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Hinata sighed for the umpteenth time today; her pale hands alternating between sifting, kneading, mixing and wiping the sweat forming on her brows. Her eyes flickering towards her tormentor, narrowing dangerously as she watched him coolly sip on his coffee cup, flipping through the pages of his magazine.

She nearly jumped when he met her glare, her head immediately snapped back to the bowl in which she was currently whipping cream.

"You're too slow. Pick up the pace." He said coldly.

Hinata flinched, biting on her lip. Her arm ached from all the work she had been doing since noon. Couldn't he at least this time, cut her some slack?

"I-I would be much f-faster if you let me use the machines – "

"If you have the energy or the strength to flap your gums then I suggest you direct it your slow moving arms." He said lazily.

Hinata flushed with both embarrassment and anger. Her arms automatically picked up the pace as she pictured the many things she could to do him with the whisk in her hand.

Breathing a sigh of relief as the texture reached perfection, Hinata dabbed her moist face with her hand towel before flinging it over her shoulder. She placed a dollop of the whipped cream on top of the unfinished dessert. Finally she sprinkled chocolate flakes on the cream, licking her lips as she admired her dish.

Sasuke raised his eyes from his magazine as she pushed the dessert towards him.

"Dark chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream." She smiled confidently.

"Whoopie." Sasuke said impassively, making Hinata clench her jaws. Couldn't he be more appreciative of her hard work? This man is just... well, mean!

He grabbed the spoon on the saucer and took in a spoonful of the dessert, scowling as he usually did when he was forced to eat sweet things. He closed his eyes and swallowed, nodding. Hinata immediately lit up, taking it as a good sign. Her smile faltered as his dark eyes opened and stared at her or through her she wasn't sure.

"First of all, the presentation sucks eggs." He said coolly.

"E-Eggs?" She seemed devastated.

"It's too messy and plain, figure something out."

"I-It's mousse! It's normally served – "

"Hinata." His voice cold and stern never failing to tie her tongue in to a knot.

"Are you aiming to be just a normal chef in this business? Because I sure as hell am not aiming to be the owner of just a normal restaurant. And for my restaurant to be more than just normal; the dishes have to be more than just normal. Any chef who thinks or does otherwise can get their useless asses out. Understand?"

"Y-Yes sir. Sorry." She bowed her head.

Sasuke sighed; he really hated her excessive apologising.

"Think of something. I am sure you'll figure out how to make it more presentable."


Hinata's pearlescent eyes stayed fixated on her fingers fiddling with her apron, her teeth grazing her lower lip. She silently awaited his hopefully pleasant comment about the tastiness of her dish. When it never came Hinata bravely raised her head to look at her boss, who was now resting his cheek on his fist with his eyes closed.

Hinata furrowed her eyebrows.
Really? That's it? She huffed, frustrated. She opened her mouth to speak but she froze in place as his deep voice resonated.

"It was good, Hinata. Take it from someone who doesn't like sweets."

Sasuke smirked watching her gush like a teenager.
His soon to be employee was much more like a child than a twenty six year old.
The entire time today he had to follow up her dish with a good remark or she'd put on a sulky face or just ignore him completely.

What a baby.

"Alright." Sasuke sighed, glancing at his watch.

"That's eight dishes in six hours; I guess you can rest for today."

Hinata's shoulders slumped and she let out a euphoric sound, relishing her temporary freedom.

"T-Thank you!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes.


Hinata frowned.

"Well, that concludes it. Give me a list of all your best dishes and we will decide which will enter the menu. Though I have a few in mind from the dishes you've made here and the ones you brought during the interview."

Hinata nodded enthusiastically.

"Any screw ups and you'll be punished. Severely."
Hinata nearly winced at his tone.

"There is no room for screw ups here in Amaterasu."

"I-I understand."

The man stood up from the counter, tucking his magazine under his arm his other hand twirling his car keys.

"G-Good night." Hinata greeted, but immediately felt embarrassed as no reply came.

She should have guessed. She shrugged to herself and began tidying her soon to be counter! Hers! She smiled to herself as she wiped off the flour from her table suddenly feeling a little more energetic.

Sasuke paused and turned slightly, eyeing the girl from the corner of his eye.

"Hinata," He called again.

