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28 Months Later:

Hermione groaned as she rose from the toilet, stepping out and taking a moment to straighten herself up. No matter how many times she did that she simply could not get used to it. Even though it was clean she still felt repulsive.

Once her dress was straight and her hair was in place, Hermione opened the stall door and stepped out. The Muggles in the washroom did not even notice her, a spell put in place so all they saw was a closed stall door that forever said 'Out of Order'.

Hermione exited the washroom, glancing around when she got out until she found the sign directing her towards the proper terminal. The Muggle airport was very busy that day, overrun with young families and university students going away for their Easter holiday.

"Mum!" Hermione heard Rose call as she finally came into view, waving her over. She had one bag on her shoulder, and two large ones and a cat carrier by her and Scorpius' feet. The rest of their things were already on their way to Romania.

Hermione rushed forward, tears stinging her eyes while her arms were wide open and ready as her daughter ran into them.

"Cutting it kinda close, aren't you?" Rose asked.

"Sorry," said Hermione, squeezing her a little tighter. "But I'm here." When she finally pulled away, even Rose had tears in her eyes. She reached out and grabbed Scorpius into a hug. "I can't believe this day is finally here. Are you excited?"

Scorpius smiled nervously. "Yeah, I am. Just nervous. I mean … Romania."

Hermione smiled. "I meant about your first plane flight." She reached out and straightened the collar on the shirt he was wearing.

"Oh … that," said Scorpius, losing some color in his cheeks. "Rose says it's something I have to experience."

Rose giggled and took out the fancy camera she now had the privilege of calling hers. She had taken a photography class about a year earlier, wanting to do a little photojournalism while traveling with her husband. Charlie had officially hired her to follow around dragonologists and write about their discoveries, which would be posted on their wizarding website, something which had recently been developed by the British Ministry with the help of Malfoy Enterprises, and was expanding rapidly around the world. Rose snapped a photo before Scorpius realized.

"Where's your father?" Hermione asked Rose.

"Oh, he's …" She began scanning the airport, then pointed. "There they are!"

Hermione looked to see Ron walking with Hugo, Parker and Astoria, all of them holding plastic bags.

"I think we went a little overboard on the snacks," said Hugo, showing her everything he had purchased for their trip. He and Parker were going with Rose and Scorpius for the first couple of days to help them get settled. They had actually ended up becoming friends while Parker dated Lily, and their friendship continued even after she broke up with him before starting her seventh year, not wanting to do the whole long distance thing. Hugo and Paulina's relationship had fizzled around the same time. Now Hugo and Parker had been roommates for the past year, in what they called their bachelor pad. Hermione wished just one of them would settle down, but it did not seem like that would be happening any time soon.

"I'd say so," said Rose, making a face as she stared at their many bags.

"Ooh, what's this?" asked Scorpius, pulling out a bag of Skittles. He opened it and began eating, his eyes lighting up. "Holy fuck."

"Language," said Draco, suddenly appearing beside Hermione. She looked at him, her heart suddenly skipping a beat.

"Sorry, Dad. And you're late," said Scorpius as he shoveled some more Skittles into his mouth. "But seriously, try these." He grabbed Draco's hand and put a few into it.

Draco looked at them hesitantly before finally giving them a try. "Fruity," he said.

"I think Muggles got it right when they only put in the good flavors," said Ron, helping Hugo pack away his snacks in his backpack.

"I was staring out the window at those Muggle planes," said Astoria. "They look dreadful."

"No, not at all," said Rose. "Scorpius will tell you once we're there. Then when you come to visit you can take one."

"Why would I do that when a Portkey is much more time efficient?"

"For the experience," said Ron. "I'll never forget when Hermione took me on my first plane flight."

Hermione smiled. "Our honeymoon. My parents bought us the trip. You vomited on takeoff."

"Yeah," said Ron with a reminiscent smile. "It was great."

"I don't think the man sitting next to us thought so."

They both laughed.

Right then, a big group of people who looked like they were possibly students going on some sort of trip together walked by them to get into the security line. Rose's eyes widened in a panic as she looked at her watch.

"We need to get going if we're going to make our flight," she said.

Suddenly, everyone got really quiet, their faces somber as they realized this was it. Rose and Scorpius were moving to Romania and there was a good chance they might never be moving back.

