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Chuck couldn't help but pant rapidly as the woman on top of him pinned him down. In was the middle of the morning and they were currently occupying the living room of her apartment in Washington DC, and while they were both fairly breathless from their intense workout, their bodies glistering with sweat, she was straddling his stomach and her hands pinning his own to the rug, establishing her dominance over him. The victorious smirk that donned her face was, in Chuck's opinion, very sexy. "So aren't you going to try and get free," she questioned, her melodic tone music to his ears.

One of his eyebrows quirked up in a way that she thought was adorable. "Hmm, let me think about that for a minute," he said with faux-consideration. "The incredibly sexy Sarah Walker, who is wearing nothing but a really tight sports bra and some really, really, short shorts, is currently on top of me in a way that is very appealing. Why exactly, do I want to get free again?"

Sarah couldn't help but laugh as she released his hands. They had been working together for almost three months, since she had been tasked to seduce him in Seattle, and currently they were between missions, so she had decided to help Chuck improve his martial arts skills in the living room of her apartment. Or rather their apartment. Even though Chuck was now a consultant for the CIA, her boss, CIA Director Langston Graham, did not trust the hacker, and had forced the two to live together in an effort to control Chuck's movements. Sarah felt that Graham had done it to punish her, for her part in dealing with a man who had the CIA director look like a fool. Little did he know that being forced to live with Chuck was more like ten early Christmas presents rather than a punishment.

As far as roommates went, Chuck was great. He was tidy, respectful of the personal space of the apartment's other occupants and was considerate of her feelings and preferences in all things. Normally, those would have been enough, but also given Chuck's talent in bed, he was easily the prefect roommate. During their off time between missions, if they managed to keep their hands off each other for more than three hours, then they had done well.

Despite their frequent bouts of intense sex though, Sarah felt she needed to help improve Chuck's mediocre martial arts, in order to make him more useful in the field and so he could better protect himself. "You realise that sooner or later you're going to need to learn how to fight," she playfully scolded him, showing no signed of moving off him. "Because frankly, your skills suck."

"It's never really been an issue before," Chuck replied, taking no offense from her criticism.

"Really," she said with a raised eyebrow. "You've never been in a fight before?"

"I never said that. I have been in fights, but I favour the 'tranq and run' stratagem. I get away and no one gets hurt. It's a win-win" he explained. "Thing is Sarah, I'm a hacker. If I've allowed someone to get close enough to me to fight, then I've fucked up."

"Has that ever happened before?"

"Once or twice. In those scenarios, darts and flash bangs work just as well as Kung Fu. If not, I have a large variety of other dirty tricks to use," Chuck elaborated to the woman on top of him.

"And how exactly do you plan on getting out of this predicament, hmm?" she challenged, shooting him a mocking grin at him.

The grin he returned was far more mischievous. "Like this," he whispered huskily, sending shivers up Sarah's spine.

Catching her by surprise with a quick burst of strength, Chuck shifted his hips and flipped Sarah over, reversing their positions and placing him on top of her, with his body between her legs. "See, nothing to it," he said with a cheeky grin, his hands resting on her toned stomach. "So Agent Walker, how do you plan to escape the evil hacker this time?"

"Mmm, let me think about that for a minute," she hummed erotically, mimicking his earlier words. "The very handsome Chuck Bartowski has me pinned down, his big, hard cock pressing against my crotch and making me dripping wet and, if he knows what's good for him, is about thirty seconds away from ravishing me. Why exactly, do I want to get free again?"

Chuck gave a throaty chuckle at her words. "Thirty seconds?" he whispered in her ear before placing small kisses along her lips. "I think you're giving me too much credit."

With a sense of urgency, their lips met in a frenzied kiss, their tongues darting forward into the other's mouth, waging a battle of dominance. Their hands roamed over each other's body, pulling and pushing at the articles of clothing adorned by the two partners. Chuck's nimble hands had undone the string that secured Sarah's workout shorts, but as neither of them wished to be parted for the amount of time it would require to completely remove them, the blonde woman pulled one of her legs out of her shorts, leaving them hanging on the other, in a display of flexibility that got Chuck's blood pumping. The lack of panties, given that they never really stayed on for long anyway, also helped.

He broke their kiss and took the sight of her half naked body in view. "Fuck you're hot," he muttered, his hands now pulling her sports bra up, causing the garment to bunch around her breasts.

