"HEY CAROLINA!" an overly cheery voice shouted.

Carolina's eyes shot open and in an instant she was in a combat cover position on the floor. In her slightly asleep state she quickly scanned around and then focused on the small girl with red clothes standing before her.

"Oh, it's just you", Carolina said as she stood up "sorry about the lamp". In her half-awake combat roll she had knocked a lamp off a bedside table.

"It's no problem" Blake said, yawning "we'll just call the office and they'll bring a new one"

"why did you wake me up so early" Carolina said as she looked at the clock. 1:30 AM was way too early, especially for a soldier like Carolina.

"We got a call from Professor Ozpin" Yang said. "there's been a Grimm attack on the west side of campus"

"How big of an attack" Carolina said while putting her armor on over her fatigues.

"At least 20 Beowolves" Weiss stated " nothing we can't handle, but Ruby thought about being polite and bringing you"

"We should really get going" Yang said. The rest of the gang nodded in agreement.

When they arrived at the scene of the battle, team JNPR was already engaging the Grimm. There were no signs of Grif and Caboose anywhere around the attack. Carolina didn't really care much though, they would just get in the way. Without a second thought Carolina grabbed her sniper rifle and proceeded to pick off the Grimm that were advancing. She was too distracted shooting the Grimm that were a ways back and almost got sliced by an unseen Beowolf. Blake saw it in time though and quickly put it down.

A short while later all the grimm were vanquished and the ones that remained limped off into the forest.

"I can't thank you students enough" Ozpin said towards teams RWBY and JNPR "without your help those Grimm would have over run us"

"Something dosen't add up" Pyrrha said "the Grimm don't advance past the treeline which is at least half a mile from Beacon"

"What are you implying, Ms. Nikos?" Ozpin asked.

"I have spent a lot of time reading on the history of this school" Pyrrha replied, "and from what I read, the Grimm stopped coming on to the schools campus when the statues for the Guardians of Vale were constructed at the four cardinal directions, over a hundred years ago."

"How do statues stop the Grimm from attacking?" Ruby asked.

"It's not the statues, it's what's in the statues" Pyrrha answered, "the statues hold dust crystals in their hands, representing how the ancient humans used dust to defeat the Grimm that hunted them."

"Ms. Nikos is correct" Ozpin replied, "The Guardian statues form a sort of magical barrier that the Grimm fear enough to keep away"

"So why did the Grimm go past the barrier?" Yang asked.

"Sounds like something happened to these crystals" Carolina said.

"Go to the four statues and make sure the crystals are intact" Ozpin commanded

Teams RWBY and JNPR had split up. Pyrrha and Jaune had gone to the south statue, Norra and Ren to the East, Blake and Yang to the West, and Ruby and Weiss went North. Carolina had tagged along with Ruby and Weiss because she thought they might need a little help.

As they approached the statue they noticed it was huge, at least thirty feet high. The statue depicted an hooded figure kneeling towards the forest, it had a massive ice Dust crystal in it's hands.

"It doesn't make sense" Ruby said, breaking the silence, "this crystal looks intact". As if on cue, the crystal shattered into hundreds of pieces.

"AAHH" Ruby yelped.

"Calm down" Weiss said, "what just happened?"

"I-It just shattered" ruby replied, still a little surprised by what just happened.

"Things don't just break without a reason" Carolina said.

"So what do you think happened?" Weiss asked.

Carolina looked at the crystal remains for a short moment. "There", Carolina said, pointing at a streak of soot and a piece metal sitting near it.

She picked up the piece of metal and stopped, as if in fear.

"What is it?" Ruby asked.

"Project Freelancer" Carolina said without looking up.

"Umm, what?"

"It was a secret government project that trained super soldiers", Carolina said, "We thought we had finished it off. Obviously we were wrong."

"Did they come through the same portal as you guys?" Weiss asked.

"I don't know, but they are here for a reason."

Just then they over heard what sounded like a ship taking off. Before anyone could say anything a small Nevermore dove at them.

"LOOKOUT!" Ruby shouted. They all dove out of the way just in time for the Nevermore to collide with the ground. It laid there unconscious.

"Why are Grimm attacking more than usual?" Ruby said.

"Could it have to do with that?" Carolina asked.

On the Nevermore's neck was a silver collar with tubes connecting it to the creature's head. There was a small insignia on the collar.

"Project Freelancer" Carolina said under her breath, secretly hoping it wasn't true.

Author's Note: I'm starting to bridge the gap between the two universes and combine them, stick around for chapter four next week.