Astoria burst into tears first, moving forward and pulling Scorpius into a tight hug. Ron was next, grabbing Rose and weeping into her hair.

"Fly safely," said Hermione, giving Hugo a hug. When she had him close, she whispered, "And don't you dare do anything to egg on your sister's anxiety. Keep it positive."

Hugo pulled away and rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Mum."

Ron grabbed him next, and Hermione shared some encouraging words with Parker while Draco hugged and said something to Rose. Astoria still had not let Scorpius go.

And then Rose was free, her eyes on her mother as she hurried over to her. Hermione opened her arms and she went right into them, squeezing tightly onto her mother's waist and crying against her chest.

Hermione put her hands on Rose's cheeks and moved her head back so they were looking into each other's eyes. "You're going to be magnificent," she said, using her thumbs to wipe away her daughter's tears.

Rose nodded. "Thank you, Mom." She went in and hugged her again. "For everything."

Hermione kissed Rose's cheek, holding her for just a little bit longer.

"And good luck tonight," Rose whispered before finally letting her go.

The moment she did, Scorpius was right there to claim the next hug. Hermione held him tightly. "You'll be the best dragonologist since Charlie."

"I think you're a little biased," he said, "but I'm definitely going to try."

"Ah! You know how I feel about that word!"

Scorpius smirked. "Don't try, do. Got it."

Hermione kissed his cheek.

Ron put his arm around a weeping Astoria as their children gathered their bags, Rose taking extra care with the carrier that held Perdita. Eirwen was already flying with his own wings and set to arrive around the same time they would.

"Don't forget to call the moment you land," instructed Hermione.

They all nodded in compliance. Once they had everything, Scorpius took Rose's hand and began leading the way to the security line. Hugo and Parker rushed to get ahead of them. Rose kept looking back every few steps, waving once or twice.

Hermione, Draco, Ron and Astoria all stood there watching them, none of them keeping it together very well. Even Draco wiped away a few tears. And then, just as they went out of sight, something beeped in Hermione's pocket. She grunted and took out her phone.

"Let me guess. A meeting," said Ron.

"Isn't it always?" Hermione turned off her alarm. "Time to run."

Hermione took one last look at the spot where she had last seen her daughter, already missing her desperately. She sighed before turning on her heel and bolting for the washroom she had arrived through. After only taking about ten steps, she lost her footing and tripped, just catching herself before she could face plant on the floor. She whipped around and straightened herself up, noticing the other three all laughing at her.

"None of you saw that." She caught Draco's eye. He winked and her heart melted. She turned again and ran away quickly. Every time she looked at him today her heart beat so incredibly fast. She hoped he didn't notice.


It was a good six hours before Hermione returned to her office. It was one meeting after another, and she was so relieved when she was able to take the lift and stop on her floor. Teddy was at his desk, typing something vigorously while Dora sat on the edge, swinging her little legs and singing to her teddy bear. Apparently, it was take your daughter to work day. At least that was Teddy's claim.

Dora looked up as the lift opened, her eyes lighting up when she saw Hermione there. "Mad'm Mimista," she said with a small salute.

Teddy laughed and gave Hermione his own salute. "Madam Minister."

"At ease," said Hermione, saluting them back.

Hermione went into her office to Teddy's left, Cormac's being to his right, since he was her right-hand wizard. She thought it was funny when she put him there. He, not so much.

She had barely put down her notes and began organizing them when there was a knock at her door. She looked up to see Astoria standing there, clad in her Healer training robes.

"Did you take the late shift to go to the airport this morning?"

"I did," said Astoria, stepping into the office. "Not much choice for a novice. They would never give me the day off." She rolled her eyes. "Did you get Rose's message? She said she tried to call you but there was no answer."

Hermione opened her drawer and took out her phone. Two missed calls, a voicemail and a text message.

Landed safe! Luv you, Mummy Dearest! Xoxo your Rosie bear

"Have you been in meetings all this time?"

"Yeah," said Hermione with a frown. "Comes with the territory, I suppose." She began messaging Rose back:

Glad you are safe. I love you! Call me once you're settled. Love your mummy.

Within a matter of seconds, Rose messaged her back:

No, you enjoy your night. I will call you tomorrow. ;o)

Hermione smiled and put her phone away.

"So, Hermione, you don't mind if I duck out early, do you?"

Hermione looked up to see Cormac now standing in her doorway.

