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"Tweezers? Anesthesia?" Red asked once more, clearly more worried than he would like to admit.

"We have everything prepared, boss. Just relax," If it weren't for the seriousness of the situation, Luli would have teased Red about being a pussy when it comes to needles.

"Just don't break anything except that chip," He grumbled lightly as he leaned back against the car seat, turning his head sideways. Without warning, he felt the tip of the needle pushing its way into his shoulder. He hissed at the intrusion, forcing his muscles to relax as his fingers grabbed edge of the leather seat.

The anesthesia kicked in almost immediately, numbing the top of his shoulder all the way to the base of his neck. He trained his eyes on the sleeping form of Elizabeth, wincing slightly when Dembe picked up the knife. He steadied his breathing, focusing on anywhere but the wound; winter in Paris, shopping along 5th avenue in New York, sipping tea in London.

He felt Luli move around him, fingers bobbing up and down at his shoulders. "Got it," came her smooth reply as she held up the black chip embedded with red sticky liquid. Relief washed over his face as the worst was over. He allowed Dembe to treat his wound while Luli cleaned the chip with a disinfectant, being extra careful with the tiny object.

"I never thought you would be scared of needles," Luli chirped, eyes never leaving the chip as she continued dipping it with another solution. Dembe grinned as he reached for a bandage; clearly both of them didn't know Red well enough.

"I'm not perfect," he tilts his head in response, half shrugging his shoulders.

"We didn't think you were, anyway," Luli smiled sweetly as she held up the clean black chip. Red scowled, snatching the chip from her. He plugged it into his laptop, turning it around, he handed it back to Luli once more.

"PhD from MIT," He retaliated with his usual smirk. Luli shook her head in mock annoyance, settling down in the front seat as the laptop rested on her thighs, fingers moving against the keyboard as if they were in sync.

A low rustling sound emitted from the distance, Red's head snapped up in curiosity, eyes squinting a little as he tries to make out the silhouette; a navy sedan.

"He's a little early," Red turned to Dembe, who merely raised his eyebrow in reply, eyes never leaving their focus on the task at hand.

"Hold this down," He instructed, taking his fingers off the bandage once Red had replaced with his own. Dembe disappeared to the back of the sedan, searching for some medical tape to hold the bandage down.

Lizzie heard a ruffling of sorts, coming from the back. She twitched her hand, attempting to get some sensation back in them. She dared not to move any further, continuing to feign consciousness as she relied on her senses, silently formulating a plan to escape. She felt a shift in the weight against the car seat, hearing a hiss, she recognized Red. He had his fingers pressing down against his shoulder, waiting reluctantly for Dembe to retrieve the medical tape.

"Mr. Reddington," the tall skinny man in a grey suit regarded him.

"Hello Grey," He said with a small smile, "You've just missed all the fun. Dembe and Luli were enjoying my agony just a while ago."

Luli let out a little snort, no doubt uncharacteristically, but she was with family, so she didn't bother holding herself to any standards. Dembe, however, said nothing, diligently tearing a strip of medical tape and stretching it a little, rolling them over the bandage on Red's shoulders. He made sure it was tight before tearing out another one, repeating the same process once more.

"Sir, I'm sure there will be other parties I'll be invited to."

"Don't worry, Grey," Luli said as she turned from her seat, "Next time Raymond gets his heart broken, we'll drink champagne on his tab," She made sure Red caught her winking at his assistant.

Grey cleared his throat in an attempt to cover his grin, "I'll just be useful and check on her," He strides over to the car door at the other end, pulling on the handle and opening it.

Dembe lightly runs his fingers over the wound, making sure it was firm before helping Red pull the collar of his shirt back up once more. Red moved his shoulder a little, stepping out of the car and extending his arm out for a stretch, rotating it small circles.

