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Bloody Hell

After another day of death glares from Snape, pranks from Fred and George, and Hermione trying to convince he and Harry to study, all Ron wanted to do was sleep. He was in fact in such a hurry to get to the boys dormitory that he accidentally grabbed Hermione's cloak from the chair in the common room instead of his own.

Tossing the cloak on the chair beside his four poster, something slipped out of a pocket and hit the floor. Ron bent down, fished around under the bed and pulled out Hermione's Time-Turner. 'I must have grabbed her cloak by mistake. I'll give it back to her in the morning.' Ron thought to himself and placed the Time-Turner in the top drawer of his bedside table, then got into bed.

He laid there quietly listening to Harry, Neville, Seamus and Dean lightly snoring. After tossing and turning for nearly an hour he sat up and threw his covers off and sat up. Stupid as it sounded he was too tired to sleep.

As he sat there trying to think of something that would make him fall asleep he felt a cold breeze around his ankles. Upon looking down he saw his pajama bottoms stopped a good 3 inches above his ankles. He rolled his eyes in the dark and stood up then smiled to himself.

'What if I just took a little trip into the future with Hermione's Time-Turner? Just far enough to see what all the finals will be like and what we should study for. That wouldn't hurt anything, and why it would actually help us.' Ron said to himself as he pulled the drawer open and took out the Time-Turner and placed it on the edge of the bed.

He pulled on some shoes, wrapped his spare cloak around his shoulders and dropped the chain of the Time-Turner over his head. "Now how did she say this thing worked?" He fiddled with it a few moments. "Oh yea." He mumbled then turned the little hourglass over several times.

The dormitory disappeared as Ron rushed forward through time. Colors and sounds mixed together into a vivid blur similar to a Picasso painting. His feet hit the stone floor of the dormitory and he looked around quickly.

His stuff wasn't there and when he looked around something else seemed somewhat.. off. After staring at the wall a few moments he realized what it was. Deans' poster of the West Ham team was missing.

Taking a deep breath Ron tucked the Time-Turner under his cloak and headed for the door. Everything was different. It was almost as if Hogwarts was deserted. There were no students, no professors, just dusty furniture and cobwebs.

Ron realized maybe he'd gone a little too far into the future. "Bloody hell." He murmured as he looked around the empty Entrance Hall.

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