AN: Alright, so here's a little one shot. I felt like indulging myself into a little bit of tragedy. Hope you like it.

Oh, you can't hear me cry,

seeing my dreams all die,

From where you're standing...

"I've never done this before..." she breathed out, her voice shivering.

" I know." He fumbled with her buttons, prying each open slowly.

"Will it hurt...?" She searched his face for something.

He stopped.

And suddenly laughed.

"Of course," he mumbled as he kissed her neck, his rough hands travelling all over her body and unravelling the knots she didn't know she possessed.

It's so quiet here,

And I feel so cold,

This house no longer feels like home...

"S... Severus..." her tremulous voice whispered to the darkness as he moved inside her. He grunted. "I think... I love you..."

His arm stiffened.

Time stood still.

Her eyes couldn't pierce the dark shadows around her.

She couldn't see his face.

He remained quiet. And still.

"You should have known better," he spoke after a while. She clutched at her bed sheet and swallowed.

It's so quiet here,

And I feel so cold,

This house no longer feels like home...

He woke up with an audible gasp. She sensed his distress and laid her arm on his chest.

"Is it her...?" she said quietly. "Is it Lily...?"

"Go back to sleep, Hermione." He removed her hand and turned his back towards her. She stared at the scars on his pale skin.

Oh when you told me you'd leave,

I felt like I couldn't breathe,

My aching body fell to the floor...

"Don't go. Please." She grabbed a handful of his robes. He stared at her. His coal black eyes bore holes into her soul.

"Please," she cried once more as he shrugged his cloak out of her hands.

"Why...?" She lowered her head and whispered to his retreating form. He paused.

"You know why."

When I called you at home

You said you weren't alone

I should've known better

Now it hurts much more

He opened the door and looked at the visitor distractedly. He closed his eyes for a second.

"Severus... I need to..." she began but stopped. A female voice called on him from inside.

He raised his eyes at her. Her lips trembled.

"What is it?" he snapped at her.

She shook her head. She stared at the contours of his hard face and the aching lingered.


Why I'm alone and freezing,

When you're in the bed that she's in,


"Please, have a seat Mr. Snape. The matter I have to report is of some importance."

He glared at the man and stood in the same position. The plump man shifted uncomfortably in his seat at his unfriendliness.

It's so quiet here...

"I... very well. A witch was brought to this Hospital two weeks ago, sir. She died in childbirth. The child is listed as yours."

And I feel so cold...

"Let me see..." The man shuffled through the papers on his desk. " Her name was... ah... Hermione Granger. Now, I must ask you if you will take the child or if it should be given up for adoption. We need your assent either way."


"Mr. Snape?" the man asked once more. "We need the decision in two days at most."


It's so quiet here...

And I feel so cold...

"Don't go. Please."

He awoke in cold sweat. A woman's hand caressed his neck.

"Go away, Pernelle. I'm done here" Her chiming laughter was the only response.

The silence was pregnant with darkness.

This house no longer feels like home...