"Stori and I were hoping to grab a quick dinner before her shift starts."

Hermione narrowed her eyes.

Cormac wrapped both arms around Astoria's waist and put his chin on her shoulder. "Please." He waved his left ring finger with the gold band on it to get her to concede. Initially they had planned to have a summer wedding, but once Scorpius got his letter inviting him to join the dragonologist program in Romania they moved it up. Their wedding had been two weeks earlier, honeymoon pending. He had only missed saying goodbye to Scorpius earlier since both he and Hermione could not get away from work at the same time. Ever.

Now she rolled her eyes. "Fine. But this is the last time I'm letting you play the 'newlywed' card."

"Whatever you say, Minister." He saluted her.

"I really wish you would all stop doing that."

"Don't be rude, Cormac. Thank your boss properly," ordered Astoria as he took her hand.

"Thank you, Minister Granger" he said, gazing adoringly at his wife.

Astoria smiled. "That's better."

He kissed her then, making her blush. Over two years together and she still wasn't used to the public displays of affection. But she liked them. It was obvious by the way her face lit up every time he held her close that she did.

"I hope you aren't thinking this is a one-on-one dinner," she said to him. "Jackie and Theo are coming with us, and I wanted to invite Ron and Danika to meet us for a drink just before I have to go to work. Well, butterbeer for me, but you know what I mean."

Cormac grunted. "Oh, bloody hell. We're really going to dinner?"

"Of course we are, Cormac. What did you think?" Astoria glanced at Hermione and the two exchanged a smirk.

"I think that's bloody obvious."

"If you're stopping by the Auror Office, I'll come with you," said Hermione. "Alex is here today and I wanted to see how everything is going."

The three of them left Hermione's office and headed for the lift. They rode it to Theo's floor first, where he and Jaclyn were already waiting for them. She and Astoria were getting very efficient with their mobile phones.

"Hey! Madam Minister!" said Theo, giving her a salute as he and his ex-wife entered the lift. They had never remarried and probably never would. At least, that was what they always claimed. "I hear you have a big night tonight." He and Astoria exchanged a sly smile.

Hermione narrowed her eyes. "Who told you that?"

Theo did not answer. The lift started moving again and soon they arrived on Hermione's old floor. While she missed seeing all of her favorite Aurors every day, she definitely loved the privacy of having her own floor with only two other people.

They headed towards the Auror Office, walking in quietly when they noticed Victoire was standing in front of everyone giving a presentation on a Muggle computer. Malfoy Enterprises had recently created a database of everyone the Aurors had investigated over the years, including those in Azkaban. Many criminals in the wizarding world had trademarks, and this was an easier and more efficient way for the Aurors to now look back at old cases, rather than digging through thousands of files in the archives.

Hermione smiled as she watched Victoire speak. She was far more confident than she had been giving them a tour of Malfoy Enterprises progress nearly three years ago, and that large stomach of hers which was just about ready to pop with baby number two made her positively glow.

Spotting Alexandra near the back, Hermione went to stand beside her while Astoria tiptoed over to Ron. She whispered to him and he nodded. After a smile and a kiss on the cheek, she headed back for the door, catching Hermione's eye and mouthing the words, "Good luck," before exiting. Cormac followed but Theo and Jaclyn waited a moment, trying to catch James' eye. Once they did, Theo motioned to his phone. James took his out and checked it before looking back at them and nodding. Most likely, he and his wife of six months, Edie, were also invited to this early dinner. Once they had his confirmation, Theo and Jaclyn followed Astoria and Cormac out.

Why did everyone keep saying that to her?

"She's doing fantastically, don't you think?" Alexandra whispered while keeping her eyes on Victoire.

"She really is," said Hermione. "I thought you were the one training the Aurors today?"

"No. This is Vickie's baby. She just wanted me here to supervise by the off-chance that she might forget something, but we all know she won't. She knows what she's talking about."

Hermione smiled and nodded. Then she looked down at Alexandra's stomach, hidden well in a loose blouse but still obvious to the trained eye. "So will there be any crossing in your maternity leaves?"

Alexandra glanced sideways at her and smirked. "And here I was thinking I was being sneaky," she said. "No, there shouldn't be. Victoire only plans to take three months with this one and I'm only four along. As long as I'm not early we should be fine."

