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Chapter 1

One school to another

My name is Drake Ebony, adopted son of Earl Ebony and Carol Ebony, owners of THE largest producers of dust in the world along with several weapon producing companies. They adopted me when I was 8 because of my mother's birth defect, she was unable to produce offspring and seeing as they couldn't have a child of their own they turned to adoption.

They welcomed me into their home, raised me like their own child, and trained me to be the splitting image that was the Ebony name. My Father was strict and a great father figure while my mother was kind and gentle, she would often tell me stories of her time as an active huntress, the sights she'd seen, the monsters she'd fought, all of it sounded wonderful. She said she was trained at Beacon Academy, when asking my father about attending Beacon he's smiled and said I could go.

It was surprising to say the least, usually he never want me to leave home unless we were headed off as a family, now he was saying I could go ahead and attend Beacon. I was not going to question him, instead I thanked him and begun filling out Forms for Beacon, my father always hired the best tutors for me so I easily fulfilled the requirements for Beacon Academy, sadly having private tutors also meant I never really learned how to talk or interact with others. It didn't stop me though, after two weeks I found myself on this Airship to Beacon Academy with many others around my own age. I hope I can make some friends in this new place that is to be my new home.

=Note saved=

"So this is what the city looks like from above, funny, it looks much the roof of fathers Dust Factories." I thought closing my Scroll, attaching at to me belt I started watching out the window as the ship flew over the city. The News then came on; I never listened much to it. All I got was a Criminal Mastermind had robbed a Dust shop, and something about a Faunus protest. The news was switched off and replaced with, what I would assume was, a prerecorded message from a woman, she wore a white shirt, black skirt, had blond hair with glasses.

"Hello and Welcome to Beacon. My name is Glynda Goodwitch; you are among the privileged few who received the honor of attending this prestigious Academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace and as Future Huntsmen and Huntresses; it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training needed to protect our world." and with that her image vanished.


"Hey check it out!"

The others happily began looking out the window. Behind me I could hear someone moaning, looking back at him, he seemed like he was about to puke. It was clear he had motion sickness, much more common than people would think. Not even a moment later a girl with long blond hair kept yelling "Gross". Another younger looking girl in red and black kept telling her to get away because she had puke on her shoe, and personally I wasn't going to look and see if she was correct.

"This is going to be a long day." I chuckled grabbing a handkerchief from one of my cut-off sleeves.

"Oh Five elemental spirits..."

"What the hell?" I thought looking around the ship. "Did you hear something?" I asked no one in particular.

"Hear what? All I heard was my sister calling him "Vomit Boy"." The girl in red said pointing toward the front of the ship.

Looking back to the girl, she stared at me while blond haired girl, whom I assumed was her sister, whipped the vomit off her shoe with the handkerchief. Shaking my head I sighed "I must be hearing things." I said walking away from them, heading towards the front of the ship.

Outside I took a big, deep breath. "The air is so much cleaner here." I smiled looking across the large open courtyard.

"Heed my summoning..."

There is was again, what was that? Looking around I tried to find the source but once again no luck.

"We brought your luggage sir." a bag carrier said from behind. Looking back to him I smiled from behind the collar of my shirt and nodded.

"Hmm?" looking back I nodded. "Oh, thank you, I'll go ahead and take care of my things. Go ahead and get the next persons bags."

The carrier bowed and left to get a set of white briefcases. Looking at them closely I could see the Schnee symbol on each bag. Meaning Weiss Schnee was going to be it Beacon this year, personally I had no problem with the Schnee family however I don't know if she has the same attitude, for lack of a better word, towards my family so it's probably best I avoid her for the time being.

"And bring forth my familiar!"

"I swear I must be going insane! That's the third time I heard that voice!" a new voice groaned from beside me.

"Hmm?" I said looking beside me. "You heard that too?"

After a second I noticed I was looking at a pair of white bunny ears. Looking down I finally came face to face with what looked to be a small-medium sized Faunus. A girl that was about one to one and a half heads shorter than I was, her outfit was a purplish color, looked elegant and very well made, and it exposed her belly button and thighs. Her hair was long and white; her eyes were big and were an Aquamarine color. She had what looked like a size retracted lance and a shield. Oddly though the was one thing that caught my eye most out of her whole outfit, it was her gloves although they looked store made I could tell they were custom made because the gloves didn't have a slot for the Just a four fingered glove with a hole big enough for the thumb and joint.

