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"Snrk?!" Bulma jolted awake when the loud voice penetrated her eardrums. Her body immediately straightened up into a sitting position, shaking. The light made her eyes burn. "Wh…Wha…Wuzza…?"

Her secretary shot her a disapproving look, a frown on her pleasant features. "Miss Briefs, you fell asleep again."

Bulma blinked dumbly. "…I…I did?" she enunciated slowly, as if she couldn't comprehend the statement. Again?

The orange-haired woman sighed. "Yes, Miss. And it's closing time," she added briskly, adjusting her rose-colored glasses.

"Uh…Uh…right, um…" Yawning, the heiress stood up and stretched. After sluggishly grabbing her things, Bulma trudged past the other woman, mumbling, "Goodnight, Mrs. Penci…."

"Goodnight, Miss Briefs."

Mrs. Penci noticed that Bulma had (once again) forgotten to turn her computer off. The woman sighed in defeat, wondering how such a girl who was often called a genius be so forgetful. Moving to shut off the technology, Mrs. Penci saw the web browser open. Curious, she looked at the internet article Bulma had once been reading before dozing off.

Her emerald eyes were alight with confusion when she spoke aloud: "'Saiya Town History: The Ouji Family'? What on Earth…?"

She wasn't in the mood to drive, so Bulma walked home…despite her house being on the other side of town. Luckily for her, the town was still decently small in size.

"Ahhwwww…" Tears pricked at Bulma's eyes; she rubbed them away tiredly. Why am I so tired? He shoes clicked on the sidewalk rhythmically, soothing her ears, tempting her eyes to fall shut and drag her into sweet sleepy goodness. Shaking her head fiercely, Bulma growled at herself heatedly to stay awake. That's when her feet began to ache.

She groaned. Come on…

The turquoise girl continued to force herself to walk until she found rest at the town square fountain. Promptly, she plopped down onto its edge. "Mm…"

The town square was pleasantly peaceful; not a soul in sight, and the only sound was the splashing of eater behind her. It calmed her frazzled nerves, her stress ebbing away like…well…water. Bulma smiled in contentment, stretching out her stiffened limbs. She snatched up her purse and pulled out Goku's bag of panko no onigiri. Hungrily, she fished on out of the crinkled paper sack and took a fairly large bite, chewing it and savoring its delectable flavor. She was almost reluctant to swallow.

Bulma sighed. It was definitely a weird day, for sure, but she actually looked forward to the trek home, and especially seeing a certain black-haired phantom.

While she was at work, Bulma had done some more research (which was another way of saying she got nothing work-related accomplished). Delving deeper into the mystery of her unruly houseguest's family, it turned out, besides being able to hold the power of buying anything they wanted, the Oujis were a major contributor to the fair town; an example being the library. The family surname was engraved into one of the entry steps—she'd have to check into that one when she passed it by. Vegeta Ouji, Sr. and his wife—who was a lovely woman—donated plenty of their wealth to local charities and to the funding of the Harvest Moon Festival.

Bulma chuckled. Maybe that's why those parties were so fun.

Anyways, the heiress had also browsed for pictures of the estranged family, and her searched proved to be fruitful. There were a few photos that were decent, most were blurry; nevertheless, it was still worth the find. She hadn't realized how cute Vegeta was as a kid! Aw…

Having been pleased with her findings, Bulma transferred all pictures and web articles to her customized flash drive. She would soon put the works onto her person laptop.

The ache in her feet dulled to which it would be suitable enough to walk. Grunting, Bulma slipped her high heels back on, deciding to pack some sneakers next time, and hobbled her way home.

Vegeta would be waiting for her!

"I'm home~!" Bulma sang out, dumping her things on the counter. She munched on another onigiri, anticipating her mother's entry.

"Bulma, dear!" a shrill voice chirped happily as a blonde woman skipped in. "Where have you been?" Mrs. Briefs gave her daughter a kiss. "It's late, you know!"

