OK so not only is this my first Sleepy Hollow fic it's my first fic ever so go easy on me but any feedback good or bad would be welcomed. Also i have only seen up to episode 5 as being in the UK we are a little behind and its set really after that however i wrote most of this after episode 4 But love the show and wanted to scribble, enjoy!

Chapter 1

It was getting dark outside, it was only mid afternoon but storm clouds gathering above the solitary cabin where Ichabod sat. Rain drops began to patter against the window and for the first time everything that had happened so far began to sink in. He hadn't had a chance to reflect on how much his life had changed, he cupped his face with his hands and sighed.

There was three soft knocks on the door, he stood up from the bed and walked across the room to open it. It was Abbie with a smile on her face and some shopping bags. "Hey Crane. How are you doing today? I just thought I would stop by and see how you are" She walked passed him and put the bags on the ground next to the couch. "I am well thank you. And yourself?" He closed the door, "Yeah good, I brought you some more things. I figured you might eventually need more than one set of clothes and well some fresh undergarments" He looked to her and smiled, "Thank you, this is to generous of you. I have no means to repay you" he sat back down on the couch and stared down at the ground.

Abbie walked over and sat beside him, "Are you ok?" he slowly shook his head and turned to her. "I believe everything is beginning to dawn on me now. I am stuck in this time, there is no going back and even although I have this gargantuan task on my shoulders of stopping the horseman I feel sorrowed that I never had or will a normal life with Katrina and have children and grow old together, Is that selfish?"

She put her hand on his arm for comfort, "No, it isn't. And I will always be here if you want to talk. You aren't alone." He turned to her and smiled, "Thank you." A ringing broke the silence, it was Abbies phone, she pulled it from her jacket pocket. She stood up as she answered it and started waking around the room. Crane looked over to the bags and pulled one over to him and started to rummage through, he pulled out a pack of three black boxer shorts and held them up. Abbie hung up the phone and turned to him, "Who is Calvin Klein and why do I appear to have his undergarments?" Abbie laughed and shook her head, "You have a lot to learn" She headed towards the door, "I'm sorry but I have to go, it was Captain Irving and I need to head down to the station. Hopefully its nothing supernatural related unless demons are holding up liquor stores" Crane moved in front of her and opened the door, "Thanks, you are a gentleman, you could teach men of this time a thing or two" and with that she was gone, and he was alone again and his smile soon faded.

He walked through to the bedroom, lay on top of the bed and shut his eyes, for missing the last two hundred years he sure was tired. Very quickly he drifted off into a light sleep, he had a dream he was home.

It was a lovely summers day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. He was stranding at the back door of his home which looked out onto a field of long swaying grass and beyond the forest of sleepy hollow. There was Katrina, sitting on a magnificent white horse. She was dressed all in white, the long floating dress caught the wind and danced around, she looked like an angel. His heart filled with joy to see her like this, he started to move towards her, "Is this a dream Katrina or can you talk to me?" She smiled softly, "What are you talking about my dear? You are late, we were going to ride together through the forest, don't you remember?" He realised this must be a dream and not Katrina trying to communicate with him somehow.

He walked over to her and held her hand, "I know this is just a dream, a beautiful dream but I miss you terribly and there isn't a moment that goes by that I don't think of you and what our lives would have been together" She looked down and him and smiled, "I'm sorry" she whispered and kicked the horse into motion. He started to run after her, she was heading to the woods "Kartina wait! What do you mean that you are sorry?" He shouted after her but his words got caught in the wind. He reached the edge of the wood, the atmosphere changed . there was a creeping darkness all around, the trees were dead and leafless even although he dreamed of summer, this place reeked of death. A chill ran up his back as he moved forward , dead leaves crunched beneath his feet as he progressed forward.

Something caught his eye to his left, a rustle of dry leaves followed. "Hello…Who goes there?" He said, noticing his voice slightly quivering. I think I want to wake up now he thought, even in slumber nightmares haunt him. He pressed forward deeper into the woods when he heard a voice on the air.

"Ichabod" The voice seemed to sing his name. He followed the direction of the haunting sound, he stumbled down a small hill to reach a lake, he walked over to the waters edge and upon closer inspection the water was black and appeared bottomless. He reluctantly bent down and touched the substance, it clung to his fingers like tar. He rubbed his hand on his trousers and looked up to see the lake was filled with bones and animal parts that had fallen in to their demise. "I really want to wake up now" he said aloud to himself.

He felt a warm hand slide on top of his shoulder, he spun around and there was Katrina, now wearing her long black dress. Her red flowing hair caught the sunbeams than now emerged through trees. He gently caressed her face and pulled her towards him, his lips passionately embraced hers. His hands slipped round her waist whilst her fingers ran through is long hair. He reluctantly pulled away, still eager for his wife's sweet touch.

"I miss you terribly Katrina", he whispered, she threw her hands around his neck and held on tightly. "As do I my love"

BANG. The noise was earth shattering. They both frantically looked around to see the source of the noise but the wood was perfectly still.

"You need to wake up now Ichabod,something is coming for you and I don't mean in this place."


"What is coming Katrina?" He shook her shoulders in panic, "there is not time just wake up! " she turned and jumped into the lake, it engulfed her in a second she was gone, bubbles floated to the surface then went still.