He mouth attached itself to one of Sarah's erect nipples, playing with it between his lips. Sarah had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, she wanted to keep kissing Chuck some more, because she loved kissing him, but on the other hand, he was sucking her nipple just the way she liked, gently while his hands massaged her breasts. "Mmm, yes, don't stop," she moaned with pleasure.

Chuck took her moans to heart, alternating between sucking her nipple and kissing and sucking the flesh of her breasts, savouring the taste of her sweat on her skin, caused by their previous workout. He hummed in appreciation of the delicious flavour, his mouth roaming the surface of her magnificent breasts, devouring them and eliciting small mewls of pleasure from his partner.

While she loved Chuck's mouth of her breasts, Sarah was growing impatient. She wanted him inside her, and she wanted him now. At that thought she would have scolded herself for allowing Chuck Bartowski to turn her into some kind of nymphomaniac, or worse, Carina, but frankly she was too horny to care. She hooked her thumbs on the waistband of Chuck's sweat pants and pulled them down, releasing his hardening manhood which she began stroking, as he continued his treatment of her breasts.

Chuck groaned on her tit as Sarah began rubbing his cock, the soft skin and firm grip of her hand causing more blood to rush south, making him harder. Then when she began running the tip of his shaft along her soaking slit, he knew exactly what she wanted. "Enough foreplay Chuck," Sarah whined. "Just fuck me."

Removing his mouth from her breasts, Chuck lined himself up with her wetness, pushing the head past her lips, before pulling back, drawing an irritated huff from the woman beneath him. The look Sarah shot him showed that she was in no mood for games. "Chuck," she growled warningly at his mischievous grin, her legs wrapping themselves around his waist to prevent further mischief.

Recognising when she had been teased enough, Chuck pushed forward, this time more powerfully, sheathing himself in her completely. Sarah gasped at the delightful intrusion, her walls stretching to accommodate the well-endowed man. "Fuck your tight," he grunted into her neck as he began moving his hips.

"Mmm, just for you," she moaned with a saucy grin.

Soon Sarah's moans of delight transformed into shrieks of pleasure, as Chuck pounded her with unrivalled ferocity. "God yes baby," she cried. "Fuck… you're so big… fuck me… please."

Chuck merely grunted as he gave another thrust into the beautiful blonde. Like there was any chance he was going to stop. Her womanhood just felt too good wrapped around his cock, not to mention how good the soft smooth skin of her long legs felt against his own, or how her breasts were now pressed against his chest. It was all he had been thinking off during their earlier martial arts lesson and was the main reason it was so easy for her to pin him down, because really, why would he try and stop that. It wasn't long until Chuck approached his peak, the feel of Sarah overwhelming his senses. "Shit Sarah… I'm… ah… coming," he groaned, struggling to hold back for the sake of Sarah's own pleasure.

"Oh god yes," was her reply, uttered with a tone of desperation. "Fuck yeah… uh… fill me with you cum… cum inside my tight pussy."

Sarah couldn't help but wail as she felt Chuck let go, the warm feeling of his seed shooting through her triggering her own orgasm. She savoured what had quickly become one of her favourite sensations, as her juices drenched Chuck's manhood while she continued to milk bring, eager for every last drop of his cream. His movements began to slow before finally stopping, rolling off of Sarah to lie down next to her on the floor. "See," he said breathlessly, still enjoying the fading euphoria from his climax. "Isn't this kind of workout much more fun?"

Between her pants Sarah released an amused snort. "Well it's certainly good for cardio," she conceded. "But it won't actually help you're fighting skills."

Chuck shrugged his shoulders. "But cardio is good for running, which is my specialty," he countered flippantly, earning himself another amused snort from his partner.

"I'm not going to win this am I?" she queried rhetorically.

"Probably not, no," he answered with a cheeky grin.

They moved to tidy themselves up, Chuck pulling up his sweats and Sarah fixing her dishevelled shorts and bra. As he stood up, the hacker held out his hand to assist her, which she accepted gracefully. Relocating themselves to the comfortable couch that had been pushed aside for their martial arts lesson, she turned to him with a more stern expression. "Chuck in all seriousness, you really do need to take this more seriously," she explained. "I realise you've basically survived on your own with nothing but your intelligence, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try and pick up an extra trick or two."

"Oh I agree completely," he stated, losing his jovially attitude towards the subject. "It's not like I'm against learning martials arts, because I've seen you in action, and you are really awesome when you're kicking ass, not to mention really hot-"

"Chuck, focus," she scolded with a grin.