"How much did you give her?" Grey asked as he brushed the stray strands of hair across Lizzie's face, tucking it gently behind her ear. As he looked up across the car for an answer, he felt a strong push against his abdomen. The sudden force rendered him towards the ground on his back as he grunt in pain. Lizzie was on her feet, pushing herself forward and away from her captors. She couldn't run, not yet, her strength had not been fully restored. Instead, she did a crossover of hobbling and jogging every other step.

"She's strong, indeed," Red mused himself, impressed by her will power and her body's resistance to the drug. Dembe and Luli had already formed a perimeter about 20 feet away from Lizzie. They were unarmed but Lizzie knew that given a normal situation, she could never overpower Luli, and let's not even mention Dembe. By now, Grey was on her tail and was already closing in on her, signalling Dembe and Luli to do the same. She whirled around, assessing her situation. There was no way she could outrun them now, why did she even think she could stand a chance? She was trapped, as if the walls had closed in on her, slowly diminishing the space she had left, forcing her into a corner.

"It's alright… I've got this…" Red nodded his head as he strolled towards Lizzie. The others stopped advancing towards her, staying rooted to the ground instead, still forming that tight perimeter.

Her eyes darted around, brain still fighting back, formulating a plan, any plan, to run away from them. Red's advances didn't help much as it only made her focus on him alone, her brain zooming in like a homing beam as it prepares itself for a flight or fight situation.

"Lizzie," His voice soft, despite his menacing looks.

She shook her head, hands springing out in front of her as she took a step backwards, desperately seeking a distance between them.

"Lizzie…" he says her name once more, calming her down as he takes another step forward, hands reaching for her arms in tandem.

This is it. I could make a break for it. Just one push and I can make my escape. This is it! But she never moved. Her legs stood like blocks of concrete on the ground, she could feel them but she couldn't move them. Her brain yelled at her legs, screaming for them to run, to take a step, if only she would just move, and then she could have a chance.

Red reached into his pocket, taking out a blue handkerchief. The whiff of chloroform brushed past her nose, warning her of the danger she was in. Move now! Her brain yelled again. Before she could react, Red had forced the handkerchief onto her nose, covering her mouth as well. The chemical wheezed past her nostrils, soaring through her lungs as she struggled against Red. He easily restrained her, pinning her back against his chest, bringing her down to the ground for more leverage. He caught her wrists in one hand, while the other focused on the fumes on her nose. Lizzie kicks against the dirt, trying to push Red out of balance but it had only succeeded in pressing her body deep into his clutches.

"Don't fight me," He whispered at her ear, "Just breathe in, Lizzie. Don't fight it."

He stayed in that position for a while, making sure that she had completely lost consciousness before removing the cloth. He shoved it back into his pocket, careful not to inhale too much of the fumes.

"Luli, I think we have some scarves in the car." Without hesitation, the younger woman sprinted back to their car. Sliding his arm under her knees, he leans her head against his shoulder, lifting her into his arms once again, carrying her to the navy sedan.

Red lays her on her side, tucking her legs together before removing her shoes. He aligns her ankles, making sure that her ankle bone doesn't rub against one another. Taking the silk Hermes scarves from Luli, he gently lifts them up, expertly tying them into a knot. Taking her arms, he shifts them back, again, careful not to dislocate any part of her shoulder. He ties her wrists with the same material, ending with another knot. Red strides back to his car, taking his overcoat and a pillow from the backseat. He lifts her head up, sliding the pillow under her head, allowing her to rest on a softer surface. He spreads out his overcoat, covering her up until her chin, knowing that the thick jacket would keep her warm.

He allowed himself to indulge a little, planting a kiss at her temple, fingers tracing the side of her cheek as he tucks her hair behind her ears.

"You do care about your future, don't you?" Grey glanced at him as Red watches the rise and fall of her chest.

"Just keep her safe," He replied after moments of silence.

As Grey drove the sedan away, Red returned to his car, sliding in the back seat. Luli had already set up her laptop with the details of their next destination. As soon as Red was in the car, Dembe started the engine, hands on the wheel as he floored the gas pedal, driving off in the other direction.

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