"Yeah, that voice is giving me the creeps." she said wrapping her arms around herself, shivering.

"I know, but why can't anyone else hear it?" I thought out loud. "My name is Drake by the way. Drake Ebony."

"Nice to meet yam, names Tachibi."

"Odd name." I joked.

"Yeah well, my folks were a little... what's the word?"

"Creative?" I grabbed the cart of black luggage, pulling it along with me.

"Yeah, that's better than what I thought of." Tachibi chuckled walking along side me. "What's with the luggage?"

"Just some stuff from home. My old man sent some extra things with me, "Just in case" he said."

"Sounds like a nice guy to me."

"For the most pa-"

There was a sudden explosion from the court behind us, we looked back to see two girls one in red and the other in white, both covered in soot, yelling it one another.

"I probably don't want to know what happened there." Tachibi sighed.

I nodded in agreement, before seeing the symbol on one of the knocked over bags, it was the Schnee symbol, a snowflake. I sighed and shook my head, turning back around I felt something pulling on my luggage. Looking back once more I saw something I was sure was never there before. Some strange green oval thing and engulfed a portion of the cart.

"What the-" suddenly the cart was getting pulled farther and farther into that thing. "Whoa! What the hell?!"

The cart jerked, I lost my footing. Grabbing the cart, Tachibi helped pull but the more we pulled the more the cart was pulled in. After several seconds the cart was suddenly jerked and both of us were pulled inside, inside was pitch black like the void.


"Oh Five elemental spirits heed my summoning and bring forth my familiar!" Louise cast her wand downward; the result was a massive explosion.

The explosion caused the ground to shake and the shock wave knocked several students off their feet and onto the ground. Everywhere there was smoke, groans and coughs could be heard from within the big dust cloud.

"That's Louise for you..." once boy said sitting up off the ground.

"Was there any doubt?" Kirche coughed.

Tabitha, from within the cloud of dust, cast a quick spell summoning a cool breeze of wind to blow away the smoke. Looking over to Louise, Tabitha could see she stood there unharmed, however there was what looked to be some black luggage spewed everywhere in front of her. Where did at come from she wondered. From amongst the bags she could see a metal boot from beneath some of the bags.

"Bags?! My familiar is a bunch of bags?!" Louise shouted in anger, getting several laughs and giggles from her classmates. Louise's face turned a bright red.

Tabitha stood up and walked over to her, placing her hand on Louise shoulder she pointed to the pile of bags. "Buried." she said.

"Huh?" Louise followed Tabitha's gaze and finally noticed the boot from beneath the luggage.

Raising her staff, Tabitha cast another spell, the black bags begun to float off the ground before stacking into a neat little pile, revealing two unconscious figures sleeping on the ground, one girl and a boy.

"Oh? It seems Louise the Zero summoned something after all." Kirche chuckled.

The boy had long straight hair pulled and tied back into a ponytail. He had broad shoulders, and his arms were slightly muscular, Louise noticed he wore bladed boots, green camouflage jeans, a matching camouflage shirt with cut off sleeves that concealed his hands and his shirt collar covered the lower portion of his face, he wore a black bandanna on his covered with a white spiders. Louise could see he had two swords on his back.

The girl looked about as tall as Louise, maybe even a little shorter, she wore an elegant yet skimpy dress with a matching pair of shoes. Her hair was a pure white color matching her ears and tail... wait ears? And tail?

"Is that an animal spirit?" one girl said.

"Look it the boy, is he some kind of mercenary?" A chubby boy said pointing to them.

Professor Colbert walked up next to Louise and begun to examine the unconscious figures. The girl had bunny ears and a puffy white tail, on her back was what looked to be a miniature lance and a shield. Louise could hear several of her classmates squealing; whether it was fear or affection she couldn't tell.

Walking over to them, Colbert shook them slightly. The boy merely waved him off and rolled over unintentionally throwing his arm over the bunny girl, Colbert sighed.

"They're out, Miss Valliere you must finish the contract." Colbert turned to Louise.

"With both of them?" Louise wondered. Colbert nodded.