"I know, Mom," replied the pale-skinned woman, her blue eyes shining. "I decided to walk home—"

"You must be exhausted!" her mother cut in, clasping her dainty hands to her face. "Off to bed now!" Bulma laughed cheerily.

"Alright, alright. I'm going."

As Bulma started towards the hall, she heard Mrs. Briefs call out: "Oh, wait, Bulma! I forgot to tell you something!" She paused in question, turning to face the curly-top, and arched a thin, blue eyebrow.

"What's that?"

Mrs. Briefs giggled bubbly, but she perked her brow, her expression showing slight nervousness. "Dearie, when I was putting your clothes away, I heard this voice yelling at me to be quiet." She sighed heavily. "Thought, I supposed I was only imagining it…what do you think, Bulma?"

When Mrs. Briefs looked back at her daughter for an answer, she was astonished greatly to see quite a comical appearance on Bulma's paled features. The woman's usually cool and calm eyes were wide, bulging out of their sockets, and her mouth was partially agape, breath stuck in her throat.


"Uh…uh—you were probably just imagining things!" Bulma spluttered out, her words muddied and connected, quickly. She then zipped off to her room, yelling: "'Night, Mom~!"

Mrs. Briefs watched her genius daughter scurry off, tilting her head and instantly thinking, Oh, my, poor Bulma! She really needs a man to keep her straight!

Bulma stormed into her room and slammed the door with such force of wake all the angels in Heaven. "Vegeta Ouji!" she snarled. So much for wanting to see him…

A head of flaming black hair popped out of the mirror, a grouchy scowl painted over his full lips. He looked at the young woman, his onyx eyes mere slits, and growled, "What?"

Bulma stomped up to his head, glaring crossly. "What were you thinking, you brainless idiot?!"

"What in the world are you talking about, Woman?" Vegeta returned the glare with equal force.

"Bulma," she corrected him, her eyes and lips fiery. "And you know what I'm talking about, Man." Vegeta sneered at her. "My mother—she said she heard someone in this room telling her to can it! So, I ask again…" Bulma got nose to nose to him. "What. Were. You. Thinking?"

Vegeta gave her a look of contempt, his own eyes blazing with annoyance. "The ditz wouldn't shut up. So, naturally, I told her to shut up."

"But now she thinks something is wacked with this room!" Bulma retorted, throwing her hands up in the air. How dense could you get?! "If worst comes to worst, my parents will think I'm letting some secret guy they don't know about into my room!" She shuddered, a look of disgust on her lovely features. "I'll never hear the end of it…"

Then what am I then, chopped liver? Vegeta scowled.

"And furthermore," the woman pressed on furiously, "you said only I could see and hear you!"

Vegeta scoffed. "The only thing I said was you can see me—nothing about hearing."

"Then, you meant for her to hear you?" Bulma inquired, narrowing her eyes.

Unexpectedly, the dead man averted his eyes from her burning orbs to the floor, a faint blush of shame and embarrassment coloring her tanned cheeks. "Well…no…"

"Unbelievable!" she cried out.

"Well, how was I supposed to know she would hear me?!" Vegeta snapped. "I haven't been around anyone for nearly a hundred years!"

"You men are all so stupid!" Bulma wailed. Vegeta growled.


"Bulma, sweetie?" came a gruff, male voice.

"Hrk?!" The two forces froze.

Dr. Briefs opened the bedroom door, giving his adult daughter a skeptical look. He was wearing pajamas the oddly matched his hair. "Who are you arguing with?"

"Uh…just some…" the heiress gulped. How could she have been so careless? Her parents may not be able to hear Vegeta yelling all the time, but they could sure hear her. Oh, the irony of it all. "Just some…unruly…uh, employee over the phone, Daddy."

The doctor did not look convinced at all when he frowned, giving his daughter a reprimanding glare; however, he did not question her further. "Well, you should keep it down, sweetie. Your mother and I are trying to sleep."

"Sorry, Daddy…"

Dr. Briefs turned and, glancing over his shoulder, said, "If any employees are giving you trouble, just let me know, okay?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Goodnight, Bulma."


