

"Jack…I think…I think we should get up now." She said softly and nervously.

"No." he mumbled again, "Five more minutes." He whined as he held onto her.

"Jack!" she grunted as she tried scooting away.

"Okay…" he sighed, nuzzling her neck suddenly.

Her eyes widened at the feeling and she tried moving her head away only to scoot her backside into him more and that's when she felt it…

At first she didn't quite know what it was she was feeling all she knew was that it was not something she was supposed to feel against him. When it moved was when it hit her and then she shrieked, jerking away forcefully and landing on the ground in a heap.

Jack sat up suddenly, his hair disheveled, looking confused and half awake. He saw her and his eyes widened, "You okay?" he asked.

She didn't answer but when her eyes roved down towards his pants he turned as red as the throw blanket, quickly covering himself and biting his lip, completely embarrassed.

"I'm sorry…" he ground out, looking at anything but her, "It's just…it does that in the morning, I swear I wasn't trying anything…Oh jeez this sucks." He muttered angrily to himself.

"It…It's okay…it just…startled me." She admitted as she got up.

"I'm so sorry." He repeated again, this time looking at her with pleading eyes.

She shook her head and shrugged a little, running a hand through her hair, "It's really okay…let's um…let's just get some breakfast or something."

"Yeah…breakfast…sounds good." He mumbled, still looking red as he got up and stretched his neck and arms, "You up for some eggs or something?"

She yawned, covering her mouth and nodded, "Sure."

He smiled and headed towards the kitchen, ruffling his hair as he did. She followed him and wiped at her eyes, noticing some makeup come off. It must have smeared by now.

"I'm going to go wash my face really quick." She told Jack, "I'll be right back."

"Take your time." Jack smiled as he pulled out a pan and some eggs, balancing everything in his arms.

She walked out and ran upstairs, bumping into Flynn who was only wearing his boxers. He yawned sleepily and didn't seem aware of anything until he noticed she hadn't moved and her back had stiffened. It hit him and he covered himself quickly and ran back to his room, feeling like an idiot for forgetting there was a girl in the house.

As Rapunzel made it to the bathroom she swore she had seen enough male anatomy to last a lifetime.


Homecoming was the talk of the town for the next two weeks, not even thoughts of Thanksgiving approaching crossed anyone's minds really. It was all exchanging pictures, gossiping about relationships starting and ending, and who wore what dress better. Rapunzel didn't feel all that excited about it really. She was too focused on not getting anxious or angry to the point she was almost exhausted and edgy. In class she was starting to zone out for fear of being triggered.

Luckily, North solved that problem by finding her a couple of bracelets and a keychain made of pink and purple zippers. She could zip and unzip whenever she pleased without it disturbing anyone and without hurting herself. Elsa managed to help her find a way to use the zipper jewelry effectively when she was angry, by recognizing the feel and sensation of the devices and focusing on those when she felt upset. It was helpful when she was bored in class and whenever she was nervous and needed to do something with her hands. She also started doodling as well, Ana having given her a sketchpad to carry with her and some colored pencils to use. Needless to say as the week progressed she was feeling a little better about things and found she had started a trend.

Everyone saw her zipper jewelry and loved how she mixed and matched them and pretty soon, people were ordering them online or making them. She didn't realize she could start a fashion trend and felt a little powerful in doing so.

Not only that, but she was opening up more to her friends. She was having real conversations and talking about how she felt with them and they in turn, listened and gave her advice as well. Hiccup even gave her a stuffed dragon to help her feel better. He apparently collected anything to do with dragons so giving up a rainbow colored one he had no problems with. She and Fishlegs talked more and more about movies and books together and even thought of starting their own book club at the school. She went shopping with the girls or even hung out at their houses after school sometimes to do hair, nails, makeup or just talk. More and more she was feeling like a normal kid and loving it.

There was just one problem; Jack was acting very strange.

She noticed it when she went over to Fishlegs' house to watch a movie. His mom picked them both up after school and she spent the evening eating dinner at his house and watching a movie and talking about the book. She was there for quite a while and by the time North came to get her and got her home, Jack wanted nothing to do with her the rest of the evening. She found it strange that he blatantly slammed his door on her, but he seemed fine the next day and she passed it off as he was having another 'mood swing'. But even still, he was quiet around his friends, snapped at Fishlegs, and even during group he was quiet and brooding. It was almost like a dark cloud had descended over him and he was isolating himself again.

