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Chapter 1

Arizona's POV

It's one of those ordinary scenes that occur in every bridal store - cranky bride surrounded by bridesmaids who are trying to help her plan the perfect wedding. The difference in this corner is... the bridesmaids are the ones that are cranky.

"I swear to god Arizona, put that awful dress back on the rack; Or you'll have to be really nice to your own hands for a very, very long time." Callie threatened me, but I could see horror in her own eyes.

"Or I'll send Mark to burst open your bedroom door again." Addison pointed her hand that was currently holding champagne glass holding hand to me.

"Nice one! But can you tell him to do that when I'm not there. I almost killed him last time, he woke me up at 6am on a Sunday morning." The two of them giggled together like a pair of high school girls and I rolled my eyes.

"You two have to stop the champagne. And what's the problem with this one?" I held up the dress. "It's a summer wedding; and rosa is perfect color for bridesmaids."

"That's pink!" Addison raised her well-shaped eyebrow.

"No, it's rosa." I pursed my lips.

"Rosa in Spanish means pink, my dear. Seriously, we've been together for over a year already, have you ever seen any pink in my closet?" Callie snorted, and finished her glass of champagne when she saw Addison reaching for the bottle to fill up her own glass.

"You have that pink lace lingerie with the black trimmed..." I glanced up, trying to recall the details of that little piece. To be honest, I don't really remember it except it was pink, with a little bit of black, very soft... and I broke the strap after 2 seconds.

"I bought that for you! And only you could see that within the four walls. I'll never wear anything with pink for the world to see."

I smirked when I brought a blush to my girlfriend's cheeks. She is so cute! I turned around to put the rosa color dress on the 'maybe' rack.

"You wore pink lingerie?" Addison nudged Callie, that made her face even redder.

"Oh, like you don't have anything slutty. Mark told me you had that slutty nurse uniform during your private Halloween party." Callie fired back, but Addison didn't even flinch.

"I rocked that slutty nurse uniform." She smiled cockily.

The curtain in the corner pulled open, Teddy stepped out in a big puffy white cotton dress.

"You, and your slutty nurse uniform! Do you know what Tim got me for Christmas?" The white cotton puff pointed her finger at Addison. I quickly went to her side to help smoothing the train of the dress.

"He gave you that shawl mom likes so much, we asked the address and went to buy another one for her the next day." I said when I bended down to pick out a thread on the... cotton candy.

"Yes, that was the present he gave me in your parent's living room. Later that night after we returned home, there was a set of slutty cheerleader uniform lying on our bed." She narrowed her eyes at Addison. Now she and Callie are roaring with laughter on the couch.

"Theodora! He's my brother! I don't need to know... his cheerleader obsession." I stood up straight, with my hands on my hips staring at her.

"Oh believe me, me either." She patted my shoulder. "We need to stop him from hanging out with Mark Sloan. He's bad influence."

"Hey, your man is not really that innocent, he taught Mark to use his..." I don't know if Addison didn't get my hints or she really wanted to... share. But I can't. I don't want to know the details of my brother's kinky bedroom activities.

"La la la la la la la..." I stuck my fingers to my ears and started to sing.

They all shook with laughter. Then Callie came up from the couch, handed me her glass of champagne before pecking me on the lips. "We'll stop, I promise."

Addison was about to protest, but Callie stood behind me and wrapped my midsection with both of her arms, signaling that she has my back. I relaxed in her arms, smiled when Addison gave us a grimace.

I turned my attention back to Teddy. She looks really... ridiculous in that dress. High lace necked, lace bodice and featured a chapel length train that I believe is big enough to hide a couple of small children in there. And the big sleeves... Oh the big sleeves, the massive, elbow length puffed sleeves...

"Theodora, are you sure you want this one?" I left the soft and warm body of my girlfriend, and walked to Teddy to try and smooth the dress one more time. Callie went back to the couch and got herself another glass of champagne.

"Yes." She started to twirl slowly. I don't know what to say, but Callie and Addison obviously have exceptional taste.

"Oh my god, you are stunning, Teddy." "Yeah, that absolutely is THE dress. Isn't she beautiful? Oh I just wanna cry."

Teddy grinned at them. "I dreamed about this dress since I was a little girl. My dream was to wear a puffy white dress and skip down the aisle toward the man I love. But I don't think this one is puffy enough, do you think I can stick a couple of melons in my sleeves? And I want a big, fluffy veil; And a tiara!"

Then another roar of laughter from my so-called best friends, and girlfriend broke out. Finally it hit me. "You all are making fun of me, aren't you?"

"Come on! I put on like 20 different dresses already; I don't even remember which ones I tried on. Have some fun, loosen up a bit. It supposes to be fun, right?" Teddy picked up the lower hem of the dress with her fingers, and started to twirl again.