"But Professor, This boy can't be my familiar; I wouldn't mind having the girl but do I have to with the boy? It's unheard of to have a peasant as a familiar!"

"Like it or not Miss Valliere but they're both your familiars; now finish the contract or I'll be forced to expel you from the institute."

"Go for it Louise!" Kirche teased. Louise looked it her and growled.

Looking back to her unconscious familiars, she sighed and pushed the boys arm off, kneeling beside the bunny girl Louise gently picked up her head and moved her face closer to her own, finishing the ritual. "My name is Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere," she began "Oh pentagon of the Five Powers, bless these individuals, and make them my familiars."

Louise took a deep breath and closed her eyes, leaning towards the bunny girl to have her lips embrace against hers. A hush fell over the crowd as every boy present held their breath on silent anticipation as they readied themselves to witness the kind of kiss most of them had only thought of in their wildest dreams. Finally Louise lips kissed make contact the her familiars, after a second or two she pulled away and watched as the Familiar's runes were burned onto her hand.

The girl groaned quietly, biting her lip she drew blood before the pain receded. Louise nervously looked back to see many the guys blushing happily, several of them with nose bleeds. She sighed turning to the boy, she gulped. Picking his head up, she whispered to him. "Be thankful Peasant, normally someone of noble birth would never do this for a peasant like you."

Louise closed her eyes and kissed him, finishing the ritual. Opening her eyes, Louise squealed in shock and had nearly jumped backwards in shock. The boy was awake and staring back it her, an angry expression on his face. The boy grabbed Louise by the throat, standing up, he hoisting Louise up into the air with one hand. Louise choked; looking back down it him she saw that his eyes were two separate colors one red and blue. Grabbing the hand it her neck, it was cold, and she noticed he wore gauntlets beneath his sleeves.

"Drop her, now!" Colbert ordered pointing his staff it the boy.

Looking at Colbert, he growled. Suddenly he started groaning in pain, dropping Louise, he grabbed his hand moaning. Louise quickly scurried away as she watched a light shine from beneath his gauntlet.

Falling to his knees, the burning pain finally subsided. Panting, he reached for a one of the swords on his back, he paused. Looking at Colbert, his staff still pointed in his direction, he sighed and stood up. Casting Louise another angry glance, she flinched, before finally turning around he looked at the black bags stacked before him.

"Miss Valliere, are you alright?" Colbert asked kneeling beside her.

"Yeah... I'm fine..." Louise coughed rubbing her throat.

"Nice familiar you got there Louise." Kirche teased from a safe distance.

"He still looks kind of angry." Guiche added from his hiding spot in a nearby rose bush.

"Alright that's enough for today everyone, you're all dismissed." Colbert said, sending away the student's and their newly summoned familiars. "Miss Valliere, will you be alright with him?"

"Y-yeah, I can handle a lowly peasant." Louise stood up, gulped and started walking over to the boy, Colbert followed right behind her, still worried.

By now, the familiar was searching through the cases. Currently he held a small glass jar filled with a red colored powered, closed off with a cork. Standing behind Louise took a deep breath.

"What is it?" he asked closing the jar back into the case.

Louise huffed, how dare he talk to her, a noble, in such a matter. Angry, Louise pointed her wand it him, Colbert stopped her from continuing. Shaking his head, Colbert proceeded to talk with the young him.

"Are you alright sir?" he asked.

"Yeah, what did she do to me?" he asked looking through another case.

"Miss Valliere finished the binding contract with you."

"And that requires her to kiss me?" he asked standing up, finally looking him eye to eye.

"Err... well... yes." Colbert nodded unsure of how to respond.

"I see, what exactly is a binding contract and can I at least have the name of the one who stole my first kiss?" he asked looking it her.

"Louise." she said looking away from him, blushing.


"Well Drake, the binding contract binds you to Miss Valliere as her familiar. A familiar is a lifelong friend and companion to a mage. I'm afraid I don't have much time, I must get going, please follow Miss Valliere, she will show you where you'll be sleeping." Colbert said gesturing to Louise.

"Hold it, what's this about?" Drake demanded removing his gauntlet revealing the runes burned onto his hand.