Not even Flynn bothered him for fear he'd lose it. And North was getting more and more concerned. Ana tried talking with him but he merely stormed out, which wasn't like him.

It all came to a head when Mrs. Bennett was planning to come for an observation so North was in a frenzy, making sure everything was in order. By the time she came, North was a little on edge because he'd had many social workers come by and threaten to take away his boys. Granted Mrs. Bennett wasn't like that but he still hated the feeling.

She walked around and then joined them for dinner and watched as Flynn and North sparked conversation with Rapunzel and Jack. Rapunzel answered as best she could where Jack just sat there, staring at his food and glared at everyone who talked to him.

Rapunzel stared at Jack whose hair was looking more disheveled and thin, his skin was so pale the purple under his eyes was scary looking, and his lack of eating caused him to get even thinner than usual.

"So…" Mrs. Bennett asked finally, "Any big plans for Thanksgiving?"

"Mr. North says he's going to make a big turkey and everything!" Rapunzel said excitedly, "I've never had one before with a family."

"I bet you're excited!" Mrs. Bennett smiled, "Are you gonna try cooking anything too?"

"Well…Jack? Would you like to help me make something? Jack usually teaches me how to cook." She explained to Mrs. Bennett who stared with concern at Jack.

"Jack?" North asked, "Rapunzel would like you to help her on Thanksgiving. I bet you could show her how to make your famous corn cake casserole!"

"Why doesn't she ask Fishlegs to help her?" Jack said bitterly as he stabbed at his food that he hadn't even touched.

"What?" Rapunzel gasped, feeling extremely hurt.

"Jack…" North warned.

"Bro, what is wrong with you?" Flynn asked finally, "Rapunzel's done nothing wrong and you're acting like an ass."

"Flynn!" North snapped, "I am so sorry, they are normally not like this!" he told her with panicked eyes.

"Whatever, I don't even want a Thanksgiving." Jack muttered as he shoved his plate away and walked out of the kitchen to his room.

They heard a door slam and Rapunzel felt tears stinging her eyes.

Flynn reached out a hand to pat her shoulder gently while North put his head in his hands.

"Did…did I do something?" Rapunzel asked nervously.

"No. Absolutely not!" Flynn told her firmly, "Jack's just…I don't even know what's up with him."

"Is he seeing a counselor?" Mrs. Bennett asked.

"Yes but…he's not even talking to her…" North said in despair, "I've tried talking to him and…this just isn't like him."

"He's right." Flynn put in, "He hasn't acted like this in a long time."

"Has he seen a doctor?"

"He usually hates doctors but…I may have no choice." North sighed.

"Rapunzel?" Mrs. Bennett asked her.

Rapunzel looked up and wiped her tears.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes." She nodded, "I mean…I get my cast off after Thanksgiving and I love all my new friends and I've learned a lot from Miss Elsa and…I love it here." She smiled, "I really do."

"I don't doubt it." Mrs. Bennett smiled, "You keep up the good work and we'll talk after Christmas, okay?"

"Okay." She smiled back weakly.

"And I'm not here for Jack or anything but…I suggest he see a doctor."

"I agree." North muttered sadly and then put on a smile, "Thank you Mrs. Bennett for joining us…I apologize for…all the chaos."

"Oh please, I have two kids of my own. One walks outside without shoes on half the time and the other thinks she can fly and ends up falling on her face." She rolled her eyes, "But boy are they adorable."

North laughed and nodded, "They sound like beautiful children."

"They are." She smiled fondly, "And believe me, you are doing wonderful work with your boys and Rapunzel. It's great to see how far along she's come."

North nodded proudly at Rapunzel and then walked her to the door.

"Please don't hesitate to call for anything."

"Thank you." He smiled as he led her out.

Once the door was closed, North marched up to Jack's room and banged on his door.

Rapunzel cringed a little and Flynn decided to take her out for ice cream or something, just to get her away from all the noise. He remembered a time when Jack was like this growing up and he'd been scared half the time, hearing all the yelling and cursing and North trying to calm him down only to have things thrown at him. He hated it and wouldn't want Rapunzel to hear it as well.

"Let's go find something with chocolate in it, Blondie!" he smiled.

She nodded and grabbed her coat, rushing out the door with Flynn. He closed the door right as soon as he heard Jack cursing loudly at North to leave him alone.

At least now he didn't have to sit in the basement and pray for it to be over.


Hiccup tried calling his friend again only to get his voicemail for the fifteenth time that day, "It's Jack, speak."