And with that, her father closed the door.

Bulma released an irritable puff of air for almost being caught, and she glared at the mirror beside her. Vegeta wasn't there. Snarling, the ruffled heiress stomped her foot down onto the hard flooring, cursing the ghost that had slipped away when her back was turned. I, she swore under her breath, will freaking break that mirror!

She didn't know that she said it out loud while thinking it, and she also didn't know the said ghost whom she was cursing had heard her. Vegeta frowned and shook his head, sighing. They both knew she wouldn't follow through with that.

Pursing her lips and grumbling inwardly, Bulma changed into her pajamas in a corner adjacent to the mirror—call her paranoid, but she wasn't in the mood to trust Vegeta on being a peeping tom—and snatched her laptop from her desk. She nestled herself onto her comfy bed, grunting as she shifted about to get comfortable, and then Bulma opened her sleek, silver computer, turning it on. Once the machine was booted up, she inserted her jump drive into the USB port. The files contained in the flash drive popped up into her sight on the monitor; she smile faintly. Good, they had saved.

The blue-haired woman began to move the files onto her laptop's hard drive. Her index finger glided across the mouse pad.

"What are you doing?"

Bulma, surprised by the voice, jumped a bit, and looked to her right. Vegeta was sitting next to her, leaning in to get a peek at her laptop screen. His brow was creased, a soft frown shaped his lips, and curiosity and confusion swirled in his deep, fathomless eyes. She blinked, the anger towards him completely forgotten. He looked like a young child who was exposed to something entirely new to him.

"Putting some files onto my laptop," answered she, transferring the last picture.

"Lap…top?" Vegeta arched an eyebrow quizzically. "This is what this doohickey is called?" Bulma nodded, surprised. But then again, he probably never saw a computer before in his…life. "…Do they call it that because it sits atop you lap?"

Bulma chuckled at his logic, amused. "Heh, more or less, yeah." She had to hold back a laugh at the face Vegeta made.

"…What a strange generation you're in…" he mumbled, bemused.

Bulma's smile broadened. "Oh, trust me; this isn't the weirdest thing out there."

"Hn?" Vegeta cocked his head.

The woman grinned when she began, "How fast could cars go in your time?"

Confused by this question, Vegeta leaned back to think. "Uh…I'm not sure… 15…20 miles per hour, I think? Not a lot of people had cars here…"

"Well," Bulma giggled, "today, that's basically a cake walk." Vegeta's eyelids fluttered.

"Why's that?" he asked.

"The cars of today," the heiress explained, a giddy expression on her face, "can reach at least a hundred miles an hour."

Vegeta's eyes widened, his lips parting to gape at her, and his pupils shrank in shock. "Wh…What?!"

"You heard me!"

"But that's…" he stammered in disbelief, "that's…impossible!"

"Nothing's impossible, 'Geta." Bulma ruffled his hair, causing him to scowl at the action…and the nickname. "As the years go on, technology progresses. Heck, while you were gone, we've gotten people in space, found cures for diseases incurable before, gotten people to fly, explored the oceans depths, uncovered fossils millions of billions of years old, and so much more!"

Vegeta was dumbfounded.

"I know it's a lot to take in," Bulma beamed at him brightly, amused by his bewilderment, "but—"

"Tell me."

Being interrupted by him was astonishing to her. "What?"

The apparition crossed his muscled arms over his broad chest, eyeing her intensely, wonder gleaming in his onyx eyes. "I want to know what this 'so much more' is. I've missed too much throughout my imprisonment here." Something lurched within Bulma when Vegeta uttered the word "imprisonment". He noticed her change of mood. He sighed.

"Hey." Vegeta nudged her shoulder. "It's high time I learned something about your crazy generation, don't you think?"

Bulma was shaken out of her trance, and she nodded solemnly. "Yeah, I suppose…" She then smirked slyly. "I should warn you though; things may be a bit crazier than you believe."

"I'm sure I can take it."

Bulma smile fully, chuckling, and began her story.


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