It was only another couple of minutes before Victoire was finished with her presentation. She answered a few questions before everyone applauded, making her blush. As the Aurors all stood and began to disperse, Victoire walked back to where Hermione and Alexandra were standing. "How did I do?"

"Marvelously," said Alexandra. "Draco will be proud."

Victoire beamed at her.

While she and Alexandra began gathering their things, Harry walked over to Hermione. "How're you holding up?" he asked.

Hermione took a deep breath and said, "As good as to be expected for a mother whose only daughter just moved to another country."

Harry smiled. "Yeah. Do you think she can take mine with her?"

They both looked over to where Lily was poking her brother, Albus. Over and over …

"I cannot believe you ended up with three Aurors," said Hermione with a laugh.

Suddenly, James walked over to his two younger siblings, grabbing Lily in a headlock and giving her a noogie. She swung her arms frantically until making contact with his face.

"James! Lily! Al!" shouted Harry. "What did I say about acting up at the office?"

"Sorry, Dad!" they all said in unison.

When Harry turned back towards Hermione, Lily was about to go for James again. But then Deacon walked over and whispered something to her. From then on she only had eyes for him.

Harry looked back at her, his face sinking. Deacon had joined the Auror program a little less than two years ago when he became bored of his desk job. He was still in training, like Lily, but by that gleam in Harry's eye Hermione had the sneaking suspicion that he might be promoted all the sooner.

"So are you ready for tonight?" asked Harry.

"Of course I am," she answered.

Harry raised his eyebrows.

"Alright, fine. I might be a little nervous." She smiled coyly.

"Don't be," said Harry.

Right then, Albus said something to Lily that made her growl and lunge at him. Before long, they were wrestling on the floor.

"Oh, bloody hell," muttered Harry. "Lily! Al! Stop that now!" He ran forward to separate his children and employees, and Hermione found herself very glad that she wasn't in his shoes.

Spotting Ron across the room, Hermione headed over to him. He smiled as she arrived. "Can you believe she's gone?" he asked.

Hermione gave him a sad smile. "No. It all feels so surreal."

Ron nodded. "If they have any children over there do you think they'll have a Romanian accent?"

"Maybe a twang," she said. "So things must be going well with Danika if Astoria has deemed her acceptable to have a drink with."

Ron laughed. "At least being friends with her has helped me weed out some of the bad ones. But yeah, things are going well. I'm supposed to meet her daughter this weekend."

Hermione's eyes widened as she smiled. "Wow, Ron. That's big."

"Yeah, let's just hope we don't find out she's engaged to Hugo or something. Wouldn't want to go down that road again."

Hermione laughed and smacked his arm. "Ron! That's not funny!"

"It actually would be sorta funny."


"And funny." He smirked.

Hermione glanced over at Alexandra and Victoire, noticing they were all packed up and ready to go. "I need to speak with our guests before they leave, but have fun tonight, Ron. And if I don't see you, good luck this weekend."

"And good luck to you," said Ron as she started to walk away.

She turned back towards him and was met with a knowing smile. She rolled her eyes. "Honestly, do people not value the sanctity of secrets anymore?"

Hermione hurried to catch up with Victoire and Alexandra as they exited the Auror Office.

"I understand you want to get this database set up on all of the computers in here first, but do you happen to have a timeframe for when I can have it in my office?"

Alexandra laughed. "Sometimes I swear you forget that you are our Minister, Hermione. We will have it setup on your computer before you even arrive tomorrow."

"I normally get here pretty early."

"I think we all know you're not going to be early tomorrow, Aunt Hermione," said Victoire. Another knowing smile.

Before they even reached the lift, the doors opened and two people stepped out. Alexandra hurried forward, giving Blaise a kiss before pulling their daughter Zoe out of the baby carrier on his back.

"There's my angel," she said, kissing Zoe's soft, little cheeks.

"And here I thought I was her angel," Blaise muttered to Pansy, who was standing beside him.

Alexandra gave him a look. He smiled and kissed her again.

"So, apparently, I didn't have Hermione fooled," said Alexandra, motioning down to her stomach.

"Fooled about what?" asked Pansy. She looked at Alexandra. Blinked. Her eyes widened. "Another one? Blaise, you're going to be fifty!"

"In three bloody years," he said.

"Blaise wants another boy," said Alexandra. "But, if it's not, this is still it."