Hiccup grumbled and finally decided to just give up. He was late for a dinner date with Merida anyways; not that she was calling it that.

Hiccup had to agree that Jack had been right, he talked things over with Merida the night of Homecoming and both decided that hanging out and doing things together like they used to was a good idea. She admitted that she missed making inventions with him and showing him all her archery skills. He talked about wanting to catch her up on their lives considering they used to tell each other everything. He wanted her to be honest with him as a friend and she felt the same. So…in other words, they were taking it slow.

Because of Jack acting out of sorts, both decided to meet at the local diner and see if they could figure out what was going on with their friend. Normally he wasn't like this and they were getting concerned to say the least.

Hiccup lived down the street from Merida and because the weather was fair for the day, they decided to walk. He met up with her at her house and smiled; it felt just like old times. She'd practically sneak out of the house and both of them would be running off into the woods or town to get into some crazy misadventures. He didn't know when they started separating; all he could really remember was it was literally almost overnight when one day Merida just 'wasn't up for playing'. After that, it was like he didn't even exist anymore. He'd felt so alone and began wondering if he'd never make any new friends when luckily Jack came along. Merida started getting into some bad habits and forgetting all about Hiccup and he'd moved on to make new friends. Once she decided to clean up her act did Elinor reach out to Hiccup to try and make amends with her. Sure enough, he came to her aid and at least from then on, he and Merida were talking again. They had their spats but for the most part, they were trying.

He zipped up his brown leather jacket he'd gotten from his dad and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he waited for her.

Sure enough, he saw her come out the door in her light blue winter coat, wearing the cutest little white knitted cap over her curly hair. She ran down the steps and smiled at him, "You coming?" she teased and he shook his head as he caught up to her.

Both settled into a comfortable silence as they walked to the diner.

"You reach Jack at all?" she asked him.

He shook his head sadly, "This isn't like him…he never ignores my calls."

"Yeah, I tried calling him too…he's just…not himself is he?"

"You heard from Flynn or Rapunzel at all?" Hiccup asked her.

"I tried getting a hold of her but North answered the phone and said that Flynn took her out for some ice cream or something to help cheer her up."

Hiccup sighed.

"You don't think he's…thinking about…you know…?" she said nervously, looking at Hiccup.

He looked up at her and shook his head furiously, praying he was right, "He wouldn't…he knows better…"

"What I'm trying to figure out is when it all started…" she admitted, "I mean for Homecoming he was so happy and wonderful."

Hiccup nodded, forgetting his own unfortunate night with Merida and focusing instead on his friend.

"I think it was…well Monday he was fine and then Tuesday came around and he sort of…got quieter than usual." Merida thought aloud.

"Yeah and after that he just sort of got worse. Like did you hear him totally insult Fishlegs at lunch last week?"

"Oh my gosh! I nearly throttled him!" Merida said angrily, "Poor guy had no idea what he'd done wrong."

"Well…" Hiccup suddenly remembered, "Fishlegs and Rapunzel have been hanging out more…did you know they want to start a book club?" he laughed.

"Oh those two are such nerds I swear." She laughed.

"But…he told me that Rapunzel has come over a few times since then to join his family for dinner and hang out with him."

"You don't think Jack's…jealous…do you?" she gasped.

Hiccup shrugged, he wouldn't put it past Jack considering he knew he really cared about Rapunzel.

"Well…to be honest…Rapunzel admitted she sort of likes Jack…in her own way really." Merida shrugged, "She told me that she and Fishlegs are just really close as friends and she's even told Fishlegs how she feels about Jack so he actually hasn't even asked her out or anything. He knows he doesn't want to lose Jack as a friend."

"Yeah, that is true, cause if he does he'd be losing a lot of friends and that's not something Fishlegs wants."

"In the end it's her choice but…I guess she made it clear."

"Maybe not to Jack." Hiccup noted as they finally reached the diner. He opened the door for her and they walked in, finding a booth near the back.

"But…I really don't think that's the real reason for Jack acting so…odd." Merida noted, "He might be a little snippy or something but to isolate himself and not eat and even fall behind in classes, I mean…"

"Yeah. And in group he really acted strange, nobody knew how to react when he just walked out."

Merida nodded, "Thanksgiving Break is tomorrow…you think he'll be okay?"

"I sure hope so…I'm not going to stop trying to call him."

"Me neither." She nodded, "And I really hope Rapunzel gets a phone soon."