He watched with slight amusement as she sprung straight, body turning to face him.
He loved the way he intimidated her so.

"Since you said you are going home late, could you do me a favour and tidy up my desk for me? I haven't locked it so you can just go in."

"Wha – Sir, I-I never said I was g-going home la –"

"Thanks. Make sure it's neat when I get back tomorrow. You wouldn't want to be on bad terms with me on your first day would you?"

Hinata gaped.

Sasuke gave her a lazy look.

"It's part of the job description. If you are not willing to take this small responsibility then..."

Quickly the raven shook her head.

"No, no! I-I can do it!"

Sasuke smirked.

Too easy.

"See you on Monday."He didn't say a word more as he turned his back to her walking away from a silently cursing Hyuuga. Right after the interview he knew that the girl would be an easy target in his kitchen. But of course that was not the only reason he had hired her. Still, he was going to enjoy this thoroughly.

Her boss was taking advantage of her and she knew it. She just didn't have the courage to talk back to him as she did during the interview. Hinata cringed as the memory of yesterday's meeting came to mind.


Hinata's feet rocked with her silent humming, her pale eyes roaming around the room awkwardly trying to avoid contact with any of the people in the room.
She hadn't wanted to apply for a job here initially. But she was in a tight spot.
She had been lucky to get an interview here in the first place. Her best friend Sakura had come here once or twice for a bite to eat and apparently caught one of the chef's eye.
Sakura had told him about Hinata, and he had told her that they needed a pastry chef.
He had promised to put in a good word for Hinata as long as Sakura continued to humour him.

Haihh... men.

Seeing how her best friend tried just for her, to get a decent job she couldn't really refuse.

To be honest, despite her unwillingness at first, she was sort of excited to get this job.
It might not be an ideal job for someone like her who wished to start out big, working in a well known restaurant, but she guessed it was a good start considering the wonderful things she'd heard about the owner. Yes, she did her research.

For someone so young to start a business like this outside the shadow of his own family's empire is pretty impressive. The location was strategic and his staff seemed reliable except for probably the pastry chef whom she had to thank for if that person didn't quit she wouldn't have the opportunity she had now. Whoever the owner was he must have great sense and she heard he was handsome too! She was sure that he was probably one of those well mannered, professional charming aristocrats that -

The girl gasped as the door slammed open.
The rest seemed uncaring. Probably used to it.

She gulped watching the dark looming figure walk lazily from the dark room he was in, into the meeting hall where she sat shivering. His dark hair was dishevelled and messy, his obsidian eyes were made to look worse with the dark circles around them, his tie loosely hung from his collar and he was just... a mess! Who is this nut?

"Ah, Hinata..." The blonde woman called Ino addressed her with a smile.

"Allow me to introduce, Uchiha Sasuke; the owner of Amaterasu."

"O-Owner?" She gulped, eyes as wide as saucers.

This creepy looking guy was the owner?

She began to fidget as he met her gaze. She almost fainted when he scowled at her, making her feel like she had no hope whatsoever to get the job.

"That's how he smiles." The manager, Nara Shikamaru was his name pointed out to Hinata as if he could read her fear.

"I-I see."

She winced as the man dragged his chair out from the table, making a terribly loud creaking sound that made Hinata's ears ache. Though once again, the others seem unaffected.
The man plopped on to the chair with a sigh, seemingly irritated with the situation.

"Hyuuga Hinata." He cleared his throat.

"Y-Yes. T-That would be m-me. I-I am Hyuuga Hinata."

The man raised a brow. Hinata felt like slapping herself on the forehead.
Ino who sat to his right passed him a few papers and Sasuke eyed them for a few moments before continuing.

"So you studied at Konoha's School of Culinary Arts?"


"Heh, it's pretty low ranking. Are you sure you're capable of cooking good food?"

Hinata's grip on her leather bag tightened. Underestimated, one of the things she hated being.

"Y-Yes I am very sure."

"By good I don't mean just edible you know."

"Yes, I p-previously worked in Suzuki's and I was next i-in line for the title of head chef." She said with less pride than she felt.

"Next in line for head chef and getting your ass fired. Seems like a pretty high fall."

Hinata flinched, nearly dropping her bag.

"What did you do? Put animal semen in to the cream?"

Hinata's breath hitched, holding back a gasp.

