Title: Remember Me.

Chapter I: The Hunter & the Hunted, Part I

Rated: M for future chapters which include; sex, some cussing & some violence.

Disclaimer; I unfortunately own nothing from the HP universe. I don't own Scabior, which is even more unfortunate.


This is a re-write of an old fanfiction of mine, one that has had A LOT of work done to become much better. Once under the name of: "You're Mine."

I've been wanting to come back and take it down to re-edit for quite some time, and finally I have.

This is just a simple introduction to say that this fanfiction, although almost completely new and entirely re-written, might spark some memories of that of my older one (assuming anyone has read it).

Although I have thought of just deleting and forgetting about writing anything for the Scabior fan section; the very small amount of followers/watchers I've gained from speaking of re-writing this has fuelled me to go ahead.

So to anyone of those people who have added me to their author list, or added "You're Mine", thank you. Thank you so much. I've been keeping watch over it, and it really brings me joy to see people actually like my writing and want more.

I hope it's enjoyable and I would just like to ask one thing of you, as a reader.

Please try to review and let me know your opinions. If my fanfictions don't get many reviews after a certain amount of chapters, I tend to lose interest in them. So please let me know if you're liking/disliking this so I can have some input.

So without any thing else to add; here it is-