*snip-it of what's happening.*

"Pick one!" shouted Steve.

"I can't!" I yelled back.

"Why the hell not? Do you love me, or do you love him?!" he shot, as tears started to form on my face.

"I- I love you both! Now stop trying to make me choose, please!" I yelled, blinking to stop them.

"Um, cap. Maybe we should just let zoey choose. And not pressure her like you are?" tony interjected.

"Yes. Thank you!" I said a tear escaping.

"I love you, zoey!" Steve yelled back.

"Hey! I love her too, okay?" tony said, folding his arms.

"God, just shut up! Shut-up! Shut-up!" I shrieked, tired of it.

"Zoey, spur of the moment. If you could choose one person, who would you choose? Huh?" Steve asked, directing his glare at me.

"What? In the spur of a moment?" I asked, shocked, the tears now flowing freely.

"If both of us were hanging off a cliff, and you could save just one person, who would you save?" Steve asked, as he and tony both looked at me.

I blinked once, trying to see properly, but I couldn't.

I couldn't choose.

And I couldn't have them both.

*end of snip-it*

*voice-over zoey.*

"I know. Sounds really bad, don't it? It is. No idea how it became this bad. I love Steve. But I love tony, too. I really have no idea. So, why don't, I, tell you my story. The story of how this turned into this triangle of heart-break, or whatever, okay? Let's take a trip down memory lane."

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