Chapter 4

Staring at the blonde woman Jirachi could feel the emotion in her heart, she had so many wishes that she desired. He smiled putting Tsunade in an awkward position, she didn't know what to say the boy was indeed adorable, but what was with the hat? "What's your name? Mine's Jirachi." The boy greeted with a smile, he seemed to take a liking to the former Hokage.

"Oh um, Tsunade Senju." She replied. The two began to talk a bit calming Naruto down; he didn't want to have to hurt Tsunade if she made his child cry. Mew however looked out the window.

"Arceus is here as well…what do you think is going on?" she asked knowing that Naruto felt regret over what happened between Arceus and himself.

"Arceus?" Tsunade asked.

"That's right; he's one of my big brothers." Jirachi explained "He's one of the six eldest, but he left home before I was born so I've only met him a couple of times." The small blonde finished. Naruto did in fact know that Arceus and Jirachi had indeed only met a couple of times, and in those times Arceus was very kind to the small boy. "He's coming here and so is Raikou." His smile was so bright it made Tsunade smile. Naruto's eyes widened at his son's words, Raikou was a not only a fierce fighter but she was also a prideful and loyal woman. She looked up to her father with the upmost respect, never questioning his methods; she showed the same respect to Mew. Naruto could feel her getting closer to his location; suddenly a woman came through the door, she was dressed in what looked like an old military uniform which in fact it was. It was yellow and black; she even had the cap that went with it; however this didn't stop her rather nice bust from attracting attention from everyone she had passed. Raikou's eyes were red and her hair was a light purple color, her claws were visible as was her odd looking tail which was a light blue color. Though they couldn't be seen under her hat was a pair of black ears. "Good evening Father, Mother, Jirachi." She greeted her usual serious tone. Immediately Mew embraced her daughter in a hug which Raikou calmly returned.

"It is…nice to see you too Mother" Raikou said though she didn't sound very happy, but that wasn't the case.

'She always did have trouble expressing emotions when it came to family and friends.' Naruto thought sighing; she was such a nice girl but always so serious. "While I am extremely happy to see you, I must ask. Why are you here?" he questioned.

"I felt that you would need me here, also Iris will need help to use her abilities." That's when her eyes widened at her own words "Not to say that you two are incapable of doing such a simple task or even incompetent…my apologies, I seem to be out of place." She said quickly taking a knee. Naruto only sighed; he seemed to be doing that a lot these days.

"On your feet Raikou there is no need to do such a thing; if you want to teach your little sister while me and your mother run this village, then by all mean go ahead." Naruto explained smiling "Now do you know why Arceus is here?" the question was simple.

"I am sorry father but I do not know his intentions as of yet." She responded standing up.

"Well he'll have to come to us some time." Mew said taking a seat on the desk "otherwise people here will see him as some kind of monster." Her words rang true.

"So she is one of your children as well?" Tsunade questioned.

"Correct, Raikou is one of the few children I have that can use electricity. "he explained. Tsunade only nodded taking a glance at the woman who seemed so serious; she was the exact opposite of her father. After introductions were over Naruto got back to work while Raikou and Jirachi went to find Iris to have some sibling time together. Naruto flipped through papers carefully examining each one, signing only the ones he felt were worth signing. A knock was heard but Naruto didn't bother looking up.

"Come in." he said plainly. The door opened revealing the elder Homaru and Koharu, they wore neutral faces.

"I see that you've settled into your new position nicely Hokage-sama." Koharu said.

"It's a position that Tsunade complained about many times and with your history, we didn't think that you would be so…calm about paperwork." Homaru said in a bit of astonishment "However we did come here for a couple of reasons." What proceeded was typical talk of plans for the current position of Konoha and its rebuilding and its people. Naruto remained calm with every question they asked, the duo left satisfied with his answers seeing no hint of weakness. Looking out the window, Naruto could feel his son's power getting closer and closer; Arceus was taking his time. Whatever his child was doing, Naruto would be prepared for it.

Training Ground

Her tail twitched with irritation as she dodged thunderwave after thunderwave that her older sister sent at her, Iris still couldn't believe that Raikou was trying to train her. Sure she had superhuman strength, could fly, and was very durable; but even with these three things Iris was still the weakest of her siblings. That alone made her steam with anger 'Even Jirachi and Celebi, who act and look like children are stronger than me. How the hell is that fair?! Sure they're older than me but still!' she digressed upon thinking about how lucky she was to be different than her siblings; she wasn't hunted down like them by trainers looking to gain fame. Jumping back she dodged a thunder shock only for Raikou to rush her. The woman's body was a blur when she elbowed her younger sister in the gut sending her back a couple inches. Raikou stared at her sister in confusion as the young girl got to her feet seemingly unfazed by the quick attack.

'Why did they bring her here? She isn't even a fighter, but a trainer. Here she's in constant danger and unlike our other siblings; she doesn't have a full Pokémon form.' Raikou thought to herself, her gaze never shifting from Iris who only stared back. Iris knew what her elder sister was thinking and it angered her; how dare Raikou look down on her. Jirachi looked back and forth between his sisters, he could feel their emotions and it scared him at the anger Iris felt; and the confusion that Raikou felt.

'Oh no, I just hope they don't try and kill each other.' The small blonde thought to himself. He really didn't want this to end up like Christmas three hundred years ago, granted Iris wasn't born then but it still didn't end well. The two girls charged at each other in anger, Jirachi simply sweat dropped; he would have to interfere after all. Hopefully he wouldn't have to unleash his full power on either one of them; if he did then things were going to get very bad for the family.

Skies over Konoha

Arceus watched as his sisters fought, he showed no emotion. "I'm surprised you greeted me first." He said turning around to face his mother. Currently in her Pokémon for, Mew was smaller than her son but she was still much more powerful.

"Of course I did, as a mother I must look after all of my wayward children." She said in a loving tone "After all I wanted to see you before you and your father talked; wouldn't want you two to blow up this village now would we?" her voice was sweet but her power seemed to make it difficult for him to maintain flight, she was indeed being very strict at the moment and that didn't bode well for him. "Now tell me; why have you come here my child?" she questioned in a serious tone.

"I wanted to try and make amends with father, and see where he came from for myself." He admitted; lying to his mother wasn't something he would do nor was it smart. Mew smiled as she knew that her son wouldn't lie to her, he was smarter than that, but to want to make amends with Naruto wasn't going to be a peaceful task. Hopefully this wouldn't end like their last encounter; screaming and fighting each other weren't things that she wanted them doing.

"Alright go to your father and please try not to destroy anything. Oh and go in your human form; no need to alarm and scare these." She said with a smirk that made Arceus shudder "Bye." Immediately Arceus flew away in the direction of his father in a panic; why he was panicking he didn't know.

Chapter 4 End