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"Heh... Sorry mate... You were right all along. T-this never should... have happened... I'm sorry..."

He could hear the screams of his other close and dear friend, mourning over the lost of his first best friend, as well as his dear friend's love. The blood had spread so quickly that it imprinted into his mind at how much pain and suffering it caused his friend.

"I'm sorry Harry, but... this is all so pointless! This world is a lost cause! There's nothing worth saving on this dead planet!"

He stared at his dear friend's corpse in shock, seeming to not comprehend at all. Why would she do this to him? However, that all seemed to change the moment he came into himself. His friend's had gone and left him, leaving him behind to suffer with the pain and loss. They betrayed him... not having thought of him when they wanted to die...

They left him behind...

He could hear something inside of him beginning to break. It echoed in his mind and heart.


His memories showed him all of the times they had been together, happy and warm. They argued at times, but were the true meaning of friendship. But now... It was all over, for they could not cope with the loss of one another and forgot about him. He couldn't help but feel betrayed for being left behind.

They never thought about him.


Things had only gotten worse, another war was being waged. The Mugg- no, they didn't deserved to be called Muggles; Mundanes seemed more fitting for despicable creatures like them. Those with Magic in their blood were taken and tested on, leaving less than half alive. And so... he declared war on the Mundanes and swore to protect Magic. She responded in kind to support him in any way she could, though she was weak. Magic was dying. But much like his own mother, she remained by his side and supported him all the way.

On the side, he would watch his fellow comrades fight for survival and the world they loved dearly. But it wasn't about honour or survival, vengeance had been brought forth with an intent so strong that the Mundanes backed away in fear. He stood behind the first lines, before unravelling his magic and showed the Mundanes exactly what they had awakened and created.

"KILL THEM ALL!" He raged with his kind right beside him, eliminating all those that stood in their way of vengeance and rights.


His eyes widened in horror at the scene in front of him. She had pushed him out of the way to take the multiple bullets that were now tearing into her. Blood flowing like a river from her lifeless body lying at his feet.

"Luna... No... NO! LUNA!" A enraged, threatening roar escaped from him as he slaughtered those that killed his sister. A massacre took place that day, blood staining the world as a sign of his vengeance upon the Mundanes who dared kill the one person who meant the world to him.

"Luna... I'm so sorry..." He had shed tears on his blood stained face, all for her and the few comrades that remained loyal to him.

His green eyes seemed to glow with a new power and sense of purpose. He stood taller than he ever did, his attention focused on a new goal in life and would strive to achieve success. He had no love or warmth inside of him anymore.

Yes... he would bring this world to its knees for all the pain delivered upon him.


It didn't last, the war had ended with the death's of both sides. He remained, however, as he sacrificed himself by performing the rare spell of Aeternus Fiendfyre. And soon after, the Mundanes lost and were destroyed, along with the world.

He remained, as being the Master of Death gave him the one thing that he never wanted.

Immortality really was a curse...


Many years later...

He walked down the darkened road, passing a broken and burnt vehicle. He didn't bother to spare a glance at the dead bodies that hung out of the car, charred and disfigured. He was use to seeing the bodies of people who were once soldiers and fought for what they believed in, especially Mundanes. It wasn't their fault for dying at the orders of those who wanted something that was out of their reach. No, humans were always greedy and will never change. 'They will forever remain the same. Greedy and thirsty for their desires.' How far the human race had fallen. 'Pathetic...'

His black trench coat billowed out behind him, revealing a long silver blade with a large red gem embedded into the tip of the silver hilt. It's blade was sharp and seemed to radiate a power of authority. One could see the markings etched into the blade, proudly stating the name of 'Godric Gryffindor'. It gleamed violently in the rays of the sun that shone down on the earth. Resting on his other thigh was a black and silver weapon; a gun. It was larger than most other makes of its design and had a lot more fire power. When the trigger is pulled, there are no bullets but blasts of energy that travelled faster than metal bullets.

