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Chapter Four- Knockturn Alley (Part Two)

Having finished his business at Ollivanders, he headed towards the store, 'Trunks, Pouches, and Bags – For All Purposes'. It was the best and only shop that Hadrian would go to, and get what he needed and be satisfied with his purchase. And to be honest, he needed the best quality for what he planned to do.

Having been served right as he went to the counter by a friendly looking old man with unusually bright amber eyes, he was a little curious. Hadrian knew from first glance that the man was a half-breed. He didn't care and was surprised to see a half-breed attending to him in a retail store. Since he was back in time, Hadrian had thought that all magical creatures, including those with magical creature heritage were turned away from employment and had limited rights in the magical community. And since the magical government was less than inclined to fight for magical creature rights, many people are turned away at the opportunity to live their lives or earn some form of profit, let alone a few galleons to get by, day by day.

So it was surprise seeing a half-breed managing a store, let alone owning it.

"Hello, welcome to Trunks, Pouches, and Bags. How can I help you, young sir?" The half-breed greeted, a tired but genuine smile on his face.

"I would like to place a specific order for a custom trunk."

"Of course. What did you have in mind?" A piece of parchment and quill appeared on the counter, waiting to take the request Hadrian wanted.

"I am looking for something with a lot of room. It must be spacious and withstand even the most rough and brutal weather while remaining in the best condition. I would like the most secure locks, safety enchantments and privacy measures that money can buy as well as safe words and privacy charms and anti-opening charms." Hadrian listed first.

"How spacious are you requesting?" The man asked, completely focused and listening attentively.

"Very spacious. I would like one compartment to be the size of three acres." Hadrian paused to see if the man were to deny or protest his request, but merely observed the man nodding in agreement and waited for him to continue. And he did, "I request this space to be filled with all necessary living arrangements. Is furniture included in the purchase?" He enquired.

"It can be included. I will need to know any colours you would like and any design wishes for the kitchen and other rooms."

It went on from there, Hadrian listing his requirements and requests for anything he needed for his custom trunk.

"Any other trunks you wish to buy as well?"

"Yes, I would like another trunk that would hold my pets. And another trunk for my school items, since I will be attending Hogwarts."

The man paused, "Of course, I will need to know how many and what kind of animals they are." The man continued writing down things.

"They are reptiles; snakes, to be exact. I have approximately fifty snakes, most of them common garden and some more exotic. Also, I have a few that are magical."

"That shouldn't be a problem. I will make special arrangements for it, so that it is liveable for the necessary species." The man finished writing down Hadrian's order. "Now, for the school trunk, would you like that one custom made as well?"

"Yes, this trunk I would like an added space, in case I am in need of it."

It took another twenty minutes for Hadrian to go into more detail, but it was worth it in the end.

"Thank you. I will be back to retrieve it when it's ready." Hadrian nodded, his eyes appreciative.

Hadrian had left the store and was headed to the few places he needed to go before the day ended. As he walked by the many stores, he soon walked by the store he knew he needed to go inside of to buy a bird. But Hadrian refused to accept another owl as his own, not after the tragic end of his beloved owl and familiar, Hedwig. She had died protecting him in the fight against the Death Eater. She had taken a hit for him and Harry Potter was never the same again.

And from then on, he had used his friends' owl as a way to send mail. But he knew it would never be the same. Though he had Baniormr as his new familiar, he would be forever grateful for his first familiar's sacrifice and the lengths of her loyalty. He knew for a fact that Baniormr would live up to his expectations and understood what Hadrian was, and is, it was still a kindness on the reptile's part that he respected the former familiar of his master.

However, that did not mean that he couldn't take a bird with him to Hogwarts. He would need to send and receive letters for his future plans to take form.

But the bird he needed wouldn't be in Eeylops Owl Emporium. Instead, he would have to find a wider and broader range. So, as he entered the 'Hidden Aviary', he could sense that the perfect bird to suit him was here.

He listened to bird calls, each different from one another, and it was interesting to see the different colours of each species. His eyes roamed over each bird he could see some that had potential. But none seemed to grab his attention.

'How disappointing…' Hadrian thought bitterly.

A musical trill called out, breaking Hadrian from his musing and looked around. The trill sounded again, and Hadrian followed. His magic stretched out, slithering around to search for the source of the musical calls. His magic became more urgent for some reason, excitement filling him up at his magic insistent tugging.

He found a dark corner, hiding away a few more wild and dangerous animals and could see some exotic creatures. He heard the sound again and saw a cage, a large disillusioned blanket covering the cage.

Removing it, his body went still and froze. Time seized around him as his green eyes widened and began glimmering with hope and longing.

"H-Hedwig?" He breathed, his voice portraying his emotions from before the war.

Inside the cage was a magnificent pearl white bird, larger than most birds and more slender build than an owl. Its plumage glowed in the dim light of the store, and gave a pearl shine. Large sharp talons peaked out from behind white feathers. Long unique markings trailed down the back of the bird, down the spine and ending in the tips of its long tail feathers. Glowing amber eyes stared forward into too-green eyes, reflecting the longing, love and affection of a familiar that was lost, and had found their half.