"N-No, actually I -" She gulped.

She didn't know what was worse; putting animal semen in to the cream or what truly happened in her case. Shikamaru, the bushy browed guy and Ino all looked at her with sad eyes, feeling sympathetic for the poor girl. Sasuke was always hard on newbies whether he wanted to hire them or not.

"M-My boyfriend was the manager and got me the job in the restaurant and – "

She flushed at the sound of him snort.

"Well, after w-we broke up I got fired..."

"How romantic." The man deadpanned.

This guy...

"Is it true that you weren't a pastry chef in your previous job?"

Hinata bit on her lip, nervously playing with the strap of her bag.

"Y-Yes, I started out as the tournant then I went on to become the fish cook but I do cook pastries and sweet treats occasionally. ..." When you have a sweet tooth friend like Sakura you can't help but do just that.

Sasuke leaned back on his chair and groaned irately.

"Ugh, useless."

That's it.

"Not to mention I hate seafood – "

"Uchiha-san." The meek girl interrupted which earned her a glare from the choleric man.

She jerked, but tried her best to seem firm.

"I-I am sorry but if y-you are going to complain about m-me instead of actually trying the dishes I've brought today and evaluating me based on my talents in cooking then you're just w-w-wasting my t-time and y-yours."

All four of them stared at her, slightly shocked. Her face was flushed with anger though her eyes were avoiding theirs.

There, she finally said it. Sakura would be proud.
Hinata was probably meek and shy, she was probably one to take hits and stay down but when someone questions her skills and underestimates her without even knowing what she is capable of, that was something she would not stand for.

Feeling her bravery and confidence escape her, Hinata stood up wanting to make a run for it.

"Sit." Sasuke voiced out. His voice vibrating with an edge, making Hinata freeze in position.

"I said, sit Hyuuga."

Shakily the petite girl took her seat, afraid of what might come next. She knew that right about now she had giant pit stains because this guy's intense stare was making her sweat like crazy. He never tore his gaze from hers and she decided to break the contact first, looking away from him and directing her gaze to the bob head with the bushy brows dressed in green sitting in front of Shikamaru.

The man smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up.

She blinked at him before smiling shyly.

"Ino, Shikamaru, Lee." The man addressed.


Just like that they dug in to her desserts, all of them except for that rude prick before Hinata. She looked at him questioningly.

"I don't like sweets." He replied simply.

I don't like you. Hinata thought.

Hinata was pleased hearing their responses though Shikamaru was quite silent throughout the whole taste test. The one called Lee... well his responses were...

"Ohhhh!" He shoved yet another one of her éclairs in his mouth.

Hinata giggled as she watched him, Ino glared at him pointedly.

"This is amazing! I knew you were a great cook Hinata-san! Your frame was emitting such youth and passion that could rival the most – "

"Lee, stop scaring the girl." Ino elbowed the man.

"He does have a point though," Shikamaru added, dabbing his mouth with a napkin before facing Sasuke.

"It's pretty good."

"I think she tops off our last pastry chef." Ino continued, nodding her head in agreement as she spoke.

Words could not explain the euphoria Hinata felt at the moment.
Nothing felt better than when someone complimented her hard work. It wasn't long before she got lost in her imagination with images of her on television, holding up her very own cook book... She grinned at the thought.

"Oi." Sasuke broke her out of her daze.


"Tomorrow 12 o'clock noon come to the restaurant. I need to see you work."

End of flashback...

And now, here she was working on a Sunday, still staring at the door inwardly cursing that man child and feeling pity for the rest of the staff. She could only imagine what they go through every day with that guy.

But, she was here now and she was employed!... She thinks.

She shrugged it off and headed for the office.

It wouldn't take long anyways, how messy could his office – ... ... ... Uchiha Sasuke was the definition of evil.

What the hell is that? That's not a desk that's a rat hole! A stinking – No it actually smelled kind of nice – Rat hole!

There were mountains of papers on the table and empty cans on the floor... god the dustbin was right there! The air conditioner was half open and the only things organized there were his files in the shelf which he probably never touched.

Taking a deep breath, the pale eyed girl folded her sleeves and clapped her hands together preparing to brave what looked like the aftermath of a hurricane.

She definitely won't get this man anything for Christmas. That is if she lasts that long anyways.

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