Greasemonkey Chronicles: The Undertaker

"Come on little grease monkey, aren't you ready yet?"

Lexi was in the changing room getting ready to go out with Mark (a.k.a.: The Undertaker) for a drink with the guys.

"Give me a sec. I'm almost ready." She yelled from inside.

Lexi had just started working as a mechanic for the WWF a few months ago, and she loved her job. What was there not to love? She was a speed demon in love with anything on wheels, most of all motorcycles. Not mention she got to work around the hottest, and I mean hottest, wrestling superstars in sports entertainment.

She and Mark had gotten to know each other through their love of motorcycle. One night Mark had some trouble starting his bike and it was Lexi to the rescue. They had remained really good friends since then.

Mark leaned against the wall and waited. A moment later out stepped Lexi. He took one look at her and his jaw dropped.

"Mark, quit drooling! You're a married man!"

Mark snapped out of his trance. " Sorry. WOW! I've never seen you out of your grease monkey duds. You clean up real good, Lexi."

Lexi couldn't help but smiled. She was wearing tight black leather pants and a cool black top that was long sleeved on one side and was sleeveless on the other. In addition it had what looked like three claw rips across the chest exposing the lightly tanned flesh that lay beneath. Her long, curly, chestnut hair was left down to frame her face which was done up with a bit of powder blue eye shadow to bring out her ice-blue eyes and a little shimmering lip gloss.

"You don't look half bad yourself."

Mark, of course, was sporting the American Badass biker look: leather pants, vest and duster.

Lexi grabbed her own leather jacket and started down the hall to the parking garage. She pause, not hearing Mark's foot steps. With out looking back she called back to him, "Mark stop staring at my ass and lets get going!"

She turned around just to catch the infamous Undertaker blushing at being caught in the act. Lexi giggled, "Come on, you big lug."

She waved him to follow her. Lexi heard him grumble, or rather curse, something under his breath, and couldn't help but giggle again.