Instantly, the familiar bond opened between them and the beautiful white bird began to coo softly at him. Hadrian immediately recognise the musical song that was coming from Hedwig.

She was had been reborn as the only bird that would ensure her survival, and become the creature she was truly meant to be.

A phoenix.

And this was no simple phoenix, like Fawkes. She was a white phoenix, and was swirling with magic.

Hadrian, struggling to keep his emotions of pure joy and happiness at his one true friend, felt his magic reach out to the bird, who in returned, sealed the bond of familiar and master.

'I thought it would be appropriate for you to have one true ally in the final game.' He heard Death's voice. 'Fate has thrown you many challenges, and taken much from you for her own pleasures. But now, since you are mine, I am here to change and better your life choices. You do not need to feel such heartache again, my Bond. Enjoy this life, and live knowing that no one can chain you down.' He felt Death's warm and comforting embrace wrap around him, and for that moment, Hadrian felt the peace and comfort of the world and the weights of his responsibilities lift, however brief.

It was peaceful, and a moment of nothing but that.

A comforting trill from Hedwig drew him from his thoughts, and he focused on the matter at hand. He smiled softly at his dear friend, and immediately released her from her cage. She floated from her cage and glided to him, landing on his shoulders and giving hime an affectionate peck on the ear.

"Welcome back, my dear Hedwig." Hadrian ran his fingers through her glowing white feathers, feeling the heat of her fire against his skin. "We have much to do, old friend. Your help in my plans would be much appreciated."

A reassuring coo was his response and it was all he needed to hear.

'Thank you, my brother…' He thought to his Bonded, sending his gratitude and happiness to Death through their shared link, who returned the sentiment deeply.

Severus Snape, for the life of him, could not understand the enigma that was Hadrian Potter. From the moment he met the boy, to the time he left him at Gringotts, Severus had been feeling the most dread filled feelings.

Each time he was with the boy, he had felt as if ice was pouring down his bare back. The magic that the boy possessed was a whole new level. It was dense, pure and… addictive.

Much like another wizard he had served years ago, and was now gone. And the mere thought of the boy becoming the next Dark Lord was something that terrified and exhilarated the Potion's Master.

However, that didn't change the fact that the boy, Hadrian Potter, was the son of the one woman Severus Snape ever loved. Lily Evans-Potter was a woman who gave up her life, for her son. She had fought and pleaded for the life of her precious son, and had enacted the ritual of Mother's Sacrifice.

It was a ritual Severus had discovered while trying to understand why Lily had died the way she did. Even while in his grief, Snape was determined to know why Lily didn't save herself. At first, he had thought it was because she was a mother, and that it would be cruel leaving her child to die, but Severus knew better. Lily was a determined woman, and would do anything to keep her family safe.

Even if she had to turn to the Dark Arts.

So he searched, and found the one ritual that would ensure her son's survival and allow him to live until he could learn to defend himself.

It was more than sacrificial protection. While that would have been enough for her son to survive, in exchange for her life, it still wasn't enough in Lily's mind. She needed something more than just a long-lasting charm to keep her son safe.

She needed a form of protection from dark forces and dangers that would ensure the safety of her child, even if her son was inflicted with damage or grievous wounds.

It had caused him to act quickly, trying to find some way for Lily's spell to appear or be known.

But there was nothing.

No book, grimoire, tome or parchment mentioned such a spell.

So what had Lily done to save Harry?

Severus couldn't find any answers anyway, and the only way for him to continue searching such answers was to browse through some of the rarest collections of Pureblood families.

Severus froze in sudden realisation as one name came to mind.

Sirius Black…

He would have been the only one, apart from James Potter that would have access to such spells, books and rituals due to his lineage. The Black family's library was legendary and was sure to hold whatever spells and magic's that allowed Lily to protect her child.

Was it possible that the Marauders were in on whatever Lily was planning on doing that night?

Was there a chance that Lily had some help in the protection of Harry Potter?

As Severus Snape questioned and studied further to the point of obsession, he had no idea of the eyes of Death itself watching over him intently, and cackling in glee and anticipation.

"How far the world of Men fall at the feet of Greed, Power and Pride… Your time will come, Severus Tobias Snape, where you will have to choose and sacrifice everything you value… all for the sake of the heart you so desperately desired… and continue to do so.

"I wonder what my dear Bond will do with a pawn such as yourself. It will be most interesting to witness."

Death would wait, for Death was patient and continued its watch over the threats of his Bonded.

Hadrian was annoyed.

Scratch that, he was pissed.

For the past four hours he had been shopping for his school supplies, a new wardrobe, his custom made trunks, and a trunk full of personal supplies he may require in the future. It was going so well, until he walked to Knockturn Alley and ended up having a confrontation with a Hag, a perverted stranger and a suspicious fortune-teller that would not stop asking him to read his fortune.