"That's the rune that binds a familiar to their master... hmm?" Colbert squinted, looking closer at the runes; taking a sheet of parchment from his pocket he copied the runes. Colbert quickly left after he finished copying the rune leaving Louise with her new familiars. Looking at Drake, Louise sighed.

"Follow me, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

"What about her?" Drake said pointing to the unconscious Faunus sleeping in the ground.

"Carry her, just don't drop her."

"And my luggage?"

"I'll have the servants get them, now hurry up!" she shouted walking away from him.

Walking over to Tashibi, Drake sighed in annoyance. Kneeling down, he picked up the sleeping Faunus bridal style before following Louise. "The way she acts, I can hardly see us being friends. Acquaintance at best." he muttered leaving the courtyard.


A great deal of time has pass since that morning, night now lingered outside and Louise was sitting down in her room, annoyed that one side of her room was now filled with black luggage, one now sweaty familiar and a girl Louise was told is called a Faunus.

"So let me get this straight," Drake said as he did a set of pushups. "We're in The Kingdom of Tristein, this is the Tristein Academy of magic, you're a student and a noble, and only the nobility can use magic while everyone is a pathetic weakling how has to do everything you nobles say."

Louise could feel her eyebrow twitching, sighing she nodded. "That's not how I would put it but... yes. And you will not refer to me as you, I name is Louise de la Valliere." Louise looked to the sleeping Faunus on her bed. "Now, you say you're both from a different word? One filled with monster of something called Grimm, she is called a Faunus and you two were starting your studies at some Academy called Beacon to become Huntsmen and Huntresses?"

"That's the gist of it." Drake replied finishing his set.

"I don't believe you." Louise said plugging her nose.

"I don't believe this world yet here we are." Drake stood up stretching his arms.

Louise gaged on the stink of his sweat and attempted to fan it away. "Go clean yourself, you stink!"

Drake merely shrugged, leaving the room Louise opened the window and begun to air out the room. Looking to the bed, Louise smiled at the sleeping Faunus on her bed. "At least you haven't caused me any trouble yet."


Drake sighed from the stairwell. Louise didn't seem happy with him being there, that was clear, but that was clear, but why was she ok with the Faunus, Tashibi? She was a person as well like him, maybe it was the ears... should he... no, he wasn't one to purposely draw attention to himself.

"I should check the gear my father sent with me," he said out loud to himself. "I have yet to see what he sent me with and knowing my father it will no doubt be useful."

"What are you talking about peasant?" Guiche interrupted pausing his wooing of the brunette beside him.

Looking back at him, Drake gave him a cold stared. "Nothing that concerns you." Guiche gave him a nasty stare.

"You know, you caused quite a stir among the first year students as well. Don't you have anything to say about it?"

"No, I don't think so." Drake turned the corner heading farther down the tower, leaving Guiche and the brown haired girl.

"That was awfully rude, and he needs a bath too." Guiche frowned plugging his nose.

"Don't remind me." Drake thought walking down the stairs.

At what he assumed was the base of the tower he found the room to be big a spacious, there were couches and end tables alongside the wall, there were also paintings and lamps. In the center of the circular room was a fountain, sitting on it was one of the girls from that afternoon with some tanned skinned guy in a purple cloak.

"Looks like I found the bottom." Looking around, a thought popped up in his head. "Before the bath, I should try to figure out if I'm still on Vytal. If what Louise said is true, and I really hope it isn't, then I shouldn't be able to get a signal."

Leaning against the wall Drake grabbed his scroll off his belt. Activating his scroll he opened it and tried sending out calls to his parents, no luck. All that appeared was a notice saying "No Signal". Drake sighed in disappointment, no signal meant no rescue, and no rescue meant he was stuck here.

Deactivating the scroll, Drake replaced it on his belt and left the tower. Outside he looked up at the moons, for the longest time he'd never seen the stars, it least not this clearly. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, a purple glow shone around his body. Opening his eyes, they changed from red and blue, to a matching purple color.

Through his eye he could see the courtyard, it was bright and sunny and there was a large ring of student's around him and Guiche, both looked ready to fight. Just as the battle begun, his Aura faded and his vision of the future ended.

Feeling lightheaded, he allowed himself to stagger. Shaking his head he looked back to the courtyard in front of him, he smiled. "A fight huh? I wonder what we're fighting about."

End of Chapter 1

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