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He made her feel like a teenager; all tingling and fluttery on the inside.
She'd wake up, dazed and blushing shyly with thoughts of him running through her mind; his touch, his kisses. She'd get excited to the point of squealing whenever his name appeared on the tiny screen of her phone. He was sweet and adorable and...

Full of shit.

"Are you fucking blind woman?! That was a fucking free ball!" Sasuke ground his teeth in annoyance, flushing red with anger.

"Y-You're... t-too f-fast..." The woman wheezed, wrapping her shaky arms around her stomach, crouching to dull the pain.

"Don't give me bullshit excuses Hinata! Get up off your lazy ass and run!"

The poor Hyuuga tensed to the sound of rubber clashing against metal, screaming in terror before the ball crashed right on to her forehead, knocking her off her unsteady feet.
Asking the dictator to teach her tennis was the biggest mistake of her life.

"What the fuck was that?!" The man growled irately, ignoring the crowd of people staring and covering their children's ears.

"S-Sasuke," Hinata sobbed, lying limp and bruised on the ground.

"W-Why are you s-so mean?"

"I am not mean I am trying to teach you! I am being a good teacher!"

Just for the record, he was still shouting.

"D-Does a good teacher s-say 'Run for the d-damn ball s-shit for b-brains?'" Pitifully she wiped the salty tears streaming down her reddened cheeks, speaking between hiccups.

"They do if their students play like they have shit stuck in their backsides! Now get up!"

"N-No." She curled into a ball on the ground, stubbornly refusing to play.

"Get up you sloppy little shit! You're embarrassing me with your sloth-ness!"

She is embarrassing him? The nerve!

"N-No you jackass! Y-You're mean!"

"What did you just call me?"


"I-I meant sass! I said sass! S-Sasuke you're s-sassy not an ass! S-Sasuke p-please don't look at me like that – put down the racquet! SASUKE!"

"Stop crying," Sasuke sighed, untying the laces of her shoes, gently removing them from her sore feet. The Hyuuga bawled like a baby, ruefully kicking weakly, not nearly successful in hurting him.

"Don't be a baby, Hinata."

"I-I hate you... I-I hate you so much..." Hinata wailed, rubbing her damp eyes.

"And yet you're here, in my couch, in my apartment, with your feet on my lap."

"Y-You dragged me here!" She slapped him lightly on his arm, throwing her head back in pain from her own harmful intent.

"I-I hate you, m-meanie!"

"I was just trying to teach you the ropes."

Hinata scowled as he leaned towards her, resting his head on her heaving, sweaty chest.

"H-Hey g-get off, you d-don't get cuddly time! I am a-angry with you!" She tugged feebly on his damp strands, her strength and energy drained.

"Let's face it Hinata, you suck. Bad." He smirked in amusement as she gasped, squirming underneath him.

"I was just trying to shape you up. Was that so bad?"

"Y-You didn't have to get me all bruised or call me names... t-that's just rude." She pouted solemnly, turning away from the Uchiha.

"I believe I complimented you on how much you've improved at the end of it."

"N-No! Y-You said I should suck butter out o-of your b-butt b-because that's all I am good at!"

"Potato, 'potato'" Playfully he nuzzled her cleavage, bringing a deep red blush to her porcelain cheeks.

"S-Sasuke s-stop, y-you can't just – "

"You smell so good"

"Oh, no, nu-uh, y-you can't – "Hinata tensed, feeling a hot, wet tongue glide across her skin.

"S-Sasuke, d-don't I-I am dirty!"

"You're not dirty Hinata, you're delicious. A tad salty though" With all her might she pushed at his broad shoulders, panting slightly, trying to resist temptation, erase those irritating sensations that drove her crazy.

"N-No, s-stop – "

"Fine, I've been a bad boy Hinata. I'll let you punish me this time." His smirk was sensual, gazing at her flushed face with lidded eyes smouldering, glinting with desire.

"I-I am. I-I am punishing you by not talking to you f-for a week!"

Sasuke sighed in disappointment, shaking his head.
After all this time with him she still was clueless when it came to these things.

"You're no fun, Hinata."

"N-No fun?! H-Hey I'll have you know I – I" A heavy, husky moan left her parted lips as he nibbled on sensitive patches of skin, her body already melting under his touch.

"S-Stop it S-Sasuke y-you can't just d-do s-stuff like this..."

"You know I'll have my way in the end." Swiftly he discarded his thick musky smelling shirt on to the floor, eagerly wrapping his arms around her well endowed form.

"Why would you even bother fighting back?" He nearly laughed at her attempted glare.

