Thank you all for being continued fans of my fics, and for putting up with my late updates. Work is hectic but I try to get you chapters as fast as I can. Know this, the fics will keep coming, and hopefully some will be done by the middle of 2017. But I will not rush. Why? Because I have a life to live, and I will never submit something I'm not proud of. I will be bringing my best, and will expedite my updates. And I will ensure to give my best at all times.

Other announcements. Many of you have been with me a while so you know I have fics that I've posted and deleted on a constant basis. Xiaolin Sin for Xiaolin Showdown, Manhattan Valkyrie and Demi Valkyrie for Gargoyles, the third installment to my Butler Fic, and others. Depending on how fast I finish others, I will be bringing those back this year. They've been polished, rewritten, and are being looked at by a close friend.

Once more, I wish you guys a Happy New Year. May you dreams come true this year, and your achievements and good fortunes be your crowning glory as you grow into the fine people I know you to be.