He sighed at feeling the blistering heat. Many years had passed but the skies never changed, the temperature and weather were a different matter entirely. If it was cold, the temperature dropped to below freezing. He would struggle through the cold at times but then knew he would be ready for the worst. If it was hot, the temperature would rise, and at times caused him to hallucinate and sweat like nothing else.

The Earth was dead.

Yet, he remained and would always live to see the world's end. Not that he ever seemed to think much on it, for he knew of his fate when Death had explained. As long as he had Death, he was never alone. His dull green eyes glanced down at the ring on his finger, where a golden band with a single black stone gleamed at him. It reminded him of the people who fought beside him and those that he loved were gone.

He looked to the sky and noticed that the time seemed to pass more quickly than it used to, not that he was surprised. He sighed heavily and took out a small silver box, opening the lid to find a few cigarette tips. Taking one with his lips, he put the others away and held his index finger to the tip and quickly lit the cigarette.

"You know those are bad for you." Spoke a deep voice like silk from behind him, feeling breath brush against his ear. It was something he had grown use to, along the constant warmth that emitted from his back as the voice spoke softly.

"Yes, though I never really seemed to bring myself to care. Besides, this is my last pack." He muttered through the smoke he exhaled into the thin air, continuing to walk down the road, wandlessly casting a Lumos above him to light his way. He could still feel the breathing by his ear, but ignored it. He had grown use to it after always feeling the constant presence behind him, like a looming and protective shadow.

"So, you have decided to slowly kill yourself. Such torment you place upon yourself..." The young man was silent for a moment before turning to meet the tall, broad cloaked Being that had followed him for many years. Even as a child, he could feel the ever-present aura of a Being, watching him at all times of his life. It was comforting, protective and warm if he ever got cold. He could remember the times of when he was forced into a small cupboard, but always felt a warm embrace. He had assumed that when he discovered the existence of magic that it was his own that kept him warm and feel safe, apparently, it was something far more powerful and protective of him.

"What is it you wish to say?" He wouldn't deny that he was curious on what the Being had to say to him. For a long time the Being had been nothing more than a silent protector and spectator. Yet here he stood before the Being, having a conversation and not even knowing what to expect. So to say he was curious was an understatement.

"If you had the choice to start over again, to change everything that has happened, would you do so?"

He stopped and froze for a while. He didn't understand why the Being was asking him this. "What are you talking about?" He felt the faint touch of the Being on his shoulder, as if to comfort him but knew there was another more sinister motive behind the action.

"What if I could give you the chance to start over? The chance at a new life... The same beginning with a new ending... The Fate of the world would be in your hands, for you will know what is to come and what is to be... You would obtain the happiness that you desperately desire." The way it was spoken was tempting him, as if luring him in and accepting the offer, which he would have taken in a heartbeat. He was so desperate to change all that had happened to him, to change his life for the better and never letting this present time ever happen.


For a long time, he had embraced the silence of the world. She had long since died, while Magic remained with him like a Mother protecting and guiding her child in life. After what had happened, the war...

The pain...

The bloodshed...

The guilt...

The betrayals...

Now the world was nothing more than an empty version of itself. Trees didn't grow anymore, the earth had stopped giving life. There were no more birds or animals to roam the lands. Even the air was dirty and stained, never a clear peaceful breath of fresh air. It had been a long time for him since he had been somewhere to breathe proper air.

The world was dead.

"Harry?" His thoughts took down the fine line leading to his memory trunk. One clasp was unlocked and soon enough, a little memory escaped and consumed his thoughts. He closed his eyes, feeling the beautiful voice of his sister wash over him.

"Yes, Luna?"

They were sitting by the Black Lake, enjoying the sun on a free period. Neville was on his way from Herbology, and knowing him, he would be coming a little later as always. Harry was lying on his back next to Luna, who was reading the Quibbler. He smiled at her, waiting for her to continue.

"Are you happy?" He blinked at her, curious about why she would ask him something like that. Though it was not unusual for Luna to ask sudden questions, Harry couldn't seem to get use to it.