They were interrupted when a young waitress asked for their order. Both got something hot to drink, Merida getting hot chocolate while Hiccup got some tea. Then they both ended up ordering nachos to share.

Once the waitress left, Hiccup turned to Merida and smiled, "North told Ana he's getting Rapunzel a phone for Christmas." Hiccup smiled, "How cool is that?"

"Her first phone! I bet she's going to be so scared of it!" she teased.

"Kinda like you? Remember when you got your newest smart phone and you nearly broke it cause that voice kept coming up randomly?"

She giggled as their drinks were placed before them.

"Did I ever tell you how strange it is that you don't even like chocolate?" she teased him.

He shrugged innocently, "Hey, I'm just not into sweet things."

"Guess that explains why we're friends." She laughed.

"Maybe." He nodded.

She frowned a little and then continued drinking, looking away.

"I know I really screwed up our friendship, Hiccup." She admitted sadly, nursing her mug and staring at the swirling chocolate, "I treated you like dirt and left you in the dust all for the high. It wasn't right."

"Merida…" he said sadly.

"No…" she cut him off, "I never did really apologize, like really apologize for what I did to you. And that's even part of rehab." She confessed, "And…I owe you a better explanation for not wanting to 'go out' with you."

Hiccup nodded, leaning in nervously.

She took a breath and looked up, "Every time I'm with you…I can't stop thinking about what I did to you and how much it hurt you. I'm embarrassed because I abused your friendship. Growing up, I loved being with you, you were my rock. You were such a good person and everything I wished I could be. But when I started using…I knew how much you'd be mad at me but instead…you weren't mad at me, you were still my friend and I completely misjudged you. Sitting across from you and going to Homecoming with you I feel like I have my best friend back…but…I'm really scared Hiccup."

"Why?" he asked her softly.

"Because…because I don't want to lose you again. I lost you when I became and addict and I almost lost you when you got hit by that truck, and if something happens to 'us'…I don't think I could go on smiling or laughing."

He nodded after swallowing the lump in his throat.

"You know I visited you in the hospital when you lost your leg." She finally confessed to him, looking him in the eyes. He stared back in shock. He never knew that she'd visited him.

"I saw what happened to you and I bolted but…I went because…because deep down, I really missed you."

Hiccup finally smiled at her and reached for her hand. She took it, wiping her tears with the back of her other hand.

"I'm really sorry Hiccup." She said, "I know I've hurt a lot of people, but I hurt you the most and…I'll never forgive myself for it…even though you will and…that's why I'm…."

"Merida." He smiled.

"What?" she asked weakly.

"Sometimes I wonder who the talking fishbone is." He grinned.

She suddenly snorted, remembering how she used to mercilessly tease him for being so scrawny and frightened all the time. Every little bump in the night and he'd wet himself. But it made sense…he was much braver than she was, and they both knew it.

"How about you stop feeling afraid and start living again." He advised, "Stop overthinking everything, stop clinging to the past, and forgive yourself."

She smiled and nodded, squeezing his hand, "I just can't do it alone anymore…it hurts too much."

"Then why don't you let your old pal Hiccup battle it with you?"

She sighed and then smiled up at him, "What if we don't make it? What if-"

"We're not fighting orcs Merida." Hiccup chuckled, "We're just going out."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, giggling and sniffling, "You really are such a nerd."

"Well, naturally, but…more than anything I'm just…I'm just a guy who…who's in love with his best friend."

She smiled up at him and nodded, "Okay…how's this for brave...I've been in love with you since the day I pushed you in the mud when we were five."

Hiccup narrowed his eyes playfully, "You really got me good that time, but how about this…I fell in love with you the very same day."

She giggled, "Hiccup?"


"After we finish our nacho battle…would you be okay if I kissed you?"

He smiled and suddenly got up, walking over to scoot in next to her, "How about now?"

She squeaked a little when his mouth made contact with hers and the thought that both shared without even realizing it was "About damn time!"


Thanksgiving was a day away and Rapunzel felt no joy. North and Flynn were trying to make the best of everything but with Jack locked away in his room and ignoring everyone, it just wasn't the same. Rapunzel couldn't help but feel partially responsible and even confided to Miss Elsa about her feelings. Elsa merely told her that whatever Jack was dealing with was with Jack alone and when he felt ready, he would open up. But that did little to ease Rapunzel's mind.

She lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering what she could say to help Jack. She just turned over on her side to close her eyes when she heard a noise out in the hall.

