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Just Another Saturday

Kate loved Saturday mornings. She loved waking up like this, wrapped up in her husband's arms in their bed. Her husband…in their bed, she sighed, her words resonated in her head bringing a smile to her lips. She watched the rise and fall of his chest silently wishing it could always be this way. No cases waiting to be worked, no phone calls, no interruptions. Just the two of them.

How did they get here? They had been through so much together. They had endured so many losses together, so much pain and heartache, but he was still here. He had stayed by her side through everything no matter how hard she tried to push him away. She had tried so hard to fight her feelings for him but she couldn't. As she listened to his peaceful breathing she thought back on all of their fights, how honest he was with her even when she didn't want to accept it, and all the times he tried to tell her how much he cared for her.

"Walk away… they're gonna kill you Kate, and if you don't care about that… at least think about how that is going to affect the people who love you. Do you really want to put your dad through that? And what about Josh?"

"What about you Rick?"

"Of course I don't want anything to happen to you, I'm your partner. I'm your friend."

"Is that what we are?"

"You know what… I don't know what we are, we kiss and then we never talk about it… we nearly die frozen in each other's arms… but we never talk about it… so no, I got no clue what we are. I just don't want to see you throw your life away."

"Yeah, well the last time I checked… it was my life, not your personal jungle gym; and for the past three years I've been running around with the schools funniest kid… and it's just not enough."

"You know, I don't think this is about you catching your mother's killer anymore, I think this is about you needing a place to hide, you've got yourself so caught up in your mother's murder you're afraid to find out who you are without it."

"You don't know me Castle, you think you do but you don't!"

"I know you crawled inside your mother's murder and didn't come out. I know you hide there the same way you hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don't love. You could be happy, Kate. You deserve to be happy. But you're afraid."

"You know what we are Castle, we are over. Now get out!"

He walked away that night, but he came back when she needed him just like he always had. She would admit he had been right. She had been hiding, she had been afraid, but not anymore. The wall she built around her heart and clung to had long since crumbled. The night he admitted everything that happened with Montgomery and walked away she thought she had lost him forever and realized she couldn't keep up the charade anymore.

"Because I love you…but you already know that don't you? You've known for about a year."

"Are you kidding me? You're actually bringing this up right now after you told me you just betrayed me?

"Kate, listen to me…"

"Listen to you?! Why should I listen to you? How am I supposed to even trust anything you say?"

"How are you…because of everything we've been through together! Four years, I've been right here. Four years, I've been waiting for you to open your eyes and see that I'm right here, and I'm more than a partner. Every morning I bring a cup of coffee just so I can see a smile on your face because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you...if you care about me at all...just don't do this."

"If I care about you Castle? You cut a deal for my life like I was some kind of a child! My life! Mine! You don't get to decide."

"You keep going with this, they're going to decide. They're going to come for you Kate."

"Let them come. They sent Coonan, and he is dead. They sent Lockwood, and he is dead. And I am still here, Castle, and I am ready."

"Ready for what, to die for your cause? This isn't a murder investigation anymore, Kate. They've turned it into a war."

"If they want a war, then I will bring them a war, straight to their doorsteps."

"Well, I guess there's just nothing I can say, is there? Okay, um... Yeah, you're right, Kate, it's your life. You can throw it away if you want, but I'm not gonna stick around and watch you, so this is, uh... over. I'm done."

The next day she almost died, again, except this time he wasn't there to save her. Hanging from the rooftop screaming his name, all she could think about was his face, how she would never get to tell him how much she loved him too, how much she needed him, and how sorry she was. She just wanted him, nothing else mattered anymore. She traced the lines on his face with her fingertips as if trying to memorize every detail.

"I thought you said it was creepy to stare," he smiled, his eyes still closed.

"I wasn't staring. Besides I thought you were asleep," she sighed and snuggled as close as she could to him.

"I was. What's on your mind?"

"What makes you think there's something on my mind?" She leaned up to look into his eyes.

"Because you're thinking very loudly," he laughed.

"Nothing," she giggled, "everything…us. I want it to always be like this Rick."

He smiled up at his wife and softly caressed her cheek before pulling her in for a deep kiss, full of all the love and passion he could muster. He kissed her almost as if he were trying to pour all of his feelings and emotions into that one kiss, as if it were their last. When they finally broke apart, both breathless, she leaned her forehead against his and stared into his deep blue eyes. He whispered, "It will be Kate. Always," as he pulled her into another earth shattering kiss.