Yes, I know I still need to work on my other stories, and I am working on it. Just hit a little bit of a road block. Was just watching the beginnning of season 11 and saw this episode- I had to do a story on it, considering the one I already have in progress. Anyway, as usual I am making no money nor own any of the characters. Hope you enjoy!

Lost Credentials

"McGee, come on, you're with me. Pentagon. We're going to go talk to Lt. Kieth's CO."

Tim: "Uh, boss, boss? Abby needs my help. Actually she's said that she needs my help with the bomb residue. That ok?"

Gibbs: Yeah. Yeah, that's ok."

Tony: "Did you just lie to the all-knowing Gibbs?"

Tim: "It was stupid wasn't it."

Tony: "Yes!"

Tim: "I panicked. They're not going to let me into the Pentagon without my creds! I'm just going to have to notify the IG and report the loss."

Tony: "Woah woah woah woah. Don't make that phone call. They're gonna show up."

Tim: "Did you do something with them, Tony?"

Tony: "No. No! No. You probably put them somewhere stupid. Where were you last night?"

Tim: "I've been over it a thousand times.

Tony: "Do you have a booty call with your special friend DOD Delilah?"


Vance: "McGee? Whataya doing?"

McGee: "I can't find my car key. And, uh, I thought I dropped it in here."


Gibbs: "Yeah, Abby ID'ed the explosives. It was distributed by a Pyro Tech Engineering in Anacostia. You two, go, check it out."

Tim: "Boss I got a problem. I lost my creds. I haven't seen them since last night."

Gibbs: "You're just telling me now? You report this to RIG?"

Tim: "No I wanted to tell you first. I'll notify them."


Vance: "Is this what you lost, McGee?"

Tim: "Where'd you find them, Director?"

Vance: "They were found at RFK stadium. Police turned them in to the IG's office."

Tim: "I don't know what to say."

Vance: "Gibbs you know about this?"

Gibbs: "Yeah, deal with it later. Been a little busy around here, Leon."


Gibbs: "Get some sleep you guys."

Tony: "Thanks boss."

Gibbs: "Hey Eugene. Need something?"

Eugene: "I'm here for Special Agent McGee. You know why I am here? Heading up the IG investigation? Lost credentials are a very serious offense, especially when they are not immediately reported."

Gibbs: "Hey. We've had a long couple of days, you know?"

Eugene: "I need you to come with me."

Director Vance: "Hang on. Agent McGee isn't going anywhere."

Eugene: "Director?"

Vance: "Agent McGee and the rest of his team's presence has just been requested at the White House. His clever strategy just saved countless lives and a multi-billion dollar weapons system."

Gibbs: "Yeah, we'll get back to you on that, Eugene."

Tim's POV

I turn to look over my shoulder and grin. Gibbs' tap on my shoulder and quietly barked "Hey!" brings my attention back to him as we continue to head towards the elevator.

"We're not finished with this." I instantly pale, and mutter a quick,

"Yes boss."