Someone had just rushed to the bathroom and was retching violently.

She sat up and decided to see who it was. Putting on her robe she walked out into the hall and towards the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar and she could see the light filtering into the hallway.

She walked over and opened the door slowly.

"Jack?" she gasped.

Jack was curled into a fetal position on the floor, clutching his stomach and moaning softly. She was shocked to see tears pouring from his eyes that were squeezed shut from the pain. He retched again, dry heaves forcing his thin stomach to stretch painfully in and out.

She ran in to help him and he started crying when he opened his eyes, "No!" he moaned, "P-please go!"

Her heart broke; he sounded so devastated and scared.

She felt his forehead and realized he was burning up. He clutched his stomach and she decided to find North.

"Jack, I'm just going to find North, okay? Just…"

"NO!" he cried, "NO! AUGH! IT HURTS! NO MORE! STOP!"

"Jack! It's me, you're okay!" she sobbed, realizing she had tears pouring down her face hearing Jack sound so vulnerable, confused and frightened.

"NORTH!" she cried, "NORTH!"

Flynn came in and stared at the scene. Jack was half naked and sweating horribly, dry heaving on the floor, and clutching his stomach in pain. Thank goodness North came in just then, his eyes widening at the scene.

Jack continued yelling in fear, "IT HURTS! PLEASE STOP!"

North came over and moved Rapunzel out of the way. Flynn grabbed her arm and gently tugged her out into the hall with him, both staring into the bathroom worriedly.

"Jack? Jack can you hear me? Do you know where you are?" North asked him, a hand on his head.

"I w-want m-my dad…" Jack sobbed.

"I'm here, son. Tell me where it hurts." North said soothingly, wiping strands of sweaty white hair away from his eyes.

Jack choked on his sobs and clutched his side and that's when it hit North; the isolation, the moodiness, the lack of appetite, and now this…Jack was having appendicitis.

"Flynn! Get my car started! Rapunzel! I need you to get some clothes from Jack's room and fast."

Both nodded and got right to it, Rapunzel wiping her face as she walked into Jack's messy room. She randomly picked up some sweatpants and his blue hoodie, quickly rushing out to give them to North who had picked up Jack like he hardly weighed a pound.


"Yeah, I'm here!" Flynn huffed as he ran upstairs, "Car's ready."

"I need you to help me dress him. Rapunzel, could you make sure my wallet's on the counter for me?"

"O-okay…" she muttered as she ran downstairs quickly. She could hear Jack screaming in pain and it brought back horrible flashbacks of…no not right now! She had to think of Jack.

She found North's wallet and picked it up, waiting for him to come down. Max was barking like a maniac and following them down the stairs, wondering what all the commotion was about. She handed North his wallet and he nodded to her. He and Flynn carried Jack out to the car and took off.

She realized that she was suddenly, completely alone in the house. She bent down to pick up a whining Max and held him close; shaking from all the emotions she'd seen tonight.

The house was too dark and scary. Even with lights on, she didn't feel any safer. She knew they probably never meant to leave her but…she was scared. She suddenly ran to the phone and after a few minutes of debate, she dialed a number.

"Hello?" a sleepy female voice answered after a few rings.

"M-Miss Ana?" Rapunzel asked meekly.

"Rapunzel?" Ana gasped, "Sweetie, it's two in the morning…are you okay?"

"No…" she started crying, hugging herself, "J-Jack had to go to the hospital and…they left me here and…"

"You're at the house all alone?"

"Yes…" Rapunzel sobbed, "And…it's just…I've never been alone before so I thought I'd…I'd call you and just talk or…"

"Okay, sweetie, hang tight. I'm going to come right over."

"No! You don't have to!"

"No, I'm coming right now. I'll let North know."

"He…he didn't mean to…did he?"

"Of course not, if Jack had to go to the hospital it must be very serious and you know how he loves all of you so much."

"I do…and…Jack was…was really scared."

"I understand, can you hold on for just ten minutes?"


"Okay, I'm going to get dressed and come over; you just wait by the door and keep the phone nearby okay?"


"Good, I'll be right over."

She hung up and Rapunzel wiped her tears and took a breath, she found Max again and picked him up, holding him to her chest and pacing around the kitchen.

It didn't even take Miss Ana ten minutes and she knocked on the door rapidly.

Rapunzel ran to it and had never been happier to see anyone in her life as Miss Ana came right in, shaking from the cold to wrap her arms around Rapunzel.