"Er… right. Anyway, it would be cool to learn martial arts, but I'm a pacifist at heart you know? The whole reason I use a dart gun is because they are completely non-lethal. I mean you've seen how I get around guns."

Sarah nodded at his assessment. She had seen Chuck stare down the barrel of a gun with such calm, that it would make seasoned agents with decades of experience jealous, yet turn the tables and give him a gun and he transformed into a fumbling recruit. She actually found it kind of cute, although she wouldn't tell him that. "I get that Chuck," Sarah said with understanding. "I know martial arts usually involve hurting someone else, but ultimately, the goal is to make sure they don't hurt you."

"Yeah, I'm still not big on the 'get them before they get you' school of thought when it comes to defence," Chuck said, before his lips curled into a boyish grin. "Maybe what I need is some extra incentive."

At this Sarah raised one of her eyebrows in curiosity and suspicion. "Incentive? Our little workout sessions usually end with us screwing like rabbit, wouldn't that be incentive enough?"

"Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoy those sessions very much, but I was thinking more along the lines of taking you out for a nice dinner and a night out on the town," was his reply, his tone playful.

She couldn't help the mental sigh that followed after hearing his idea of incentive. During the course of their partnership, she couldn't help but notice that Chuck had developed feelings for her; romantic, lovey dovey feelings that she'd prefer not to deal with. Over the last few weeks, he had taken to asking her out on romantic type dates, and while she had tried to turn him down gently, he had yet to cease. At least he wasn't annoying in his persistence like so many other guys were.

It wasn't that she didn't feel that same way, by no means. Chuck was a kind and considerate person who was could charm anyone with his honest nature, quick wit and extraordinary humour, it'd be difficult not to fall for him. But they worked together, and the relationships she had in the past with guys she worked with had never ended well, the latest being with Bryce Larkin, Chuck's former roommate at Stanford. Chuck was a sweet and caring guy, but she really didn't want to go through the drama and hurt of a relationship and deal with the professional consequences all over again. "Chuck-" she started, about to reject his request for a date again, when her phone starting going off.

Eager for a distraction of any kind that would get her out of this situation, she made a mad dash for her phone, locating it on the kitchen table, leaving a bemused Chuck in the living room. Picking it up, Sarah saw a text instructing her and Chuck to report in with her boss as soon as possible. "Chuck, we've got a mission," she informed him, holding up her phone for him to see as he walked into the kitchen.

"Right then," he said. "Guess we'll talk about that date on the way."

After Graham's text, the two each had a quick shower, shared showers being anything but quick, and retreated to their own rooms to change into more appropriate attire, Sarah wearing a navy blue pencil skirt and white blouse, and Chuck wearing his usual casual black suit jacket and pants and white shirt. When they finally arrived in Langley, roughly thirty minutes after the text, Sarah was running out of ways to deflect Chuck's persistent questions about the nature of their relationship.

"I don't get it, Sarah," Chuck said as they walked through the busy halls of the CIA headquarters in Langley. "We live together, we spend most of our free time together, and we have some really kinky and really amazing sex together. Why are you so against us dating and having, you know, a relationship?"

"Why are you so determined for us to become 'boyfriend and girlfriend'?" she shot back, deflecting wherever possible. "What exactly will change? We'll still be living together, we'll still be spending time together and we'll still be having lots of sex together. Why mess with a good thing?"

"Because I like you," he answered easily. "And I think you like me too, and I think if you gave 'us' a shot, then we'd both be really happy."

Sarah always marvelled at how easily Chuck could say how he felt, whether it was his opinion on a movie or TV show, or how he felt about her. Even in his old line of work, which involved just as much deception as international espionage, he somehow felt secure and confident enough to wear his emotions like a badge of pride. If she were honest, she envied that about him, his courage in which he could convey his feelings. She wish that she could admit that in the three months it had taken him to fall for her, she had just as quickly had fallen for him.

And then there was his point about being happy. As a spy, happiness was never really in the cards for Sarah, nor was it when she was a child. Certainly there was job satisfaction, but that really wasn't the same thing. These days, she wasn't even sure if she knew what happiness actually was. And while she knew that Chuck would do everything to make her happy, she also knew that she could be hurt like she had never been before as well. Because if she gave Chuck what he wanted, it would leave her vulnerable, and that would lead to hurt and betrayal.