"I-I hate you." She spoke against his lips, nails digging spitefully into his bare back.

"We'll see." Smirking cheekily he captured her lips, feeling successful and triumphant as always.

He was an Uchiha.
Uchiha men were full on bastards; they bathed in money, outshined the brightest of stars and of course were drop dead gorgeous. He remembered those days; the company parties, the string of models and socialites in and out of his life, the huge gay fan base he had... or still has he wasn't sure.

There wasn't much to life than banging busty blondes or buying a sports car or two back then. If he had to compare, he still had the money and the luxury, he still had people hating his guts for being one of those lucky, perfect assholes, only, he did it without his family at his back, he actually had people working under him that he gave two flying fucks about and of course;

He had Hinata.

Plain, weird, stupid, silly little Hinata; the woman he considered one of the sexiest, funniest most beautiful on earth. That tiny little witch must have cast some spell on him. Or maybe it was just those breasts doing the magic.

"Hina..." Sasuke frowned, groaning groggily as his hand smoothed over the creases of his bed sheet; a warm, Hinata-less dip beside him. Squinting sinisterly at the empty space, he sat cross legged on the bed, scratching his head in disorientation.

"Hinata... Hina...Hinata!" There was no answer. The little wuss ran away.
How the hell that puny little specimen managed to wriggle out of his grasp, he'd never know. He glanced back at the pale strands of indigo hair that remained, a laced undergarment capturing his eye.

"Hello," Sighing ecstatically he plopped back on to the mattress, sniffing and snuggling those enormous cups. At least she was courteous enough to leave her bra here. Either that or she was just that absent minded.

An indignant purr snapped him out of his perverted daze, a hard tug on the garment's strap following after. As expected he found himself glaring back at narrowed cat eyes, it's wicked hiss stinging his ears.

"It's mine. Fuck you, you ungrateful little pussy."

"Hey, you don't look too bad ya know..." Naruto laughed nervously, grimacing as he spotted a string of phlegm running down her reddened nose.

"R-Really?" She sniffed, disgracefully stuffing tissues into her nostrils.

"Like a superstar." Naruto gave her two thumbs up, plastering a crooked smile.

"Oh, y-you're foo much!"

"How are you feeling? You seem a little better since the first day." Kiba ruffled her already messy hair, smiling lightly as she pouted like a nine year old.

"I-I'm absolufely minduh! I fhink I am ready fo go back fo work."

"Yeah. No." The two shook their heads, barely able to make out her muffled words. Hinata slumped, sulking childishly.

"But I think you're ready for some hot chicken soup ya know!"

"It's 70 percent chicken!"

"I donf wanf soup! I wanf fo be on feevee! Fhe repofers are coming on Monday righff? If's nof mair! I've been working so hard!"

"Yeah, bla, bla, working hard, got it. Yeah, eat your soup."

The Hyuuga cursed her god damned boss for his stupid sex in the shower idea.
Not only did she get soap in her eyes and bubbles in her mouth, she got an itch due to the bath salts and flu!

Curse you! Curse you to hell Uchiha Sasuke!

One of the biggest dreams she had was to be one those successful, honoured chefs on television.
With the wind in her chef hat and her hands in the pockets of her chef jacket, the cameras would be on her, broadcasting to the world, the universe's miracle of pastry making!

Or you know she'd at least get to video bomb or something when the reporters get to the restaurant. But no! She had to get the flu, because her stupid boss was a ruin-er!

"Oh... you guys, promise me fhaf you will say my name or somefhing when you're on feevee."

"Don't worry, we swear we will. We'll even flash a picture of you in front of the cameras."

"You guys are so sweef!"

"That's why we don't eat candy ya know. Ngaha."

"You're lame man."

"Mafe suff ifs a pweffy picfure of mef," Hinata chewed, staring at them with narrowed eyes, pointing at them with her spoon in warning.

"Yeah, how yeah, um..." Naruto turned to Kiba, raising a quizzical brow.

"She wants us to show them pictures of her ice skating?" Naruto whispered, squinting, clueless.
Kiba merely shrugged.

"The tables look fine, the – the plates, the plates look divine and oh, god the waiters, hey I never noticed how tight Ken's ass looks in those – "


"Right, right. Chill pill, taking it, right now, phew! Ha-ha, I am cool!"

Sasuke shut his eyes tight, jaws and fists clenched, trying to retain his rage.

"Whoa, hey Sasuke, you are not looking so good."

"I am fine" His voice was coarse, his fingers massaging his temples.

"You need anything? Some water or a pill?"