"Yep, nothing like starting over right after I got that other little shit out of the house," said Blaise while cooing at his little princess.

Pansy smacked his arm. "I'm going to tell our son you said that."

Blaise laughed. "Good. And tell him to stop pursuing that bloody Potter girl while you're at it. If the world was barely ready for a Malfoy and a Weasley to join then a Zabini and a Potter will surely send us all through the bloody veil."

He took off his carrier and handed it to Pansy, along with his diaper bag. She put the carrier away before reaching her arms out for Zoe.

"Alright, ZZ, time to come with Auntie Pansy."

Alexandra frowned and gave Zoe one last kiss before handing her off.

"We're going to say hello to her big brother before heading back to my place. I will see you in a couple of hours, Alex."

Alexandra nodded, watching sadly as Pansy carried her daughter away from her. "Thank you, Pansy."

Pansy waved without looking back. Deacon caught sight of her before she even reached the Auror Office, running out and taking his little sister from his mother's arms. Lily watched him play with the baby with stars in her eyes.

"Alright, pregnant ladies take the lift," said Blaise, pressing the button so it would open again. "Granger and I will take the stairs."

"Thank you, Blaisey," said Alexandra, giving him a tight hug and one last kiss before entering the lift. "I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight. Would you mind if we ordered in?"

"Not at all," he said, watching his wife with love-filled eyes as the lift began to close. "I love you."

Alexandra smiled and said, "I love you, too."

Once Blaise and Hermione were alone, he looked over at her grinning face.

"I like ordering in," he said simply before heading for the stairs.

"I know you do," said Hermione, following him. She never thought she would see the day when Blaise Zabini went soft but, now, here he was, happily married for a year and a half - a new record for him - and having two children with her, despite his reservations, because it was what she had always wanted. And he had never been happier.

Hermione and Blaise stopped on her floor first so she could pick up her notes before heading one more floor down to the conference room they would be holding their meeting in. One of the Elders was retiring and Blaise was there to help with all of the arrangements, as well as participating in the discussion on whether it was necessary to fill the spot or not. Ever since he ran Hermione's campaign for Minister, making all of the right decisions at every turn and helping her successfully beat the other candidate by a whopping thirty percent of the votes, he had become her go-to wizard.

When they arrived in the conference room, Hermione immediately sat down and began arranging her things perfectly in front of her. Of course, they were the first ones to arrive. Hermione was always early to every meeting, Blaise had arrived a little early to catch a glimpse his wife, and the majority of the Elders were always late. Hermione excused it since they were all - for lack of a better word - elderly but, deep down, it truly irked her. But then there were always two she could count on. Exactly one minute before the meeting was scheduled to begin, the door opened and Kingsley and Lucius stepped inside. Their two newest Elders yet still the most reliable.

Hermione locked eyes with Lucius and smiled.

"How did it go?" he asked.

"The children are safely in Romania," she said with a heavy sigh.

Lucius went over and sat beside her. "And that Muggle thing they flew in truly is safe?"

"Of course it is."

Lucius nodded. He hung his cane on the back of his chair and then just stared blankly down at the table in front of him.

Hermione frowned. "And how are you, Lucius?" Tomorrow would mark exactly two years since Narcissa travelled beyond the veil, which was partially why Hermione had scheduled this meeting for now. Something to distract him.

"As good as to be expected," he answered. "Andromeda and I will be visiting her at her grave tomorrow. She's making a bouquet of daffodils from her garden."

Hermione reached out and put her hand on his. "That sounds lovely."

Lucius nodded. "And how about you?" he asked, glancing sideways at her, the faint hint of that Malfoy smirk on his lips. "Any plans for this evening?"

Hermione smirked back and rolled her eyes. "No comment."

A moment later, the door opened and the rest of the Elders scurried in. It looked like it was time to get this meeting started.


Hermione arrived home by Floo several hours later. Early by her standards, but late by any normal person's. She stepped into her small house, only two bedrooms, the master and a guestroom, which she had moved into once Hugo had graduated and officially moved out. There was simply no need for her to have all of that space anymore.

Instinctually, Hermione drifted towards the small hall where several photos hung, finding the one of the two families from Rose and Scorpius' wedding, and touching her daughter's moving figure. She still could not believe she was gone. No more weekly lunch dates or shopping trips, though they did promise to keep the book club they had started going.

