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Journeys and Revelations

Ron had a horrible time getting to sleep that morning. He kept tossing and turning thinking of the conversation he and Fred had just before bed. "Why do I need protecting? What does Voldemort think I know?"

"He doesn't think you know anything. It's what he thinks you have that he's concerned with."

"And what's that?"

"A certain Time-Turner. There's something odd about the one you had. Something he needs, we're not sure it is, but he'll never believe you truly lost it. No matter what you were to tell him, he'd think you hid it somewhere and just weren't telling him what you did with it."

"Well, what's he going to do if I don't have it?"

"You needn't worry about that Ron. Go to sleep."

"Tell me Fred!"

"He'd torture you. And if you still didn't tell? He'd kill you without a second thought."

Ron sighed and flipped over onto his stomach. He had far too much going on in his mind as to what was so special about Hermione's Time-Turner to even consider sleep. Maybe it held some clue as to how Voldemort could be brought down? Or maybe it was the last one in the world? A million theories later Ron turned over once more and finally drifted off to sleep.

He woke the next afternoon when Harry came in and nudged his left foot that was hanging off the bed. Ron had been dreaming about the Death Eaters and was so startled that he rolled off the bed and landed in a heap on the floor. "Gods Harry! You scared me."

"You ready for tonight?" Harry asked sitting down on Fred's vacated bed.

"If I knew what was going on tonight then maybe."

"We're just relocating to our safe house in London. It'll be a long trip as you can't apperate. I can't tell you too much now, as we don't have much time before we leave, but if there's something you want to ask?" He asked tossing Ron some robes that he thought might fit him.

"I know about Ginny." A dark look passed over his face. "But what about Hermione? And George? Why aren't they here?"

"Hermione and George thought it best to stay in London. No point in having us all here in one place in case something... went wrong. Severus talked to them just a few minutes ago. They have everything ready and waiting for us to arrive."

Ron stood and pulled on the robes. "Then they're both well?"

"Yes. Quite."

"Oh, well, I thought maybe something had happened to them, because no one really mentioned them and they weren't here.."

There was a sharp knock on the door and Severus walked in when Harry called out that it was fine. "Ronald, got the new robes I see. They fit?"

Raising an eyebrow Ron replied. "Yes. Is that all?"

Snape pursed his lips and stood to his full height, nostrils flaring. "Potter. See that Ronald is ready to leave in a half hour. It will be dark by then." He turned quickly and with a swish of his robes was once more gone.

"I still can't believe he's on our side."

"Get used to it Ron. There's nothing you can do about it, and you should be glad he's around. You should know it was his plan that got you out of the dungeon."

Ron didn't reply just slipped on his shoes, ran his hands through his hair and pulled open the door. "Shall we go then?" He walked out into the living area and was greeted by everyone as the final preparations were made for the journey.

"How are we getting to London then?"

"Brooms Ron. It's a more slow way, but it'll get us there nonetheless." Draco said, fastening his cloak on over his robes. "And hopefully in one piece."

Everything was packed, wards were removed and everyone made their way outside once they were sure that the coast was clear. After quickly climbing on the broomsticks and taking off Ron flew up near Fred. "What's going to happen when we get to London?"

"We'll go into research mode. Try to find out what's so special about the TT. After that I'm not sure. We'll discuss that when we get there."

Satisfied for the moment Ron drifted back to the center of the mismatched group of wizards. Who would have ever thought that Malfoy 'Draco, you have to call him Draco now..' and Snape would be working with he, Harry and the others to defeat Voldemort. It still didn't seem feasible but yet, here they were.

The longer they flew the colder it got until it seemed almost unbearable. Ron was shivering as they started their descent. They landed in a dark alleyway in the heart of London. Draco took the lead out of the alleyway after quickly checking for pedestrians. They made an odd group as they made their way through the streets not speaking. Draco suddenly stopped, and walked up to a gateway that led to an empty patch of grass. He turned, looked in all directions, walked through the gate and put his hand up in the air. Murmuring quietly to himself, a doorknob appeared just below his hand.

Severus nudged everyone forward quickly as Draco opened the door and stepped inside. Fred pulled the door behind them as Ron took a minute to look around. They were in a rather plain building, though it was quite large. There was a large open room to the left that contained a massive mahogany table with 2 dozen chairs.

They continued to walk down the hallway as Ron looked around curiously. To his right were some maps pinned to the wall and 3 closed doors. They had reached the bottom of the stairs when suddenly Hermione burst through the last door on the right. As the door swung back Ron saw a small table and sink, obviously a kitchen.

Hermione smiled at Draco, "Welcome home. I'm so glad everyone arrived safely!" Then she turned to Ron and raised her eyebrow. "Why did you use the Time-Turner Ron? How did you get it for that matter?"

Trying to simultaneously answer her questions and decipher the look she'd given to Draco got him all confused. As a result he just started at her with his mouth hanging slightly open. "I grabbed your cloak by mistake, trying to see the finals, and why were you smiling at Malfoy?"

Hermione grinned broadly and walked over to Draco. "Ron, he didn't tell you?"

He blinked as Draco sneered.

"Draco and I are married!"

Ron hit the floor with a thud as he fainted. George chose that moment to come down the stairs.

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