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"What the hell?!"

The whole class watched in silenced as the umpteenth fight was about to break out again. Tsuna shrieked at the loud thud when the girl at the door actually punched the wall beside her out of anger. She gritted her teeth and her other hand was forming another punch, ready to throw at the prefect in front of her right here and right now.

"You've heard me herbivore. Detention for bringing in troubles, not to mention you destroyed the school property three seconds ago." The boy with black hair glanced over at the destroyed wall with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"If you didn't give me stupid detention for something that's not even my fault to begin with, I wouldn't have punched the wall. If you want to punish someone, go and freely punish yourself first!"

"Katagiri Sora."

"Just freaking die, Hibari Kyouya!" And she stormed off out of the classroom, but not before kicking Hibari in his knee.

"You and Hibari-senpai got along well, isn't it?" Kyoko mentioned while doing their homework at the library.

"Kyoko." Sora didn't lift her face in response, except that the lead of her pencil broke due to much force from her. "Don't mention that name in front of me."

Kyoko sweatdropped. "But I think he cares for you."

"If by 'cares' you actually mean 'harassing', then yes, you got that right."

"I thought you two knew each other since diapers."

"That's exactly the reason why I hardly have any other people to hang out with." Hibari would never ever fail to harass or threatening or simply beat anyone who tries to be in her circle, even if she approved them.

"Maybe he likes you~"

"Is the world ending already or what?" That Hibari? "Enlighten me. Anyways, are you going to Tsuna's house later?"

She nodded. "There's a party to welcome Tsuna's older brother from Italy. Let's go together!"

"Sure. Just finish this homework first."

Just as Sora was busy mingling with Tsuna's guardians, she was suddenly approached by a handsome man. "Dino. Dino Cavallone." The blonde with a furry sweater extend his hand.

"Sora." She accepted the handshake, smiling. She couldn't shake off the nice feeling of knowing that a real gentleman still existed, unlike one particular solitary lifeless carnivore that she knows.

"I've heard you protected my little brother quite a bunch of times."

"Apparently, he'd be dead by now and probably having infinity lives wouldn't help either if it comes to Hibari Kyouya."

Dino looked at the girl before him. Katagiri Sora. Fragile, but strong–hearted. Sweet but deadly. I can see why Reborn likes her.

"Are you aware we're in Mafia?"

"No. But I do aware it's not something normal." Talking hitman baby, dynamite-boy, and the school got destroyed at night and return to its normal state the next day? Wayyy tooooo abnormal unless this is 2000 years ahead.

"Herbivore." Sora rushed to the window and looked upwards when she heard her name being called. Speak of the devil. Hibari was standing there on the roof with his tonfa, ready to KO everyone and anyone in his way, particularly the girl. "You have guts to come here despite I told you not to."

"Guess what stupid carnivore? I have life and unlike you, I love to mingle with the same herbivore species such as me. So, suck it."

Hibari clearly hated her sharp tongue. And for the rest of the day afterwards, no one saw them after they played a classic police-and-thief game.

"Ever thought of joining mafia?" Gokudera asked Sora, while they're having lunch on the rooftop with Tsuna and Yamamoto.

"No thanks. I have my hands full with just Kyouya."

"So, you called him with his first name." Yamamoto drank from his water bottle.

"I do except with him around. You know how he hates to be seemed friendly with people." Sora slurped her drink ferociously. Today is sooo freaking hot.

"He never called you Sora?"

"He stopped doing that since years ago." Now that I think of it, is it since we entered middle school? Or is it way before that?

"You hate him?"

"Who wouldn't?" Sora chuckled. "But Kyouya ain't that bad. He did beat up scums who dare to mess with me while beating me as well in the process."

What a weird way to compliment someone!

"Do you like him?"

Sora just nodded. "I could just go to a different middle school if I wanted. But you know, I can't imagine picking a fight with someone else."

"You're…eccentric, isn't it?"

"Look who's talking. And by the way, I am proud to be one." Sora just smiled lightly, ignoring the trio's weird face at her.

Kusakabe shivered at the sight before him. Cold air, tense atmosphere, dark aura – this was spookier than ghost house, more terrifying than their fight against the Varia.

Meet the exquisite war of Hibari and Sora.

"You never told me you're going to continue your study outside here."

"Unlike you, Mr-Third-Year-Forever, I don't want to be stuck at the same damn place despite hating to lose the sight of Neverland."

"You are not going anywhere."

"Come on, Kyouya!" Sora crashed herself on the couch. "You're the only guy I've been sticking with since we were born. Let me see the world already!"

"You are seeing it."

"Please spare me the cliché you-are-my-world-and-by-seeing-you-I-see-the-world please." Sora rolled her eyes. "You are not that lame."


Sora flinched when Hibari used her first name, but, "Kyouya." Sora looked at the male. "I am not happy here."

Sora was expecting the male to use his veto-words or something, but she was surprised when Hibari just walked away.

And even more surprised with his parting words.

You are dead to me the moment you leave.