As she thought of a way to counter his argument, she heard a familiar voice from behind her call her name. "Sarah," it cried, and when Chuck and Sarah turned around to see who it was, their faces turned equally sour.

"Bryce," they said simultaneously, each with a degree of venom.

Unaware of the mental vitriol being sent his way, Bryce Larkin approached the two partners, a smug look on his face. It wasn't until he had walked right up to them that he noticed his former roommate. "Chuck, buddy," he said arrogantly. "Heard on the grape vine that Walker here was partnered with some loser hacker with delusion of grandeur. Never thought it'd be you thought it'd be you though. Figured you'd still be crying in your sister's apartment in California, after what happened at Stanford. Oh and that reminds me, how is Jill?"

Sarah fought the urge to punch Bryce in his smug face, but then he rarely actually had to say anything for the blonde spy to want to do that. Just his mere presence offended her senses, his words furthering her anger. After all Chuck was a good person who didn't deserve to have his girlfriend cheat on him with his best friend and college roommate, and he certainly didn't deserve being reminded about it so casually. Chuck, however, didn't rise to the bait. "Last I heard, she had chlamydia," he said casually, enjoying the slight look of fear in Bryce's eyes. "Hope you've been tested, 'buddy',"

Sarah giggled a bit when she noticed that for a moment, Bryce was taking her partner seriously, before rational thought informed the male agent that Chuck was joking. "Real funny," he sneered at them. "So it's true then? The great Sarah Walker is shackled to a loser like Chuck Bartowski?"

"First of all, yes he is my partner, and second of all, he is a far more reliable partner than you ever were," Sarah defended vehemently. "What of it?"

"Oh nothing," he said, his usual arrogant smirk in place. "Just can't help but wonder if you're sleeping with him as well. After all, you have a reputation for spreading your legs for guys you work with."

Sarah fumed at Bryce's words. Sure they were true in the case of Chuck, Bryce and another guy she had worked with in the past, but to insinuate that she slept with every guy she worked with was a bit much, especially coming from Bryce who was always trying to get into other women's pants, regardless of all else. However before she could bite his head off, calm and collected Chuck stepped in. "Sorry Bryce," he began with an insincere apology. "As fun as with impromptu reunion has been, Graham is waiting for us, and I doubt he'll be happy that we were held up by someone insignificant like you. So we'll see you around."

Taking Sarah's hand, he pulled her away from the almost homicide victim and starting leading her down the hall they had been walking down before. "Right then, see ya around," Bryce called to their retreating forms before he too departed.

Once Bryce was out of earshot, Chuck released Sarah's hand, who immediately missed his warmth, and turned to her as they walked. "So that was interesting," he commented.

"What was?" she asked, already assuming Chuck's perceptive nature had picked up some hidden insight about her which she wasn't quite willing to share.

"That back there, with Douchebag Larkin" he said, thumbing the direction from which they just came from. "Bryce got me kicked out of Stanford, caused me to lose my scholarship and slept with my girlfriend, and I think you still wanted to kill him more than I did."

Sarah sighed, knowing she needed to explain to Chuck, because he would not likely let it go. He was relentless when it came to getting to know her. "Bryce and I used to work together," she started, before sighing again. "And we used to date as well."

Chuck nodded at her statement, having already come to that conclusion himself. "Right, so that's why you won't agree to date me," he summarised, his perceptive nature kicking in. "Because relationships with guys you work with haven't gone that great in the past, if you're attitude towards Bryce is any indication, not to mention the stigma you've developed."

"That's right," she confirmed. She knew she should be concerned about how easily Chuck could read her, yet she couldn't help but feel a little bit heart warmed at how well he knew her. "So I guess this means you quit asking for a date?"

Sarah wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. It wasn't like he was annoying in his persistence, and she enjoyed knowing that someone had feelings for her. But at the same time, she didn't want to keep hurting Chuck's feelings. Despite how casually he took rejection, she could see it in his eyes that her constant rejection hurt him, and who knows how long he would put up with that for. To her surprise though, Chuck's response came in the form of an indignant snort. "Hell no," he exclaimed, as they approached Graham's office. "You realise that you're comparing me to Bryce fucking Larkin? There's no way I'm going to let that stand. I'm going to have to romance the socks of you Walker, and prove to you that not every guy is an asshole."

Without another word, Chuck opened the door and entered the director's office, leaving a stunned Sarah in his wake, before her shocked expression morphed into a tiny smile at her partner's words.

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