"I want my brother and my best friend to have the perfect wedding. What's wrong with that? You only have your first wedding once." I held my hands on my sides,and stared at Teddy as mad as I could.

"You have your first of anything only once." Callie whispered to Addison loudly, they both giggled again until I swiveled around to stare at them.

"And you two, not helping at all!" I pointed my angry finger at them, especially to Callie. "You just sat there, drank champagne and said no to everything I picked!"

"But... I already told you, I don't do pink or baby blue. I will not be wearing flowers in my hair and I won't be seen with a bow on my ass. Those are my conditions. But everything you chose was either pink or yellow or baby blue..." Callie said to me in a shaky voice. She glanced to Addison for some support, but the red head bit the corner of her mouth and turned her fave to the other side.

"You know what? I don't care, wear whatever you want." I shrugged a shoulder, and slowly turned around to walk away from them. As I predicted, my girlfriend rushed to my side less than the 2 steps I took.

"I'm sorry, ok?" She held my shoulders from behind, lips brushing my cheek slightly. "I know you mean well, and the wedding will be perfect."

I tried to shrug off her hands, but she tightened her grip.

"Don't be mad, please?" She tried again, but I just pursed my lips and looked away. "What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing, I don't need you to do anything, I don't need you to try on the dresses I picked." I said coldly.

Callie dropped her forehead on my shoulder, sighed heavily, then went over to pick up the rosa colored dress from the rack, and disappeared behind the fitting curtain.

"You must be good in bed." Addison said with a smirk on her face. I flopped on the couch with a cocky smile on my lips.

Picking up Callie's glass of champagne to take a sip, I shrugged, "What can I say? She loves me."

"Guilt tripped her to put on that dress. You're a horrible girlfriend." Teddy laughed, but I could see she was impressed.

"She didn't think so when I put on that deep red lingerie on Christmas eve." I winked at her and took another sip of the champagne. "You, take off that ludicrous dress and try on the one I hung on the rack over there."

"You are a mean maid of honor. I think I made a mistake." Teddy murmured under her breath before pulling the curtain shut.

I yelled after her.

"You'll thank me later when you have a perfect wedding!"

"No matter what, I am not going to put on a pink dress on Teddy and Tim's wedding." Addison stated when I leaned back on the couch.

"We'll see, Addison. We will see." I sneered, held up my champagne glass to clink to hers.

A pager went off among one of the bags we put on the couch, Addison checked hers then shook her head. I pouted and picked up Callie's from her bag. Yes, it was hers. I approached her changing area with the annoying device.

"Calliope, your pager just went off. I'm coming in." Not waiting for an answer, I slipped in behind the curtain.

Callie's POV

"Thanks honey." I reached for the pager my girlfriend handed me. I checked the page while she helped zip up the hideous dress.

"Please tell me you don't have to go back to the hospital; you had quite a lot of champagne. And it's your day off, you promises you'd shop for a couch with me." Arizona said behind me, I glanced at the mirror and I could see she was pouting.

"Relax it probably can be settled with a call, don't worry." I turned around to face her, but she didn't meet my gaze. She was staring at my boobs, but not exactly staring at my boobs. "Hey, what's going on? Are you ok?"

She shrugged, but still not looking at me. I cupped her cheek with a hand, and ducked my head to try to look her in the eyes. Finally she gave in. As soon as our eyes met, I raised my eyebrow to telepathize her, telling her that she couldn't fool me.

She took a heavy breath. I brushed her cheek with my thumb gently, then she dropped her gaze back to my boobs again.

"I... you... you and the others don't care about this at all. It's like I'm the only one who thinks about everything." She fumbled with the strap on my shoulder.

"No honey, of course we care about this. It's Teddy and Tim's wedding, we just aren't as involved as you. But of course we care." I said softly, trying to soothe her.

"How come you..." She lifted her head to look at me, but stopped half way. "Never mind."

She shook her head, and forced a smile while she stepped backward.

"Arizona, it's not about the dress you chose, it's the color. You look beautiful in pink, you really do. But me? I'm a Latina, I have a darker skin tone, it doesn't go with pink, or yellow." I waved my hand to gesture the dress I'm wearing.

Finally, I made her giggle.

"Fine, take it off. I'll find something else. You go and call the hospital."

Quickly I changed back in my jeans and top, then I stepped out of the changing area and found the girls checking out the dresses on the other side of the store. I pulled my cell out of the bag, settled on the couch and called the person who paged me.

"Hey Tim, you paged?"

"Hi Callie. Yes I-"

"Just so you know, I'm having champagne in the bridal store, there is no way I can come back and operate on anyone. Get someone else if you need a hand." I cut him off quickly.

"No, it's a quiet day. I'm just checking in to see how it's going?"

