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Chapter 18 - Epilogue

Callie's POV

I moan lightly when a warm body snuggles up against my naked back. A soft hand caresses my stomach pulling me out of slumber. My whine of protest turns into another moan when I feel a pair of lips kissing around my shoulder.

"Wake up, pretty lady." Arizona whispers against my skin. I turn around clumsily, groping her face with my eyes still closed, and pull her to me for a morning kiss.

"I don't want to." I drop my hand on my side when she shifts to kiss my cheek, down to my neck, and lower.

"Are you sure?" She giggles against the middle of my chest. "Your stomach is asking for food."

My body shakes from laughing along with her. I do feel hungry. She plants 3 kisses on my stomach and then returns to my face.

"You need to eat. Want me to order room service? Get some fresh orange juice?"

"I want my morning coffee." I purse my lips, blinking my eyes a couple times to get use to the sunlight coming from the big windows in the hotel room.

"Calliope..." She brushes the few strands of hair away from my face, looking down at me lovingly.

"I want coffee, and muffin." I flutter my eyelashes purposely, making her chuckle and drop her head in the crook of my neck. "I want the pumpkin muffin from the coffee shop around the corner."

"Eww... pumpkin, again?" She lifts her head to look at me with a grimace. I raise my eyebrows.

"I want pumpkin."

Her head drops back down with a sigh. I just stare at the ceiling with a smirk, waiting for her to give in.

"Fine," she breathes out, kissing my neck with a smack. "Get your ass out of the bed or we'll be late."

We sit by the window in the little cafe near to the hotel. I groan when I put the muffin in my mouth just to tease my woman. Her coffee cup hides her lips, but I can see the smile from her sky blue eyes.

"You are so lucky I love you." She said after put down the cup, I smile back triumphantly.

After we finish our breakfast, we walk along the busy New York street back to our hotel, just in time to get in the car that the TV station sent to pick up Arizona for a talk show interview.

The director gives me a seat next to the camera, so I can see my brilliant blonde beauty on the stage being interviewed by her long time friend Pam. The crowd around me stirred when I settled down. Apparently, they recognized the wife of their favorite author. I couldn't hold the proud smile on my face.

"Welcome back, Dr. Robbins." Pam pulls Arizona in her arms for a hug, and they sit down on the couches to start. "It has been a while since the last time you came on the show."

"Oh yes, I think it's been almost 2 years." Arizona smiles at her friend and at the audience. "Thank you for inviting me back."

"The honor is ours. It's always nice to have you here. So, you have a new book, again. You really like to write."

"Yes, I do." Arizona chuckles. "A lot of things happened in the last year, I just want to write it down and share the experience."

"Right, you got married last year. Congratulations." Pam cries out enthusiastically, the audience cheers around me.

"Thank you. Yes, I am a happily married woman now." Arizona holds up her left hand to show the engagement ring and the wedding ring, the same ones I have on my left hand. Another cheer explodes behind me. "And my wife is in the audience now."

Arizona winks at me with a smile. From the big screen next to the stage, I can see the camera man has pointed the camera at me. I just bite my bottom lip trying to hide my grin, and my blush.

"Would you mind telling us about the proposal? I've heard there's a very interesting story behind it." Pam smiles at Arizona mischievously. She knew the story.

"Oh Pam, I don't think you have enough time on the show for me to tell the long version." Arizona pops up her dimpled smile to the camera. Boy, the camera sure does love my beautiful wife. "The short version, I proposed to her to propose to me."

The audience says "wow" in unison.

"Is it true that you and Callie go everywhere together? I mean, whenever one of you got a meeting away from home, the other would tag along?" Pam gives me a smile and then turns to my wife. "Apparently, you are here in New York for the book tour, and Dr. Torres is here too."

"It's a long story." Arizona laughs out. "The last few times I left town, something bad happened, including my wife, at the time my girlfriend, got shot when I wasn't around. It's part of our wedding vows that we won't leave the other, not even for just one day."

"That's lovely." Another round of wows comes from the audience, and the camera points to me again. I just shake my head, casting a smiling glance towards the woman on the stage.

Arizona's POV

My smile grew wider when I saw the face of my wife. She hates the attention of the camera. Even though we agreed on coming here to New York together, she didn't sign up to come to any shows with me. However, last night when we had dinner with Pam, she used our friendship card to convince Callie to come to the show. Since this is going to be my last interview on this trip, Callie's here but under a condition, she's not going on stage.

"So Arizona, tell us about your new book." Pam asks after the audience settled down.

"The title of the book is 'When you say nothing at all'. It's about the importance of communication. Communication is a necessary part of life, from work to school to leisure time. Relationships need communication skills. It helps the relationship grow and may need to change as people change throughout the years." Just like the other interviews I had over the years about the books I wrote, I talk about the knowledge in my field. The difference of this book is I'm not just sharing stories of my patients, I am sharing my story too.

"How we communicate or express ourselves goes a great way towards determining how our expressions are interpreted. People don't want to communicate due to fear. Telling people what you want or how you feel can put you in a vulnerable position. The more you're afraid to get hurt, the less you're willing to open up yourself." I chance a glance to my wife, who's nodding slowly with a smile.

"As I said, it's my experience that I want to share. For a while my wife and I were stuck in a haze because we didn't communicate as we should've. We were afraid to ask for more so then we were afraid to give more. Luckily, we've learnt from those mistakes. Now we voice out our concerns, and no more surprises even though my wife loves surprises." I send a quick wink to Callie, making the whole audience chuckle.

"I've known the two of you for a while, and you and Callie are always so... in love. I mean, it's hard to see there was anything wrong between you two." Pam asks, and I smile sheepishly.

