The last thing he remembered was going into the nine tailed state when Pain killed Hinata, she had tried to say something but then everything went black. Now he didn't know where he was, his clothes were ripped and his body was in pain. Looking around he saw that he was in some kind of forest; standing up he felt that something was off like something had been added. His tail tingled a little. "Wait tail?!" he exclaimed looking behind him, a cat-like tail erected from his tailbone. His ears were now on the top of his head, reaching up he felt them twitch. 'Kyubi what did you do?!' he exclaimed trying to contact the fox only to feel nothing; the fox was gone but if that was true; then why did he feel more powerful than ever? Getting to his feet he began to walk around, using nature chakra he could feel that he was alone in the forest. There were no animals and no people.

It had been days since he had arrived in this empty place and the only things he had accomplished was finding a good source of food via fruit and berries, he could fly, and he had many other abilities that involved the elements. Fire, water, ice, electricity, nature, poison, darkness, light, and even this strange energy that seemed to be fueled his chakra. Naruto was currently flying over the sea looking for any signs of life; he found none. "Am I the only one on this planet? And where is the Elemental Nations?" he asked knowing nobody would answer. Suddenly the sound of a large explosion caught Naruto's attention. It came from the east, only one thought came to his mind "Social interaction!" he screamed as he flew as fast as he could to the explosion. When he reached the source, Naruto found himself staring at a beautiful girl from afar. Long pale pink hair that flowed in the wind, her eyes were ocean blue much like his but what caught his attention was the ears atop her head and the tail that swung violently behind her. Her body was slender and her frame seemed to call to him, he smacked himself out of the trance trying to figure out a way to approach the girl. "Alright maybe I should start with a simple 'hello' or maybe 'how's the weather?'." Naruto was lost, he looked back to see that the girl was no longer there.

"Boo!" the girl exclaimed appearing over Naruto's head causing the blonde to drop down "Hahahahaha!" she was laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world, she calmed down when Naruto floated back up with a slightly annoyed expression "Sorry about that but I had to make sure you were real and not a hallucination." She explained "You'd be surprised how long it takes to go crazy in this world. My name is Mew by the way." She said extending her tail.

"Naruto Uzumaki." The blonde said shaking her tail with his own; it felt a bit odd in a weird erotic way. "How long have you been here anyway?" he asked.

"About six years, I ended up here when I was eleven and haven't seen another sign of life aside from you." She explained "Maybe whoever put us here expects us to repopulate." She said smiling, her tail wrapped around Naruto preventing him from escaping. Only for the blonde to teleport out of her grip, Mew didn't look angry but more like aroused. "I love a chase!" she exclaimed. Naruto cursed as he flew away.

'The first person I find in days and she's crazy…and horny.' He thought to himself. As he flew he saw that she was gaining up on him very fast. 'She's fast I'll give her that.' He dived down into the water, Mew followed. Since they could both breathe underwater nothing really changed and the chase continued until Naruto jumped onto dry land giving Mew the opening she needed. She tackled Naruto to the ground, the two rolled around fighting for dominance over the other. Needless to say Mew won, she straddled Naruto and quickly kissed him with a passion; their instincts took over as they began the dance of mating. The world shook as they made love and life began to take on its forms.

Nine Months Later

Naruto hadn't expected Mew to get pregnant during her first time, hell it was his first time as well. But what was done was done; Mew was pregnant with his child. They had settled down on a small continent, and while food and shelter was easy to provide, Naruto couldn't help but miss his old life just a little bit. "Ahhhh!" Mew screamed "Naruto it's time!" the blonde's eyes widened at her words and he ran to her side to help deliver their child. The stars in the sky seemed brighter this night as the start of new for the world started. Six babies were born this day; they would make their marks on the world and fade into legend as the most powerful Pokémon to ever exist. Darkrai, Arceus, Xerneas, Yveltal, Ho-Oh, and Celebi. More would come as the centuries would pass.

Prologue End