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Character Bio:

-Brianna Johnson:

She is 17 years old, has long light brown hair with black highlights and the brightest blue eyes with green specks that you'll ever see. Nina is her best friend, partner in crime, anime buddy and is like her older sister! She loves to watch anime and her favorite show is Hetalia- Axis Powers. Brianna is also called, 'America' by Nina from her personality. She loves food, sleeping and going to the mall with friends but mostly hanging out with Nina.

-Nina Hunter:

She is one of the unique girls you'll ever see. She has one red and one violet eye, pitch black hair and a light skin tone. She is 18 years old, older than Brianna. Brianna is her best friend, anime buddy and she is like an older sister to her. She also loves anime and her favorite is Full Metal but Brianna has gotten her addicted to Hetalia lately. Nina is called 'Russia' by Brianna from her looks and creepy personality. Nina loves to watch anime, sleeping, food and hanging out with Brianna. Nina is like Brianna's older sister so she tends to call Brianna as 'hers'.


Chapter 3: Somewhere over the rainbow?

((No POV))

Russia's aura was really getting creepy and bigger by the minute. After Nina noticed it was him. "Ok, you got me. Now what?" she said with a bored look. Russia looked surprised at her bold move. Quickly, she looked back and saw a group of people come out of an elevator. She left the stunned Russian and ran into a random elevator. Russia tried to catch her but the door closed. The only thing he heard from her was:


"Da, so that's how you want to play it." The tall Russian man said while pulling out his phone to call America. After minutes of waiting for America to pick up, he finally did.

"America, I found them. Track down my location yourself." Russia simply said into the phone then hanging up on the American.

((Nina's POV))

There are three things I could do right now:

1) Attempt to whoop his ass

2) Play it off

3) Take flight, a.k.a. RUN

I went with option #2 AND #3. He'd catch me if I ran, so a little distraction could help. I gave him a bored expression and said, "Ok, you got me. Now what?" He seemed a little surprised that I was so bold. I look back and saw a whole bunch of people go into an elevator. This is my chance! I ran into the elevator. He tried to catch me but the door closed.

"YOU JUST BEEN ONE UPPED BIATCH!" I yelled at him. That probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I couldn't help it. The elevator was going to the 7th floor, but our room was on the 2nd. That was both good and bad. It was good because it would throw the dude off. It was bad because I'd have to run down the stairs….in the dark...with this food in my hands. Oh joy, this will be fun.

((Bri's POV))

I sat in my bed in my warm fluffy PJ's, waiting for Nina to come back with food. I was getting tired of waiting for her and was about to get look for her when she busted through the door... She had a whole bunch of food in her arms. FOOOOD! I went towards her to grab the food and then I noticed that she had a frantic look in her eyes.

"Nina, what happened?"

She didn't answer.


"I saw… on of them…."

"Oh shit... He's here—

"Correction, they're here." She said, "Now hurry up and change."

Then after she said that Nina ran into the bathroom to get dressed. I pulled my own shoes on and we were ready to go. I started walking outside we she shoved me back in the room and locked the door.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"He's out there; we have to go through the window, unless you want to get caught, dumbass." She said.

We were on the second floor, so it wasn't that bad. We jumped out the window and ran into the parking lot. We decided to jump into a random taxi and get away from this place. Nina accidently slipped and pushed me in the taxi, and that is when I learned there were people already in the car. I looked up and saw Alfred and Arthur.

"Where's my gun?" A very pissed off American demanded.

"AND MY BLOODY MONEY?!" The Englishman asked.

I reached down to give the man his gun, but Nina grabbed it first. I turned around and saw what she was doing. She took out the bullets and put the gun on safety mode in swiftly movements before tossing the gun to its owner.

Sorry about that, I meant to give it back but we had some...difficulties." I said crawling out the car. He looked at me like he wanted to be mad at me, but he couldn't.


"Huh? Oh, yeah! Um about that…" Nina said digging in her pocket. She pulled out 2 dollars and handed it to him


"Somewhere over the rainbow, where the sky is blue and no fucks are given about you." I said quickly before we sprinted off into the distance. We ran to the front of the hotel. I was about to cross the busy streets when I heard a yelp from Nina…. Wait... She doesn't yelp ever.

I turned around and saw a tall man holding her in what looked like an unwanted bear hug.

"Go!" She shouted at me.

"Like hell am I leaving you!" I said trying to pry the Russian's arms off her.

Wait… This is Hetalia sooo….. I went behind the Russian man and acted like I was giving him a full nelson and whispered, "Brother~~~~!" He quickly dropped Nina and was shaking in fear.

When I got to her on the ground, I saw the other men approaching surrounding us looking very pissed off. Well fuck me sideways

((Nina's POV))

We really would have gotten away if that guy hadn't gotten in the way. I was sitting in the back of a car with my hands tied behind me next to Bri. She was pretty pissed off that I told her to leave me, because (quote), "Only little bitch would leave their sister behind." The British guy was pissed, too. I spent $90. Big deal. I could get a job and pay him back anyway.

((~Le awesome timeskip~))

"You're names." A guy asked them for the forty fifth time.

"Oh! Oh I got one!" Bri said with a grin on her face, "Slender man."

"Hey! Let's be honest this time." I said and continued, "And won't it be Slender Woman, since we're girls?" These poor bastards had been interrogating us for a while, but we'd just been fucking with them.

The conversation went something like this:

"Where did you come from?"

"My mom, duh."

"Why did you attack us?"

"We had to deliver justice!"

"Who are you?"

"The teletubbies"

I was really starting to feel bad for them, too. They had -well they thought- our hands were tied behind our backs and they took everything. Like me meaning everything was our knifes, phones and IPod. We really didn't care. When Bri finally cooled down, she told me we were in the world of Hetalia. It made sense, no matter how crazy it sounds.


"Ok, ok," I said, "My name is Nina."

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" Bri shouted at me, loud enough to blow my eardrums.

"Ow!" I shouted at her. I was trying to make some kind of peace. If we were gonna get arrested, I wanted them to a least feel somewhat sad. "ANY FUCKING WAY, please continue with your questions."

The countries looked at me like I was crazy. "Why did you attack us?"

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you." I said with a poker face.

"BITCH!" Bri yelled.

"Oh, it's fine if you blow my eardrums out, I didn't need them anyway." I said sarcastically, and continued to answer the question. "We were teleported here."

Arthur stared at us for a few seconds before shouting, "BLOODY HELL, THATS WHAT HAPPENED!?"

((No POV))

Arthur explained that he was trying out a new spell in his living room. Apparently he thought all it did was blow up his TV, but it ended up teleporting the girls into their world.
"Does that mean you can get us back home?!" Bri asked.

"Sorry, but no." He said and continues, "I misplaced the spell book it was in."
"WHO THE FUCK MISPLACES A SPELL BOOK?!" The girls shouted. "Well, this dude does." America pointed out. After that, the ropes were taken off and they got their stuff back.

"Sorry about that misunderstanding." Nina said and everyone nodded in agreement.
"Hey, where are we going to stay….I mean, until we get jobs?" Bri asked.
"You will stay at my home, da?" Russia asked with a bitch-I-will-blow-your-brains-out-smile look. A small squeak came from Nina. "Da? Glad you made that decision." He said. "Make sure you answer your phone!" She said quickly before the Russian man took her by the hood of her jacket and dragged her out of the room before Bri could do anything.

"And you can stay with the hero!" America said happily.


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