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Lizzie's head was throbbing with pain, as if someone had continuously drilled a tunnel to the earth's core through her brain. Her eye lids flickered for a moment as they try to take in their new surroundings. Light… She thought to herself, why is it so bright?

She made to bring her arm forward but felt some form of resistance to them. She tugged her wrists once more, attempting to free herself but it was in vain. The cloth was tied tightly around her wrists in a complicated pattern and her repeated movements only made her wrists sore. She rolled a little on her side, easing the dead weight of her body that was starting to crush her arm.

"I'm glad you could join us."

Elizabeth tried to sit up from her position but the figure placed a gentle hand on her side, preventing her from moving.

"Don't…" He said, "Lie still; you'll need your strength back."

By now, most of her vision had returned to her. She raised her head a little, taking in her surroundings. She was painfully on her left shoulder, her arms tied tightly behind her back. She attempts to move her ankles but realized that they were restrained as well. She scoffed to herself; typical… she'd be surprised if they were freed.

"Where am I?" She asked groggily, the aftereffects of the drugs still messing around her system.

"He'll be here shortly, Elizabeth," The same man replied her with a gentle pat on her shoulders. She didn't know if she found that reassuring or just plain creepy.

"M-my shoulder…" She whispered tiredly, wincing a little as she rolled her body once more.

The door slid open and Red strode in, moving instantly by her side. He placed one hand on her shoulder and the other gently lifting her head. Lizzie felt his warm hands guiding her to a seated position, her eyes still droopy but her vision was clear.

"Hello Lizzie," Red greeted her with his familiar smile.

She wanted to punch him, kick and even slap him, she'd even thought of running him over with her car, but all these actions remained in her mental fantasy as her strength had not yet returned. She had a sneaky feeling that she was purposely kept in this manner, weak and vulnerable to the most dangerous criminal in the world.

"I hate you…" She mumbles weakly, reluctantly leaning against him for support.

She heard him chucking quietly as she felt the cloth around her wrists loosen up. The other man, his assistant she'd recognized as Grey, fetched a glass of chocolate milk. He positioned the straw at the lips, beckoning her to drink it.

"Drink…" Red said softly, "You need it…"

She shook her head in response; her stubborn nature easily took over.

"I do not wish to force you, Lizzie," Red said calmly.

"You're a coward…" Her voice quivered. Red stopped untying her wrists altogether. He raised his gaze towards her, leaning closer; his face void of emotion.

"I am many things, Elizabeth," He said quietly, "But not cowardly." His voice laced with venom as he gazed right through her. Lizzie immediately shrunk away from him, head lowering a little as she avoided his penetrating stare.

Grey offered her the straw once more, and this time, she parted her lips, taking the straw in her mouth and sipped on the chocolate milk obediently.

"Why are you doing this?" She mumbled softly, "You know I can't run away from you." Red was half kneeling between her feet, expertly tying the expensive scarf around her wrists; he was careful not to tie them too tight, lest her wrists get bruised again.

"I don't even know where we are," She concluded, just as Red had finished immobilizing her. His eyes flickered towards her, holding his gaze a little longer before speaking again.

"I trust you, Lizzie," He gave her a slight nod; "I trust that you won't try to run away; although I have already reiterated to you the impossibility of those desired actions. However, I would very much like to sleep without the thought of a Swiss army knife pressing against my throat." He tilts his head to the right, eyes never leaving her, "But I do not blame you if the thought had manifested in that pretty little head of yours. I would have done the exact same thing if we had switched positions," His hand wandered to a brown patterned scarf beside her and took it between his fingertips, relishing the smooth silk before proceeding to tie them around her ankles, "I'm just eliminating the temptation on your behalf."

When he was done tying her ankles, he lift his gaze back to her again, "It's been a long day. You should rest now." His soft but authoritative tone gave no room for her to argue. She relaxed a little as he touched her once more, shifting her gently across the bed as he helped tuck her in, pulling the covers up to her chest. Red climbed in as well, settling beside her while keeping some distance apart. He already had her under his thumb; he did not want her to feel even more threatened by him.

"Good night, Lizzie…" He sounded out softly, before turning to his side, his back facing her. He felt a slight movement between the sheets; he could only guess that she rolled onto her side as well. Another shift against the sheets and he knew that she had brought her knees together, curling them up towards her chests. Her restrained wrists remain in front of her chest, maintaining their last form of protection. The tiny shield brought her little comfort as she realized whose bed she was in.

The calm before the storm was the saying. Lizzie had remained relatively serene for the past 12 hours. Perhaps it was the drugs that made her numb, but surely emotions cannot be numbed, at least not for long.

Lying on her side with her wrists tied in smooth but expensive scarves, her ankles immobilized with the exact same material, her shoulders feeling sore from the position she was in when she was taken, the drugs that made her woozy and groggily, the fact that she was being held captive by Reddington, and lastly, sharing the same bed with him while being physically vulnerable.

The truth hit her square in the face. Realization came pouring in like a flood, drowning her, tightening her lungs, squeezing the life out of her tiny throat. She retaliated in the only way she knew; tears. Wracked sobs spilled from her lips as she brought her arms over her head, shielding herself from an invisible danger.

Red sat up wordlessly, scooting over to Lizzie. He managed to fend himself against her feeble struggles as he brought her towards his chest, holding her lightly as he soothed her breathing.

"Shhh… it's okay. Take deep breaths, Lizzie… Deep breaths…" He murmured, "Don't be afraid, it's alright… Shhh…" He continued holding her, remaining in that position for what seems like hours, rocking her gently whilst whispering gentle words.

Red felt a light weight draped against his shoulders, he smiled inwardly at her sleeping form, carefully studying the rising and falling of her chest. Once he knew that she was deep in her slumber, he laid her gently against the sheets. He loosened the scarves on her wrists and slipped them off easily, proceeding to do the same for her ankles. Freed of her bonds, Lizzie curled her legs a little, moaning slightly into her pillow as she shuddered a little.

Red laid himself beside her once more, placing his hand on her shoulders to ease her distress. She hummed a little, relaxing as she felt the warmth radiating from him. Red slid his arm down to her hip, resting his palm against her bony feature. He inhaled a breath of air, his senses immediately picking up the scent of Lizzie's shampoo.

"Good night, Lizzie." He pressed his lips against her temple, letting the kiss linger for a moment before pulling away. He shuffled a little against his pillow before allowing the melon and coconut scent lull him to sleep.

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