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Cece is depressed after the wedding and the whole kissing thing, since she's in love with Logan since she first met him. She didn't say anything though, because she was afraid and now he kissed Rocky. She also found out that Ty is in love with her and she doesn't know, what to do. How will it all turn out?

Cece's POV:

I was sitting in my room with Ty, talking.

My head was in his lap and i was lying on the bed.

It was two days after the wedding and Ty and i talked about what all happened the past weeks.

It was a really creepy time and it was good, that it was over even though i couldn't forget Logan...

You ask why? Well, to say the truth, i was in love with him.

Yeah, i knew that was hard to believe but it's true.

I am, since i first saw him at the mall, after i caught his coin.

I was the whole time but he just annoyed me and i was mean back, since he never felt the same way anyway.

Then also was revieled that he's the son of my mom's ex- fiance.

That was one more reason, to not make a move on him.

Then there was also the problem, that he kissed my best friend, Rocky.

I still couldn't believe it.

I mean sure, i never had a chance with him anyway and i didn't tell Rocky anything but...

That was crazy. I couldn't believe, how that could've happened!

Well, Rocky never had anything against the guy but,...

Oh who am i kidding they were the perfect match.

Logan would never want me anyway.

I sighed and Ty looked questioning down to me.

He was the only one, who knew that i was in love with Logan.

Well, he wasn't really shocked but he was kinda disappointed.

I found out, that Ty had a crush on me since the whole burned shake it up- thing.

That was kinda creepy for me, since i always saw him, like my brother but he also was cute and one of my best friends...

He wasn't angry at me, that i told him that i didn't want to come together with him.

No. He even wanted to help me, since he didn't want Logan to come together with his sister and he wanted me to be happy.

It must be torture for him.

I sighed again and this time Ty asked me: ''Everything okay, red?''

I groaned and replied: ''This whole thing is creeping me out. What if Rocky and Logan come together? Don't look at me like that, Ty. It'll probably happen and we can't do anything against it.''

Ty looked kinda mad and then told me: ''I know, that we can't do anything but in my opinion, Logan and you are a better match.''

I smiled at him and replied: ''Thanks, Ty. Well, you're the only one thinking so.''

Ty sighed and then said: ''Yeah, but i also only look for your happiness. If i can't have you, you should at least be happy.''

I blushed at that comment, leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

His cheeks also went red and i whispered to him: ''Thanks.''

''Well... Even though, i still wish you would go on a date with me and give me a chance...'' , he added sad.

I sighed and sat up.

I really wanted to give Ty a chance, but as long as Logan was running through my head, it wouldn't be right.

''Ty... I'm sorry... That just wouldn't be right at the moment.'' , i told him apologetically.

Ty nodded, looking down.

Damn. He was cute but it was hard to say yes, because of Logan.

He then stood up and said: ''I can't say more than please think about it. I'm going home now.''

I nodded, he kissed me one last time on the cheek and walked out.

I groaned and let myself fall back on the bed, as suddenly Rocky came in.

Rocky's POV:

I just entered the Jone's apartment and wanted to walk in to the room of Cece, as i saw Ty walking out of it.

He looked really depressed and i kinda had the feeling that he just got rejected by Cece again.

He was head over heels for her but she didn't want him.

Ty didn't say anything to me and just walked out of the apartment.

I sighed and opened the door to Cece's room.

She laid on her bed with a stressed expression and stared at me as i came in.

I didn't get, why she didn't want to go on a date with Ty.

Those two would be the perfect match.

Maybe Ty would also be okay then with me, dating Logan.

He called me and told me that he's back in two weeks.

He wanted to try a relationship together and i was really willing to do it.

''Hey, Rocks.'' , Cece greeted me. ''What's up?''

''Nothing much. Just saw Ty walking depressed out of your room. You rejected him, again?'' , i replied a little bit bitter.

Cece sighed and said: ''Yes, i did. Rocky, i already told you. I don't think, this thing between Ty and me will work.''

I groaned and then she added: ''So... You and little scooter?''

I sighed. I had to talk about it sooner or later.

''Cece... I'm in love with Logan.'' , i told her and her eyes went wide.

''I know, that you can't stand him but i really want him and we also called. He said, when he's back in two weeks, he want to try a relationship with me and i also want that.'' she added and Cece gasped.

I excepted her to shout at me but she just didn't say anything.

She seemed in thoughts and i really hoped her to say yes.

I looked at her desperate and she sighed.

''Fine. You can date little Scooter. I want you to be happy and if he makes you happy, than you should go for it.'', she told me and i squeaked, hugging her tight.

''Thanks Cece! You won't regret it!'' , i cried excited.

Now, nothing was between Logan and me anymore.

Well, except Ty...

Maybe Cece could talk to him..

I meant he's in love with her and he'll probably hear to what she says...

Cece and i broke apart and then i looked at her pleading.

''Cece, could you please talk to-'' ''No! No! NO!'' , Cece shouted, cutting me off. ''I'm not going to talk to your brother about this for you! Rocky don't look at me like that.''

I ignored that sentence and still pouted.

''Pleeeeaaaasseeee Cece. He will hear what you say. He's head over heels for you. Besides you guys would r-''

''Fine i'll do it!'' , she cried, cutting me off again.

''But stop talking about, how perfect Ty and i would be together.'' , she added and i smirked at her, nodding.

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