And then Hermione's eyes drifted over to Draco in the photo, smiling at their children before moving his eyes over to her. She met his gaze and there was no mistaking the love there. Hermione moved her finger over to his figure, stroking his cocky face and smiling.

She then looked at the photo hanging juts above that one, of her and Draco standing on the Charles Bridge in Prague. Right then, two firm arms began to wrap around her waist, the familiar musky sent of her love entering her nostrils as he pressed his lips to her neck.

"You're early," she said.

"Actually, I had planned on being here earlier to surprise you with dinner, but one thing at the office led to a-bloody-nother and here I am," said Draco, moving his lips to her jaw. Hermione turned in his arms and finally kissed him properly. "I hope you realize, you left the airport earlier without doing this." He kissed her again.

"Yes, I know," she said. "I barely made it back in time for my meeting as it was, and I figured we would catch up later. We always do."

And she was so nervous earlier that she feared she would give her plan away if she went anywhere near him.

She gave him one more soft kiss before pulling away and gazing into his eyes. "Happy anniversary."

Draco smiled and pressed his forehead against hers. "Happy anniversary to you, too, love."

Hermione smiled back at him. It had been exactly two years since she and Draco were reunited. After a hot and heavy New Year's Eve together, Hermione left the next day for the six month journey she had planned.

Since Draco had already written it down in his day planner, and he always stuck to it religiously, he sent her an owl with a magical kiss attached to it every day that she was gone. Hermione would receive the owl, open the parchment and a pair of lips would fly out and peck her. Each kiss came with a short note, reminding her how much he loved and missed her. Until, one day, no owl came, and Hermione knew instantly what had happened.

She went back then, leaving her journey behind and finding Draco at Narcissa and Lucius' home, giving him a real kiss before joining him beside his mother on her deathbed. The next morning, Narcissa had passed on, a small smile on her face before she took her final breath as she watched her son being held by the woman he loved. Finally, Draco had found happiness, and that was all she ever wanted.

The day after her funeral, Draco and Hermione gone together to finish her trip, leaving Malfoy Enterprises in Alexandra's more than capable hands. Hermione was just happy she had decided to do her trip backwards from how she had originally planned. Because of that, she and Draco got to experience Prague together. Maybe it wasn't how she had always pictured her big, independent trip being but, sometimes, it's just as magical to share life's great moments, like visiting the place she had always dreamed of, with the man she loved.

Since then, their relationship had only grown. After some clever story spinning by Blaise, the wizarding world had eventually accepted them as a couple with open arms, last year they had bought this house and moved in together, and they even had a cat named Niko, who was currently meowing and rubbing at their feet. Still, Hermione never forgot that once upon a time Draco had said he wanted more.

"Your father told me he and Andromeda are going to visit your mother's grave tomorrow. I know you weren't quite ready last year, but I really think we should try and take some time off work to go with them."

Draco grunted. "You know he only told you that so you would try and convince me."

Hermione smirked. "I do."

He gazed into her eyes and sighed. "Alright. We'll go. I can only imagine my mother is bloody pissed that I haven't been yet."

"You bet your arse she is!" said Hermione, giving him a squeeze. "I really think this is going to be good for you, Draco." She leaned in and kissed him. "So since you didn't have time to cook dinner did you want to try and make the reservations I made?" she asked.


"Okay, just let me go get changed really fast."

Hermione released him and began walking out of the hall. She had to go through the dining room to get to their bedroom, but had only taken a couple of steps before she froze, her heart soaring as she took in the sight in front of her.

The bastard had lied. The room sparkled as enchanted candles floated all around. Two places were set with their finest china at the dining room table, a vase of white roses was in its center and delicious looking food all around. A bottle of wine was already there and waiting. Hermione smiled, immediately brought back to the night he had first made her dinner for her birthday. Only, this time, the food wasn't burnt. It all looked perfect.

"This certainly looks familiar," she said as he stepped up beside her.

"Yes. That was the night I realized what you and I had was something more than we had bargained for. Or at least the first night I admitted it to myself." He smirked.

Hermione could not hold it in any longer. She grabbed Draco's cheeks and pulled his lips towards hers, kissing him passionately for a long moment before slowly pulling away. Both of them were breathing heavily as they gazed into each other's eyes. Hermione gulped. "Draco, will you marry me?"

