Title: Time To Move On

Author: Wereleopard58

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Rating: FRAO

Spoilers: All of NCIS as I don't know if I am going to mix and match. It is AU when Gibbs comes back from Mexico. The Jeanne thing never happened DiNozzo did go undercover, but she had got back with her Metro boyfriend.

Warning: Slash

Summary: Gibbs comes back from Mexico to help Ziva, and eventually ends up staying. It doesn't take long before DiNozzo no longer feels a part of the team. When certain problems arise he has to decide whether he can stay as Gibbs SFA or is it time to move on.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with NCIS. I am just doing this for fun

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Chapter One

Tony sat at his desk and watched as once again Ziva was in early. She had never done that with him. Both she and Tim did what they had to and nothing else. He knew that he wasn't Gibbs, but he thought that they had a respectful relationship, and they would have given him the same kind of effort. He had tried to get McGee to do some of the SFA work, but McGee had told him that once they had a permanent team leader, then he would.

The day dragged on, and as it got later and later he heard the three of them laughing the lonelier he became.

'DiNozzo go and check this address.' Gibbs ordered.

'On it, boss.' Tony replied as he grabbed his gear and the little piece of paper. He ignored the smirks he got from McGee and Ziva as he left.


'Hey Gibbs.' Abby grinned as she walked onto the main floor and over to her surrogate father. She turned around and frowned. 'Where's Tony?'

'Don't worry Abby he's just checking something out.' Ziva said, just then the elevator opened, and a soaking wet Tony entered. Gibbs, McGee and Ziva laughed.

'Raining is it Tony?' McGee asked.

'The apartment is empty, it's been thoroughly cleaned. I asked around they had said that there was a woman living there, no one knew much about her. She left a couple of days ago.'

Just then the elevator opened again and out walked Stan Burley. Stan looked at Tony and laughed. Just then Tony looked up and saw Jenny Shepard. She made her way down the stairs.

'DiNozzo, head home.' She ordered.

Gibbs turned and glared at her. 'This is my team director.'

'Yes, it is. It is late, and Tony is dripping over the floor. He is going home.' She turned to look at Tony and smiled. 'Go home Tony.'

'Yes Jenny.' Tony replied with a thankful smile.

Gibbs turned and looked at the two of them suspiciously. He didn't like how friendly they were with each other.

'I'll head out with you.' Abby waited for him, and together they walked out.

'Anything else Director.' Gibbs' asked as he glared at her.

'Nothing else at the moment Agent Gibbs.' She replied as she turned and headed back up the stairs to her office.


Abby stood next to Tony in the elevator and looked at him.

'How are you doing Tony?' Her voice was soft and tender.

'I'm tired Abs. I was tired of hearing that I wasn't Gibbs that he wouldn't do something that way. Now, all I get is the smirks when Gibbs gives an order.' Tony took a deep breath, turned and smiled at her. 'I'm sorry Abby; I know how much you love Gibbs.'

Abby reached out and grabbed his arm. 'How we both love him you mean.'

'Abby please not now. I don't want you to feel in the middle of all this. You are close with all of them. I shouldn't tell you these things.'

Abby hit him hard on the arm. 'Yes, I love them all dearly. I am so glad that Gibbs is back, but I'm not blind to how they treat you. I haven't said anything because I promised, but I am here for you. You can always talk to me about anything. One good thing about Gibbs going was how much closer you, I and Jimmy have become. I wouldn't change that for the world. They're still happy he is back, I'm sure things will change and go back to how they use to be.' The Goth grinned at him.

'I'm not the same anymore Abs, they haven't noticed I've changed. They still make jokes about me. I haven't talked about many films, been nosey, that's just naming two.' Tony watched as the door opened and he started to walk Abby to her car. 'You're probably right, once things calm down everything will be ok.' They finally reached her bright red car. Just like the owner the vehicle stood out. He gave her a hug and slammed the car door once she was inside her car.


Tony sat in the waited for the specialist to come back. It didn't take long before the door opened and in walked Dr Brad Pitt.


'Where's DiNozzo?' Gibbs shouted as he turned and saw Burley sitting in his SFA's chair.

'He's running an errand for me.' Shepard announced as she walked down the stairs. 'Take Agent Burley to help you.'

Gibbs glared at her for a moment. 'Grab your gear.' He shouted.

Burley grinned as he looked at Gibbs. 'Just like old times.'

With one look at DiNozzo's desk, Gibbs headed towards the elevator followed by the others.

Shepard watched them leave, shook her head and turned to go back to her office.