Rapunzel sobbed into her shoulder and Ana held her for a while, trying to calm her down.

"It's okay…I'm here now." Ana told her gently, rubbing her back, not caring that she was still in her coat and standing in the dimly lit hallway of North's house.

"I-I'm sorry!" Rapunzel cried, "I know I shouldn't have w-woken you up, I just-"

"No! Rapunzel I'm so glad you called me. I'm always here if you need me." Ana told her firmly as she finally managed to lead her into the kitchen.

Rapunzel sniffed and let Miss Ana lead her to a chair while she shed her coat. She practically threw her coat on the floor in the corner as she found a seat next to Rapunzel and took her hand.

Rapunzel took a few breaths and tried using the method Elsa taught her, Ana helping to coach her as well.

"There you go. Elsa taught you well." She grinned.

"I'm such a baby." Rapunzel whined.

"Oh, you are not!" Ana told her sternly, "You are a very strong girl. Calling someone when you're frightened is not cowardly at all."

"J-Jack…" Rapunzel sniffled.

Ana frowned with concern and looked at her, "Do you know what happened?"

Rapunzel shook her head, "He…he was really hot and holding his stomach and crying…he was…not really throwing up but…it was like he was trying to and couldn't."

Ana's eyes widened as though she were piecing things together and she sighed, bonking herself on the head with her hand, "Of course! God, why didn't I even think about it?"
"What?" Rapunzel asked.

She sighed, "Jack must be having appendicitis." She nodded, "It makes sense…oh man is he lucky and I am having such a talk with that boy later!"

"What…what is that?"

"An appendix is located on the side of your stomach, well, more like right here." Ana explained, pointing to a spot above her pelvis, "And sometimes for a vast number of reasons, it starts to get infected and can actually burst, causing some real damage. Jack must have been suffering the slighter symptoms, which made him moody and tonight he needs it removed before it bursts."

"So…he was mad because…because his stomach hurt?" Rapunzel gasped.

"Basically! Boy and they say girls can't handle PMS."

"So…it won't…it won't burst will it?" she said worriedly, "They'll fix him? He'll be okay?"

"Yes, he'll be fine now. He'll probably be there overnight and most likely tomorrow depending on the severity. But he'll be back to his old self real soon I'm hoping…and I am definitely harping on that boy for not telling us sooner."

"Why wouldn't he say anything?" she asked.

Ana sighed, "Jack…he's very headstrong and independent. I'm sure there's more to it, but that'll be my next assignment I suppose."

"I thought he was mad at me."

"Everyone was noticing how off he was, sweetie…I feel bad it took this long but…hopefully things will turn up now. Knowing Jack, he cares very much about you and I'm sure if you two talk everything will work out just fine."

"I hope so…I really like him."

"Hmm?" Ana grinned, cocking her head to the side, her eyebrows raised.

"I…I mean…he's a really good friend and all…"

Ana didn't say anything and nodded instead, grinning to herself.

Rapunzel yawned and Ana decided to try and see if she could get a hold of North.

"Did you want to go to bed?" she asked Rapunzel.

She shook her head but Ana wasn't buying it as she led her to the couch, "How about a movie then while we wait? I bet North has a ton of awesome ones I haven't even seen yet."

Rapunzel smiled as she found a spot on the couch, Max hopping up next to her. Ana put in a short movie and then gave Rapunzel a blanket.

"You go ahead and start without me; I'm just going to check on North and them."

Rapunzel nodded as Ana got out her phone and dialed North's number.

Rapunzel listened intently as she heard Ana talking.

"She's here, she's fine! She was just scared is all…I know you feel bad, but you were worried about your son, I understand….how is he?"

She smiled over at Rapunzel encouragingly before turning around, "Did they say how long? No? Okay…well, please just call me when you get the news. Is Flynn coming back? Okay. Bless his heart; he loves his brother so much. We'll be fine you just take it easy and call if you need anything. I have Rapunzel and she's okay. Alright, I'm sending Jack all my love!"

She hung up and walked over, smiling a little at Rapunzel, "Flynn and North will be a while but North feels terrible and almost sent Flynn back to get you."

"Is Jack okay?"

"He just went back for surgery so they won't know for a while. We'll get some rest and they said they'll call as soon as they know."

Rapunzel nodded and Ana finally sat down with her, both staring at the screen but not really watching the movie.

Eventually Rapunzel passed out, leaving Ana to turn off the TV and get up to pace the room until she heard back from North about Jack.