Draco's eyes widened. Then, slowly, his face began to tense. He turned white. "Fucking dammit, Hermione!" He pulled away and turned around, running a hand through his hair.

"Did I say something wrong?" she asked, feeling confused as he paced around.

"No, just …" Draco turned back to face her. He reached into his inside coat pocket and came out with a ring box.

Hermione looked it. She blinked. And then started laughing. Well, that made sense. No wonder people who would never know about her plan were dropping hints all day. They knew about his plan.

"It's not funny," he said. "If you were going to bloody propose then where's my ring?"

Hermione opened her purse and came out with a small box. Draco raised his eyebrows. But then she popped it open, revealing a tie tack. It had the Malfoy family crest on it with a small diamond in its center. "I thought this would be more appropriate," she said.

"You got me diamonds," he said with a smirk.

Hermione beckoned him with her finger. He walked over to her slowly. When he was close enough, she grabbed ahold of his tie, running her fingers down it before attaching the tack. When it was in place, she gazed up into his eyes and gave him a soft smile. "You haven't said yes yet."

"Yes," he replied, never taking his eyes off of her.

Hermione leaned up and kissed him.

The moment their lips parted, Draco grabbed her hand, falling to one knee and gazing up at her. Hermione's breath hitched as she watched him with watery eyes.

"Hermione Granger, I would like to take one quick, unromantic moment to let you know that I have permission from my son to do this."

Hermione nodded. "Rose gave the okay, too."

"I love you. More than you will ever know. The day I decided I simply had to shag you just might have been the best of my life -"

Hermione chuckled.

"- because it brought us here. So will you, Hermione, give me the greatest honor of being my wife?"

Draco popped open the box, revealing Narcissa's ring.

"My mother gave this to me before she passed on, hoping that one day I would give it to you."

Hermione whimpered. She held out her finger and waited for Draco to put it on.

"Well, you have to bloody say yes first."

Hermione smacked his shoulder and said, "Yes, you idiot."

Draco laughed. He took her left hand and kissed it before carefully putting his mother's ring on her finger. A perfect fit.

Draco stood back up and Hermione immediately took him in her arms. The two began kissing heavily, their bodies hungry for each other as their fingers quickly became claws on the other's clothing.

"Dinner can wait, right?" asked Draco.

Hermione nodded and tore off his blazer. "I wasn't even hungry."

Before long, their clothes were off and the two of them were lying naked on the dining room floor. Almost three years they had been doing this and still their passion had not ceased. Not even in the slightest. To this day, Draco and Hermione could not get enough of each other.

In the midst of it all, their cat came over and began rubbing his head against Draco's. Draco picked him up and tossed him aside. "Not now, Niko. Mommy and Daddy are shagging."

But Niko wasn't having it. He went over and climbed onto Draco's back, curling up and just laying their as he was rocked back and forth, some moments more peaceful than others. This time, Draco didn't bother. He was too busy enjoying the moment has he shagged his fiancée for the very first time.

When it was over, the two of them had not had much time to catch their breath before a phone began ringing somewhere. Hermione noticed her purse in stretching distance. She reached her arm out and grabbed it, pulling out her phone and looking at the name of the caller.

"It's Hugo," she said. "I should probably answer."

Draco motioned for her to continue while happily resting his head on her bare breasts.

"Hi, sweetie. Is everything alright?" she asked.

"Did you ask him?" Hugo blurted out quickly.

"Hugo, leave them alone!" Rose shouted in the background.

"This will only take a bloody second, Rose! Geez!"

Hermione smirked. "Yes, Hugo, I asked him."


"You know he said yes."

"But who asked first?" Scorpius shouted in the background.

Silence as everyone on the other line waited.

"I beat him to the punch but he was given his chance, too."

There were several groans while Rose cheered in the background. "I win the bet, losers! Now pay up!"

"Thank you for your confidence, Rosie," she said into the phone.

"Alright, Mum, we'll call you tomorrow for more details," said Hugo. "We love you guys!"

"Love you, too," Hermione and Draco said together. She hung up.

Draco lifted his head and met her for a kiss. "Well, Madam Minister -" He saluted. "- what do you say? Shall we have another go at it before dinner?"

Hermione smiled and kissed him again. "Sounds perfect."

And it was. When Hermione left Ron she had been convinced her life was over. But when one door closes another always opens, and she planned to stay in this door for a very long time.

The End