"I need Hinata."


"What?" Sasuke blinked.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just where's the god damn pastry chef? Still out sick?"

"Yeah, it's been four days I think it's really bad. Poor thing, she was so excited about this."

"Hey, ho Konoha it's Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto, king of ramen ya know!" The blonde jumped catching everybody's attention, waving animatedly at the cameras, smiling his brightest.

"Yeah, yeah and also Konoha's hottest, Inuzuka Kiba!"

"Oh, yeah that was a good one ya know!" The two were in their own world, laughing and high five-ing, unaware that the cameras were pointing the other way.

"D'oh, oh shoot, oh, and –and Hyuuga Hinata too Konoha, Hyuuga Hinata! The picture, the picture, Naruto take out the damn picture and flash it!"

"Wait, wait it's stuck in my pocket, dang it - !"

"Ah, Uchiha-san, just the person we were look for, it's great to finally meet you! And I must say your chefs are quite the enthusiasts."

Sasuke glanced at the kitchen entrance, his smirk twitching as he spotted the head chef demonstrating karate in front of one of the cameramen.

"Yes I am truly proud of being the one that hired them." He chuckled lightly, his most dashing and effective smile glued to his lips, his eyes on the female reporter, hoping that his charm would be enough to compensate for those idiots' antics.

"Wow, we never expected the face of Amaterasu to be so young and handsome." The red headed woman giggled.

Works every time; like stroking powder on to a baby's bottom.

"And you are by far the most stunning reporter I've seen, Miss Hinata."

"It's Karin."


"So anyway, Uchiha-san, we are really curious as to how you've managed to bring so much attention to your fresh, new restaurant till it has topped off even the older local, renowned outlets. What is your secret?"

"First thing is first, my success was never my own. I am where I am today with god's grace and the support of my family and friends,"

"What a pretentious bitch." Naruto scowled, murmuring resentfully.

"And of course my diligent, skilful team who've bent over backwards for the sake of this restaurant. I consider them all a very important part of my life and I care for them a lot. When they're not around, I think about them all the time and I – "Sasuke paused, cursing under his breath.

Fuck. Shit. Damn.

"We love you too you bastard! Yeah, yeah cameras I said that, over here me!" Naruto squealed.

"Uchiha-san, you are truly a smouldering tempest of emotion!" Lee cried, pumping a fist into the air.

What in the world was happening to him?

"Ah, is fhaf you Narufo-kun? Fhank god you're here, fhis movie is – "Her glowing smile died down into an angry pout, a high pitched roar reverberating from her tiny, sickly form.

"You look like shit." Sasuke sighed, casually kicking his shoes off by the entrance, a brown bag in his hand.

"G-Go away meanie, you made me lose my chance fo be on feevee!"


"Feevee! Oh, morgef if! Jusf donf falk fo me. A-And I wanf my keys back!"

"Now, now you're not still angry at me for making you work out are you?"

"Fhaf wasnf a work ouf, fhaf was forfure! A-And you sfay fhere you sexual predafor! Donf come any closer or I'll fhrow my sneeze clofh on you!"

"Calm your tits," Sasuke smirked, feeling oddly contented in her germ infested apartment.

"I brought you some cinnamon buns so you can free me from your isolation."

"Minde, buf donf fhink for a second fhaf fhis is a full fruce! I've got a five year senfence for you! B-Buf for now could you pass me fhe cinnamon buns and sif over here? F-Fhis movie is super scary!"

She looked disgusting; she was nowhere near the word beautiful. He shouldn't want to kiss her silly with all that green stuff oozing out of her nose and he shouldn't feel comfortable sitting on her couch, next to such horrifyingly infected creature.

But he was. He just wanted to be around this woman.

"Four days wifhouf me and you almosf died huh?" Hinata elbowed him playfully, a rather ugly grin on her pale, cracked lips.

"Didn't even notice you were gone" His hand was on her head, patting lightly as though she were a little girl half his age, his gaze thoughtful and deep.

"M-Meanie... O-Oh, oh my god! F-Fhere's fhe demon fhingie! G-God, I canf wafch!" The quivering Hyuuga curled in to a ball, inching as closely as she could towards the man.

"A-Arenf you even a liffle scared?! L-Look af fhaf fhing!"

Hinata was a fuck buddy; entertainment, pleasurable company.
He would admit he did harbor feelings for the girl; she was sweet, fun to mess with, willing to help out when she didn't have to, plus she was surprisingly the best sex he had which was the reason this whole thing started in the first place. But to be so attached to this teeny little thing...


It scared him.