"Because we tried to sweep our true feelings under the rug. It's not that we don't love each other because we do. Just when you are afraid to communicate, things go in the wrong direction and doubts start to build up. But once you are willing to break the wall and talk to each other, everything will be alright again."

The audience claps after my speech.

"Oh, I have no doubt that you two really love each other. I went to have dinner with the couple last night. I can't believe those two still act like newlyweds after a year." Pam looks between me and the audience with a grimace. "But really, no surprise? Your proposal surprise is still the best story I've ever heard."

"Well, I'd say no more surprises to each other. Hmm... My wife and I are expecting our first child," I look over to Callie in the audience, who smiling back at me with her hand on her slightly showing tummy. "And we agreed on not knowing the sex of the baby yet. We want it to be our surprise."

"Oh my god, congratulations again, Arizona." Pam is acclaiming and squeezes my forearm on the arm rest, and the audience are cheering and clapping, but I just couldn't take my eyes off my radiant pregnant beauty.

"It's interesting." Callie whispers in my ear as we're walking out of the studio hand in hand after the interview. I turn to her with a broad smile. "You were talking about no surprise, yet you announced our pregnancy to the world without asking me first."

I laugh out mischievously, bringing my free hand to caress her stomach.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it." We stop by the pavement, waiting for our ride back to the hotel. "I want everyone to know my hot wife and I are going to have the cutest baby in the world."

I round my arms around her neck to pull her to me on my lips. Even though Callie and I have been married for over a year, there is something that we both would never get tired of. Kissing each other is one of those things on our long list.

We were in our little world with our lips locked together until the car pulled up and honked. I help my woman get in and follow behind her. As soon as we settle in the back of the car, my hand goes to her tummy instantly. This is the new habit I've developed since the plus sign showed on the stick three months ago.

"Well, since you were talking about communication, no surprises and stuff, there's something I need to tell you." Callie put her hand on mine over her stomach. Even though she's trying to look serious, she couldn't hide the sparkle in her eyes.

"What? Are you going to tell me the bump I've been stroking and talking to over the last few months is burritos?" I pull away dramatically, using the hand to cover my chest with my mouth wide open.

"Hey! Rude." She smacks my shoulder and pulls my hand back on her stomach. "Remember how we talked about not asking about the sex of the baby?"

I gaze at her with a smile, waiting for her to continue.

"And do you remember I am a doctor?" She raises her eyebrows with a lopsided smile. "I am an orthopedic surgeon but I do know how to read an ultrasound."

"And you are saying..." I tilt my head to the side squinting at her. I think I know what she's going to tell me.

"I may or may not have seen something not on our baby from the check up two days ago." She bites her lips to a thin line trying to hide the smirk. I squeak so loud that makes the driver jerks and is staring at me from the rearview mirror.

"We are having a baby girl!" I lean forward to kiss Callie on the lips, and bend down to kiss my baby girl over her belly. "Hi baby girl."

Callie laughs out and strikes my head gently. And I could also hear a chuckle coming from our driver.

"So, you're not mad that I knew it before you?" Callie asks after I sat straight and rested my head on her shoulder. My hand still on her baby bump.

"Oh yes, I'm mad. I'm mad that you kept it to yourself for two days." I clasp her fingers and bring the hands to my lips. "After I talked about how important it is to be honest with each other on the national television. You're lucky you're having my baby."

"Oh, I know I'm lucky." Callie kisses the top of my head, and bringing my hand back to her baby bump. "I'm thinking, I know just how to make it up to you."

"You're my wife, agreeing to have sex with me won't get you out of trouble." I whisper in her ear, keep it away from our nosy driver. Although from the smile I see from the rearview mirror, he's amused by our mushy antic.

"No? Dang." Callie laughs with her head up, revealing more of her neck for me to nibble. "How about letting you name our baby girl then?"

"Seriously?" I pull away from her neck. She nods smilingly.

I stare at her face searching for any sort of joke, but she just looks back at me sincerely. An impish smile pulls up on my lips.

"I am going to name our baby?"

"You are going to name our baby." She nods again. "You're a writer, I trust you with your pen. But I have the power of veto though."

"Tusson, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale..." I started to list the cities of Arizona the state, but I have to keep from laughing at Callie's face when she heard the names. "What? The children of Arizona will be named after the cities of Arizona."

"Arizona, you are not serious." She pushes my shoulder playfully, making me laugh harder and shift to the side of the back seat. "And do I have to remind you that you were not named after the state, battleship?"

"Right. How about Pearl? And middle name Harper." I couldn't help but to tease her, it's a real treat to see the toothy smile on her beautiful face.

"Pearl Harbour? You wanna name our daughter after a tragic war?"

"Okay, no war. Peace then!" I exclaim, makes Callie rolls her eyes. "Pearl Peace, nickname name PP, that's cute."

"Pee Pee Robbins-Torres? Why do you hate our daughter?" The car arrived in our destination, Callie opened the door from her side before throws me a glare. "It's bad enough Mark named his daughter Maddison. I don't want our daughter to be her first child abuse support group buddy."

I said goodbye to the driver before getting out of the car, waiting by the door until Callie came to my side.

"What? You always want things to be special." I clasp her hand with a laughter.

"Our daughter is going to be special. She doesn't need to be Pee Pee for that." Callie tugs my hand to pull me closer to her, chuckle with me over the stupid joke as we walk in the hotel.

"Fine then. I have another list. We can go over the names of those Greek mythology goddesses..." I laugh out loud as she pulls me toward the elevator in a fast pace.

"Keep talking like this I'm going to take back the naming privilege." She gives me a side glance with a smirk. "We will have a serious talk after I use the bathroom. Your PP is squeezing my bladder and now I have to pee pee."

We laugh together while walking in the elevator.

Live does get better.

- the end -