"Well, your sister is in full on maid of honor mode. We've been here for 2 hours, I think your wife-to-be already tried on everything in the store, including a vintage piece I'm pretty sure coming from the grandma of the store owner." I balanced the phone between my shoulder and cheek, freeing my hands to pour a glass of champagne. "Addison and I are bored to death, I think the 2 of us finished a bottle of champagne.

"2 hours, huh? I pity you." Tim sneered on the other side of the line, I laughed along.

"The wedding is in June. 6 months from now. I still don't understand why we have to pick the dress now." I glanced toward the 3 women, Arizona is holding a low cut style dress next to Teddy, both her and Addison are pointing, gesturing, comparing Teddy's boobs. I swear, I saw them cupping Teddy's girls.

"Well, according to cousin Cathy and Aunt Beth, we're 6 months behind."

"What do they know?" I sipped the champagne. "You just came back from the desert, got a job and got your life back. Head of cardio is no picnic."

"That they understood. What they didn't understand was why Teddy didn't do anything yet. Apparently planning a wedding has nothing to do with the groom. I just have to hand her the checkbook, remember to put on a tuxedo, and say the correct name at the altar. Then my job is done."

"That's ridiculous." I snorted. My eyes followed every move of my girlfriend; and I know she's looking back at me from time to time.

"You weren't there for Christmas dinner. The way they grilled Teddy and Arizona was terrible. You have to see those bitches's faces when they heard that only the date of the wedding, groom men and bridesmaids were confirmed."

"Arizona didn't say much about that. She just told me Cathy was bummed that she is not going to be in the wedding." I saw Addison pick out a dark brown color bridesmaid dress, both Arizona and Teddy shook their heads.

"That woman thinks she has to be in every Robbins wedding. Good luck to you."

"Me? Why me?" I chuckled, when Arizona yanked that brown dress from Addison's hand and put in back on the rack.

"Well, I assume after mine, you and Arizona are going to be the next, isn't it?"

"I... don't know." I frowned, and retreated my gaze from my girlfriend. I looked down at the floor in front on me. "We aren't even living together yet."

"Calliope Torres, what are your intentions with my little sister?" Tim asked playfully. He's never asked me this question before.

"You know I love her. But getting married is... big. We've only been together a year."

"Have you talked to Arizona about this? I mean, where are you two heading?"

"Uh..." No, we haven't.

"Seriously, if you were a guy, or if I didn't know you're so whipped, I'd punch you in the face."

"I'm not whipped." I hissed. Not knowing Arizona and Addison came back.

"Oh yeah, you are so whipped." Addison sneered. I snapped up to find her smirking and Arizona's dimpled smile.

"Who is it?" Arizona asked when she took the champagne from my hand.

"Tim, he's checking in."

"Oh, he's whipped too." Addison laughed, checking her cellphone. "Mine checked in too."

I rolled my eyes at her, and continued my conversation with Tim.

"Hey man, Arizona's here. You want to talk to her?" I asked after the blonde sat on my lap, about to take the phone. I wrapped my arm around her hip, rested my palm on her tight jean clad thigh.

"Nope, not when she's in a maid of honor mode. I've known her long enough to know how horrible she can be. Say hi to her for me. And Addison too. Bye."

"He has to go to check on a patient." I told Arizona after ended the call. "He said hi to the both of you."

"I was going to ask if he wants us to pick the tuxedo for him and his guys." She twisted the corner of her lips. Glancing to the tuxedo section of the store.

"Arizona, you know nothing about men's clothes, better leave it to the guys." Addison teased my girl. But she's right.

"Fine. I hope Mark knows his duty as best man." Arizona lifted her head to finish the glass of champagne. I couldn't help but to nuzzle into her neck; And my hands are getting restless. I blame the champagne.

I stopped when she put her hand over mine to stop me from sneaking under her top. I pouted. "I'm bored."

"You're drunk." She struggled to stand up, but I rounded my hands to lock her in place.

"Because I'm bored."

"Me too." Addison chipped in.

"Come on. One for all, and all for one." Arizona sighed. "And Addison, out of all people, I don't understand why you don't enjoy wedding dress shopping."

"This is depressing, that's why." Addison shrugged. "Clothes shopping means I might get something for myself. Wedding dress shopping is a whole different ball game."

"You do this for Teddy now, and we'll be here for you when you and Mark get married."

"Woah! Hold your horses. Mark and I haven't talked about that yet. Have you?" Addison took her eyes off the phone to look at us.

At the sound of the curtain being pulled open, we all turned to look to that direction. Teddy is walking out in another dress. The next second, the woman on my lap was gone and shot toward Teddy.

Addison raised her eyebrow and gazed at me. I narrowed my eyes and stared back at her.