I am shaken awake by Maple. Its still dark out, very dark actually. "Your turn to watch" she says as she lays down next to where I was laying. I stretch and stand before making my way over to a nearby tree and settle down at the unearthed roots. Its really nice to just sit here and think. The forest is calm and silent for the most part, other than the odd owl hoot. Its serene. I wonder if this is what its like living in District 7.

As time ticks on I grow more tired so I find little things to distract myself. I weave vines together and with my finger I draw little pictures in the dirt. Its all fine until I hear a scream not to far away, followed by a cannon. My heart starts pumping and I feel the urge to run. The scream seemed to wake Maple up because she is sitting up, looking in the same direction I had been.

"Should we move?" she asks.

"I don't know" I reply as silence falls between us. That soon disappears when voices reach my ears. Not just any voice though, its Glitz's voice. I want to run to him but I know he is with the careers. "Come on, lets move" I whisper to Maple.

"Up in the trees, go" she whisper's urgently back. I grab the bag while Maple grabs her axe and I begin to scale the tree. Maple has made it up before I even make it a quarter of the way. I begin to panic as a dim orange light catches my eye through the trees. You're now going to die the voice mocks in my head. I shake the thought away and carry on scaling the tree. I am halfway up when I see Glitz. His eyes catch mine and for a second I think he is about to throw his spear.

"Hurry" he says as his eyes dart around. My eyebrows knot together in confusion. He is saving me. Warmth fills me as I carry on climbing. I make it just before the other careers join Glitz.

"Who was you talking to?" Gemma, Glitz's cousin asks.

"Nobody, but I thought I seen somebody run that way" Glitz replies, pointing away from our tree.

"Well, lets get 'em then" the boy from District 2 says as he heads in that direction. As they walk away Glitz glances my way and I mouth a 'thank you'.

"What was that about?" Maple whispers in my ear. I jump at the sound of her voice, completely forgetting she was there.

"I honestly don't know" I lie. "Lets go back down. You need sleep" I say just as she yawns. She nods her head and we scale back down the tree. Its much easier getting down than getting up. Maple doesn't sleep straight away, but within an hour she is lights out. I lean back against the tree and think about Glitz. The diary must have been right. He does have feelings for me. Why else would he save me?

I sit up as Maple begins to stir. She slowly rises and yawns with a smile on her face. It soon falls as she looks around, realizing she is in the arena. "Good morning" I say to her as I hand her the canteen full of water. She takes it and sips on the water.

"Morning" she replies between sips. "We need food" she says as she stands up.

"Well, I am not much of a hunter" I reply as she hands the canteen back to me and I too take a few sips. "But I can forage. I learned a little about plants in training. Why dont we split up and meet back here in lets say, twenty minutes or so?"

"No" Maple blurts out, a little too loud. "I mean...what if you are attacked? You don't have anything to defend yourself with" she says, real concern in her yes. "We go together and see what we can find. Agreed?" she asked.

"Okay" I reply. So that's what we do. For a good hour was circle the perimeter of our little area and find a ton of berries and Maple even kills a rabbit for us. The gamemakers seem to be more than generous with the food and water in the arena this year. Maybe they want all the deaths to be bloody.

We cook the rabbit while it is still light so the smoke wont be easily recognizable. But we dont eat the rabbit until nightfall. I tell Maple to sleep first and rest against the same tree trunk I had done the night before. The forest falls silent pretty quick and I am in that serene place again.

I chew on a few berries to keep my mind occupied because truth be told, I am getting pretty tired. I try my best to stay awake, but every so often I fall into a short sleep. Stay awake Serenity I tell myself, but its futile because before I know it I am nodding off.

Rustling of leaves draw me from my sleep. I slowly blink my eyes open and mutter Maple's name, but she doesn't reply. I am then up on my feet in seconds staring at the boy from district 12 with a handful of the berries we foraged. His wide black eyes stare at me like a wild animal caught in a trap. I smile at him, but within a second he has jumped onto me, pinning my arms down with his hand covering my mouth.

"Such a pretty girl" he says as he licks the berry juice from his lips. He then runs his tongue up my cheek and then back down to my jaw line. I squirm under his grasp, but he has me held tight. I see a glint of silver and notice he has a knife in his free hand. My heart begins to hammer in my chest as he runs the cold steel blade tip up the cheek he just licked. "I am going to have fun with you" he said. This is not the boy I seen in the recap. Something had clearly snapped in him.

He puts the knife into his waistband and his hand begins to wonder down my arm them back up to my chest. My eyes widen as he begins to grope me. My vision begins to blur as I start to cry. Please Maple...wake up I scream to myself, but it seems useless. So is this how it ends? Me being touched by a pervert and then killed?

I close my eyes and just pray it ends fast. His hand over my mouth seems to loosen and I take the chance. I bite down as hard as I can onto his finger and blood rushes into my mouth. I then scream as loud as I possibly can. I feel pain erupt in my right eye as his fist collides with my face. Soon though Maple has dragged him off me and pinned him against a tree.

I scramble backwards still screaming as I watch Maple cut hit throat open with the blade of her axe. His body crumples to the floor and his cannon sounds, but it's barely audible over my screaming. "Shush shush shush" Maple says as she cups my face in her hands. "Its okay" she says.

I begin crying with loud, animalistic sobs as she pulls me into her arms. I feel frightened and dirty. At some point Maple half carries, half drags me away from the scene but we return a few minutes later. The crying has ended and I am just staring ahead into the dark forest. I had just come so close to death and I realized one thing...I dont want to die. Before we entered the arena I said I didn't but there was that little voice inside my head saying that it will be better if I die. But now, after what just happened, I don't want to. I want to live. I want to go home to Allison. I want to go home to Art.

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