Normally, Hadrian would have more patience, given the amount of time he had to wait for enemies to attack him during war. But today was just an off-day for Hadrian and a really bad idea to annoy him about anything at all.

"Fool, if you do not leave my presence within the next five seconds, I can easily predict your future being a rather gruesome and violent death," He threatened, his magic reacting to his unsettled emotions in the way of the atmosphere around him lowering in temperature, and expanding in the area. Immediately the man fell to his knees, clutching his throat as the oxygen that was supposed to enter his body had stopped. He slowly began to turn purple from the lack of air, eyes bulging and his body trembling. "Leave, pest." Hadrian ordered, turning away from the haggard old man that was left gasping for air in his wake.

"Impressive." A cold amused velvety voice called from Hadrian's side. He turned to see a tall dark haired man leaning against a wall, shadows underneath dark eyes staring at him intently and pale skin glowing in the dim daylight. 'He looks familiar to me…' He thought for a moment, but didn't give it any further thought and continued on his way. He could feel the vampire beginning to follow him, but didn't much care what the vampire did as long as he kept his distance.

He entered Borgin and Burke's, sensing the wards that letting him pass. He approached the counter and waited for attendance even though he knew that Mr Borgin was lurking in the shadows, observing him intently. "Instead of wasting my limited time, perhaps you would like to be of service and earn some money, Mr Borgin." Hadrian was really running out of patience today and he still had a few other stores to visit before the day was out.

Mr Borgin was quick to approach with a sneer, clearly assuming Hadrian's position in the world. "What is it you want, little boy?"

"Well firstly, I want you to stop calling me 'little boy'. I am here for a few vials of Acromantula venom, some Dragon Tears, some hairs of a sphinx, and two horns of a Graphorn." Harry listed off, seeing the store owner's eyebrows rise with each ingredients he spoke.

"Hm… You have the money to pay for these rather expensive items, young sir?"

"You will sell them at the proper price and worth." Hadrian almost snarled, already losing patience after the incident that happened prior to entering the shop. "Or, I can take my money and business elsewhere. It's of no trouble to me." His magic was responding to his emotions, and let it slither like a viper towards Borgin, eager and ready to strike when Hadrian wished.

"Better do as the little lord says, Borgin." The same cold smooth voice of the vampire from earlier. Hadrian felt is patience tethering away as he felt the vampire move forward.

He knew the reason why the vampire suddenly began following him like some predator finding its desired meal. When in actually, because Vampires and Werewolves were creatures of the night and were surrounded by darkness and death, it causes their senses to feel and instinctually know when darkness and death were nearby. And since Hadrian was the Bonded of Death itself, his aura and presence would attract many dark creatures.

But it wouldn't just be dark creatures that would be drawn to Hadrian. Every magical creature of the world would know that a presence close to Death walks the earth.

Hadrian became a beacon of darkness and light for all creatures of the world.

And this Vampire was a very curious and reckless little thing. Hadrian would give the man points for having some courage, but more for stupidity.

Borgin immediately gulped at the sight of the dark creature and eagerly gave the items to Hadrian for the correct prices. It was clear that he merely wanted both Hadrian and the Vampire to leave his store and more importantly, leave him alive.

Hadrian, continuing to ignore the Vampire that was set on stalking him, took hold of his items and departed the store, his new shadow following behind.

Both were unaware of the looming dark figure that watched over the smaller person. It was ever present, yet undetected. But as the Vampire followed behind the smaller male, the presence immediately appeared behind the small boy.

'I'm not quite comfortable to you having a follower so early on in this Game, my Bond.' Death's dark whispers touch Hadrian's ears, a warmth growing inside of him from his Bonded being so close to him.

'Believe me, I am not interested nor bothered with this little addition. It could work to our advantage, Brother.' Hadrian mentally replied.

'I suppose it will be interesting, but I will state that I will gladly take him off your hands if it proves… bothersome for you, my dear Master.'

'You have my utmost appreciation.' Hadrian responded somewhat dryly, rolling his eyes at the scorching 'dislike' Death was beginning to form for his little Vampire follower. He was aware of Death's emotions, jealously being the most prominent in all the other's he felt, and though it irritated Hadrian somewhat, he was also pleased to know that Death would always care.

"So, what is your name, little lord?" The Vampire asked, maintaining the distance from the beginning he started following Hadrian.

"Lord Hadrian Potter." He introduced himself, not pausing to see the Vampire had stopped walking, and blinking in surprise at seeing the 'little lord' was actually the famous Boy-Who-Lived. "No, I do not remember what happened that night, nor do I wish to. Yes, I have a scar as a reminder of the tragedy. Any assumptions or false tales you hear are exactly that, false."

"I wouldn't presume such a thing, little lord." The Vampire smirked.

"And your name?" Hadrian asked, still feeling as if he knew the Vampire.

"Ah, apologies. My name is Sanguini. A pleasure to meet you, little lord." The Vampire smirked with a bow.

'Ah, that's how I know him.'

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