"I have never really experience true happiness, for I wouldn't know what it feels like. But, I will say that I am content. Having you, Neville, the twins and Moony is enough for me."

Luna hummed, her blue eyes clearing up and really looking at him. Her blue eyes were intense and focused, a look of seriousness on her beautiful young face. "I want you to know Harry, that I will always be by your side. No matter the choices you make, always know that you will always have me by your side. There are people who love you for who you are, Harry. You are just Harry, not a title or label."

Her words brought tears to his eyes and a blinding grin that remained on his face for the rest of that day.

"Thank you, little sister."

"So... would you accept the offer if given to you?"

He turned to the large cloaked Being, raising a hand for it to come to his level. When in front of his face, he lifted the shadowy hood to push it back and reveal what lay hidden. It was like staring into a reflection, only much older. Eyes of liquid silver, staring intently at his face with such scrutiny he could practically feel the eyes moving over his face. Long thick raven black hair that fell like silk over the Being's shoulders. The Being was ethereal, having beauty like no other in this world.

When he first discovered what the cloaked Being looked like, he was shocked and felt the emotional turmoil build inside of him, until soon after, the Being merely held him close and gave him the comfort he had been desperate for as a child. It was the start of a beautiful relationship, like a family.

He had found family in the one thing that was the cause of his soul being bound to the world, never to make 'The Journey' and join those he loved. But, it wasn't so bad when he found out more about the Being and in turn, they were always there for each other.

"If I had the choice, then yes... I would take it and change the world so much and make sure that this..." He gestured to the world around him, "Never happens!" He eyes glowed with power, unrestrained and soon winds swirled, the sky rumbling and the earth trembling under the pressure and display of power.

"Very well. However, for this to happen, you have to promise me something."


"You will never be as you were before, as you will be reborn and become immortal like you are now. You will remain my Master, for it is my duty and solemn vow to always protect you. You will forever be bound as my Master. The Hallows will always answer to your call. I have watched and cared for you ever since you were born. However, your ties with your birth parents will be severed. You will belong to no one." There was a certain gleam in the Being's eyes, like this was something that Death wanted to happen. It was as if... His green eyes widened.

"You want to bind myself to you, and therefore, become your-"

"Yes..." Death confirmed, not a single emotions on his face to show the true reasons and purpose of what he wanted from Harry. "For many years I have wished for someone to call my own, even if it was just a child that I could care for and hold dearly. But I am Death, I see the lives of children and newborns taken almost every single moment. Such young life, never having the chance to live... Yet, when I saw you, there was something that I wanted above all else. You possessed this power and aura that drew me in, a Being of power and authority. I, Death, became attached to you. You, a child, who could see me..."

He was baffled, not understanding at all what the Being meant. "What do you-?"

"You were no more than a few months at the time, but still... I had never felt so happy. For the first time, a child that was not dying or about to face me, could see me for who and what I was. It was then that I knew... I had to have you. They way you look straight at me with those beautiful green eyes of yours, it warmed me inside. I had only known how to neutral, feel nothing after seeing some many souls come and go.

"It is a never-ending cycle, Harry. When you see how I see the universe for what it is, you come to realise that everything is the same, but at the same time, completely different." The Being spoke with no hint of emotion, no feeling as it spoke of a truth that brought so much pain.

He was speechless at the way the Being spoke of him. It was hard to believe that he had actually been able to see Death when he was no more than a mere child. And now, Harry could feel a familiar emotion welling up inside of him, breaking through the abyss of darkness and nothing that had festered inside of his heart and soul.


He could feel hope at the thought of having the one thing he had ever wanted when he was a child; a family.

His glowing green eyes caught to the Being's swirling silver eyes, staring intensely, before Harry wrapped his arms around Death's neck, embracing his new father, brother and closest friend, before whispering into Death's ear the words that allowed them both to disappear and the world around them to slowly fade away as the course of time shifted into something new.

"Let's start over as a family that will do things not ruled by the Fates."

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