Santana Lopez wasn't like any other girl, she was born with a penis. When the doctors told her parents they were devasted. But her father, Pablo Lopez, accepted her as who she was. Her mother was a different story, Marie Lopez was embarrassed of Santana. She didn't even hold her when she was first born. It went on for years, until Pablo finally divorced her. Santana hadn't seen her since, which she is happy for. Pablo treated her like one of the boys. He would never punish or harm his little girl, from getting that love from her father she learned to embrace herself. At first she was scared to tell people, but after losing her virginity to the love of her life, Brittany S. Pierce, in high school. She told everyone!

Since she was okay with it, she would let her boyish side come out. The brunette never liked dresses nor skirts. She would only wear suits, tank tops snd shorts with some tennis shoes. She always considered herself as a man. The fierce latina would walk up to guys and tell them "My dick is bigger than yours!" At first the guys would be furious, one punched her in the face. When Pablo heard about that, he paid him alittle visit. Santana was born into a family of gangsters. She had three older brothers Rick, Puck and David. They always looked out for each other, it was kinda hard not to when their father was Pablo Lopez.

Pablo Lopez was one of the biggest gangsters in New York, Florida and California. Whenever he went into a room he was respected. Lady's wanted to be with him and man wanted to be him. You never wanted to get on his bad side because that was the wrong decision. At the age of 63 he was shot and murdered, after a deal went wrong. Santana was only 18 and she was at a loss of words when she found out. She didn't know what to do with herself, that was the man that really raised her to be the woman she is today. At the funeral, Santana planned it as some of the family members went up and said a couple things about Pablo. Everyone that went up always said at the end 'when I find the person who did this I'm going to kill them'. Which was true. In Pablo's will, he had left Santana the business instead of her brothers. Noone was surprised to hear that, they were the closest.

When Santana first started the business, she was prepared for anything, since she was her father's daughter. The horrible part was that she would be away from home alot because she had to travel, which wasn't good for her girlfriend, Brittany, and her son, Peter. Well Peter is actually not her biological son but that story is for another time. The brunette hate leaving her family, but she has to pay the bills somehow. She doesn't like Brittany having a job, because she feel that she should take care of her.

Sometimes she let her assistant take over for her, Quinn. Quinn and Santana had been friends since they were 9 years old. They always bicker at eachother, but deep down inside they love each other. The blonde is very conservative and like everything to go as she plan it. Quinn usually helps the brunette with meetings, plane tickets, and sometimes even her own marriage. Which ended up Santana in Quinn's guestroom, Quinn is also married to Santana's brother, Puck, so they alway see each other.

Now another important person in Santana's life is Brittany. Santana loves Brittany more than she loves herself. They had met in the first grade, at first Santana didn't like her. But when she looked into those blue eyes she knew she was her soulmate. They would be together forever. They have been through technical everything, to be honest if Brittany never entered into Santana's life, she probably wouldn't be the same person she is today. Santana and Brittany didn't start dating until high school though. Santana was so scared to tell the blonde, because she thought Brittany was straight. Turns out she was wrong. One day Santana showed up at Brittany's house, after hearing some interesting news.


A sixteen year old Santana got out of her car, a red Mercedez-Benz, was walking up to bright green house. Instead of knocking she banged on the door. She just found out something that was pissing her off and she needed to know if it was true. Brittany opened the door to see Santana standing there. Santana looked at Brittany, she was wearing her red, white and black Cheerios uniform still but had on sunglasses. That made her more infurious.

Brittany looked the brunette up and down before saying, "Hey Santana, what's up?" her voice was alittle bit hoarse. Santana put her hands in her coat pockets, thinking about the next choice of words that was going to come out of her mouth.

So she just simply said "Well I was in the neightborhood so I just thought I drop by." Brittany looked at her skeptical, before pushing the door open to let the latina in. Santana walked into the home and made her way to the living room, if she was going to do this she was going to do it right. No sneaking around Brittany. Santana plopped down on the brown cushy couch. Brittany mirrored her.

There was an awkward silence before Santana softly said, " Why are you wearing sunglasses?", she knew the answer she just wanted to be sure before she did her next move.

Brittany looked frightened to tell her because she knew what the fierce latina was going to do. "I-I-I ummm", she stopped what she was saying to look at the ground before she whispered, " my dad hit me" she wanted to think of another excuse, but she had to tell her best friend the truth.

" Was it the first time?" Santana asked curiously, trying to make sure that this was the only time he put his hands on her. Still looking at the ground Brittany shook her head 'yes'. The brunette was happy this was the only time, but she was still upset that it happened. She didn't understand why parents would hit their child, which brought to the next question, " Why did he do it?"

"I was in my room laying down , when he came in", she paused to look at Santana, who nodded to tell her she was listening. "He asked why I didn't do the dishes an-and I told him because I -I didnt know I was su-supposed to and then it just happened", tears started to run down her face. Santana didn't like Brittany looking so sad and helpless. She got up and made her way through the house looking for Mr. Pierce. She didn't hear Brittany footsteps, running behind her. She was to enraged to even hear Brittany pleading calls not to go.

She finally found Brittany parent's bedroom. When she got to the wooden bedroom door she banged like she did at the front door. She stood there for a split second before swinging the door. When opening the door she saw something that disgusted her, Mr. Pierce sitting on the queen size bed with a whole bottle of vodka. Mr. Pierce was a skinny man with blonde hair. The latina was boiling with anger.

"Why are you in here?" He yelled with spit flying everywhere. It looks like he was trying to get up but he was to unstabled to move.

So Santana helped him, she sped walked to him. She picked him up by his collared shirt, then she punched him right in the nose. The fiery brunette heard someone scream, she turned around to see that it was Brittany. The blonde looked at Santana in the eyes, she could see the fire in them, so she she ran out of there and into her room. Santana yelled after her but the blonde never turned around.

Santana knew she fucked up, so she turned back around to Mr. Pierce grimacing, she whispered the words, "Don't you ever put your hands on Brittany again or next time I visit, I won't be alone." She walked out of the room without looking back. Mr. Pierce was on the ground holding his bleeding, probably broken nose.

She walked into the crying girl's room. The brunette knew she was introuble, Brittany didn't like violence.

Santana saw that the girl was on her bed, laying on her stomach her head in a pillow. She sat on the bed, not wanting to startle the blonde. "Brittany can I say something before you get even more angry with me?" Santana turned top look at the girl, but the other girl stayed in the position she was in. "Well I'm going to tell you anyway", she paused looking back at the bedroom door, " I know you don't like violence, but I couldn't see you like that. You just looked so helpless. That's not the girl I fell in love with," not knowing that she said that she kept on going." The girl I know was happy and cheerful, but I am sorry for what I did."

As she ended her little speech, she heard a muffled noise behind her. Brittany was sitting up now looking at her, her eyes were puffy and red from all that crying. "You fell in love with?" the blonde asked.

If Santana was going to tell her, this would be the best time to do it. " Yes I love you Brittany. I know sometimes I don't act like it but I do love you. I dont want any other gi-", she was cut off by Brittany's lips on hers.

End of Flashback

After their kiss, Brittany told her that she wanted to try and give them a chance. They have been together ever since. Both of them can't stay away from eachother, even though they have up and downs like every other couple, but it makes them stronger.

Santana has been through alot in her lifetime. She had been shot, stabbed, even hit in the balls. But she takes it like a women. She gets her hardwork from her father, the brunette can never give up on what her family built. If she did she would be in alot of trouble. Even at the end of the day, week or month she knew that this was her Life forever.

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