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It's been 10 years since she left Japan. Or specifically, Namimori. And now, after 10 years, fate decided to play with her which brought their little reunion to take place.

"...And so, I hope we will get along well starting from now."

Dino's speech went through her ears like a breeze. Even if it's crowded, the only thing she could see is the taller man in suit at the corner of the ballroom. And she was sure, he was thinking the same thing too.


Sora snapped from her thought. "Tsuna." She smiled at the brunette. "Looking good." The no-good Tsuna before her changed into a completely different person. He didn't have that please-spare-me-out-of-this anymore. The look on his face was more like I-will-take-all-responsibility-from-now-on.

"You too." Tsuna's eyes travelled on her. From the revealing-shoulder to the ribbon on her chest to the high heels. "You look more feminine."

"Thanks." Sora laughed at his compliment. "Kyoko's here too?"

Tsuna shook his head. "She was busy with her work."

"She is your secretary, right?" Sora asked for confirmation.

"Yes." Tsuna looked around before sighing to himself when his target was nowhere to be found. "Have you speak to Hibari-senpai?"

Sora's expression turned dark. "No, not yet."

"Aren't you planning to?"

"Is that why I saw him in crowded place?" Sora chuckled bitterly. "Tsuna...you do know if he knew, he'll bite you to death, right?"

Tsuna smiled half-heartedly at Sora. "That's what he's been doing ever since you left."

Tired with mingling, Sora decided to go for a fresh air on the rooftop of the building the party celebrating-the-Vongola took place. She slightly shivered as the cold breeze went past her.

"You'll get cold." A black blazer rested on top of her head. "What are you doing here?"

Sora didn't decline the offer. She took the blazer and wrapped it around her body. "I'm here for fresh air."

Dino patted her head. "Just that?" Sora nodded. "Sure it isn't about my stupid pupil?" Dino wasn't stupid. Hibari's action getting more violent ever since Sora left. His temper beat the hell out of the Andrew Hurricane. And everyone who was frightened of him, would just scurried away immediately before he could spot them. All for the sake to cherish their one life.

"I bet he's still mad." Sora head was down. Their parting scene still engraved in her mind. His words, his gaze, his back...everything.

"It's better to ask than to assume, isn't it?"

Sora snickered at herself. "Provided he let me talk first instead of killing me with one blow."

Dino sweatdropped. Sora was right. It's not like that was impossible for Hibari to do. "Don't worry. He won't do that." Dino gave her an assuring smile. "Because he cares for you, after all."

Sora cursed under her breath. 'Care for me, my ass!'

She was holding her broken left arm in pain, as blood trailing down from her cherry lips. Her decision to speak with Hibari the next day was a total mistake after all. Upon seeing her, he went straight to charge at her with his tonfa, sending her flying outside.

And he was looking down at her.

His eyes was cold, just like how she remembered the last time she saw them.


The wall beside her was destroyed after the name escaped her lips. "Don't Kyouya me."

"If I did?" Sora bravely asked. Her vision's getting blurry. Crap!

"You won't see another sunset, herbivore."

Hibari was right. She didn't. Because she already lost her consciousness.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. She still felt her head hurt. Hopefully, there won't be any major concussion, she prayed.

Feeling the weight on her right hand, Sora turned right. A blonde head entered her vision. "Dino?"

Dino mumbled something, but still remained sleeping. Cautiosly, Sora tried to pull her hand from his grasp, not to awaken him from his sleep, but failed.


"Urgh..." His voice sounded echoed inside my head. "Hello, Dino." She managed to greet him.

"I'm sorry, Sora-chan!" Dino bowed apologetically to her after he helped her with her sitting position.


"I suggested you talk to Kyouya and look what happened!"

Sora just smiled and patted his head. "Don't worry. I'm living, isn't it?"


Knock knock!

Both Sora's and Dino's attention to the opening door, revealing the Namimori trio – Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto.

"Hello~" Yamamoto cheerfully greeted while handing a bouquet of flowers to Sora. "For you."

Sora accepted it with pleasure. "Thank you." She then inhaled the scent. "It smells nice."

"The florist said it was send an hour ago."

"No wonder it smells fresh." Sora handed the flowers to Dino, who helped her to put it in a vase. But of course, without Romario, he tripped here and there. Sora almost thought he would end up having a bed beside her.

"I'm sorry about Hibari-senpai."

"Why is everyone apologizing in his place?" Sora rolled her eyes. Seriously, the guilty person didn't even show up.

Gokudera tch-ing under his breath. "And I don't see what you like about him."

Sora sighed. "It's not about what I like about him. It's just that, he's a friend. An important friend."

"You guys grew up together, right?"

"And now, we grew apart."

Knock knock!

Again, the attention turned to the door. Everyone's jaw-dropped. Sora found herself to gulp nervously. "Kyouya."

Hibari ignored the sea of people and proceeded to face her. "How disappointing."

"Kyouya!" Dino panicked.

"Can I have a private moment with Kyouya?" Sora faced each and one of them. "Please?"

Tsuna hesitated. Who knows what Hibari might do? But, when Gokudera patted his shoulder and Yamamoto just nodded at him, he surrendered. "Call us if anything happened."

Five minutes had gone by since they were left together. "Why are you here?"

"To end your life."

"Perfect place. At least the doctor could perform straight autopsy." Sora sarcastically asnwered.

"You left." Hibari moved closer. "Without telling me." And closer. "And associated with those herbivores." Until they're only few inches away. "And didn't even contact me for these 10 years."

Sora didn't even dare to blink. "You said I'm dead to you if I left. And I did."

"You are dead to me." Hibari distanced himself from them. "And will always be." His final words struck her like a thunder.

When Dino, Tsuna and the rest came in after Hibari walked out of the room, they saw her head hung down and she was clutching the sheet tightly.

"Sora-chan?" Dino called softly. His confused expression was replaced by a shocked on when he saw tears rolling down from her cheeks.

"Oi, Sora!" Gokudera called out in panicked. "What did that bastard do?!"

Sora didn't say a word. She's being engulfed in her own emotions. Unable to take it any longer, Gokudera stormed out of the room, chasing for the particular guardian. And when he found him..

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" Gokudera gripped Hibari's collar in anger. They may be in the same alliance, but still, Sora was one of his friends. And he liked Sora more than he liked Hibari.


"Don't nothing me!" His gripped on him tighten. "There's no way she'll cry if it was nothing."

"Gokudera-kun!" Gokudera was caught off-guard when he heard Tsuna was calling for him, allowing Hibari to knee him on his stomach.

"You...!" Gokudera was holding his stomach in pain. "Bastard!"

Looking down on the storm guardian, Hibari left without saying anything anymore.

"Are you alright, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna helped him to stand up.

"Yes. I'm sorry to worry you, Jyuudaime!" Gokudera apologize. But, he's still looking at Hibari's back. "He's heartless!"



"Reborn once told me this: Those who are heartless, once cared too much."

Gokudera's eyes widen. "Y-You don't mean to say..."

Tsuna nodded, leaving the silence to fill in between them. "Let's get you treated."

The dynamite-user could only nodded in gloom. "Yes."

At the end of the day, Hibari, Sora and Tsuna realized the same thing. The cloud belonged to the sky. And without the sky, the cloud lost its function.