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Abbie let go of Ichabod, took a step back and smiled. She turned to look again at the destruction of the room, "So are you going to fill me in what happened here and why you didn't call me immediately?" she stood with her hand on her hip, "That smart phone device you gave me was broken. I tried to communicate with you by this means yesterday and the screen was dark. So I disposed of it" He walked across the room, dodging the debris on the floor while on his tip toes. He got to the door frame and crouched down and began to inspect the charred wood. Abbie sighed and shook her head "Did you charge the phone?" He looked round at her and frowned, "Never mind, we have more serious things to be dealing with, as always" she walked over to the door and bent down beside him, "Is this wood burnt? What the hell was here last night?"

He stood up and grabbed his jacket that was hanging by the door; he slipped it on and brushed it down. "That's what we are going to find out Miss Mills" He held out his hand to help her up "Are you sure you are ok? You don't need to go to hospital to get checked out?" He smiled "Just a few bruises, nothing to be concerning yourself over" He gestured to the doorway, "Shall we?"

They made their way to the car, Ichabod got to the driver's side and opened the door for her before walking round to the passenger side. Abbie started the car and turned in the driveway, she glanced in the mirror back at the cabin, "We need to get that door fixed, when we stop ill call a few people but it's not safe for you to stay there alone" He turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow "I thought I handled myself quite well last night without you" he said with a smirk. "Well you might not be as lucky next time so after we do some research into what tried to kill you last night ill swing past my place to get some things and I'm coming over."

He looked out the window to the forest and wondered if that thing was still out there waiting for him. "I would very much appreciate the company Miss Mills and you are correct, safety in numbers" He rolled down his window slightly to let a gentle breeze flow in, it blew his already messed up hair all around. She looked over to him "Yeah we can have a girly night in, paint our nails, put face masks on, eat raw cookie dough and watch some chick flicks while waiting for demons to show up, will be fun" She laughed as she seen the confused look on his face, "I don't know what a lot of that means but it sounds insufferable, especially whatever a chick flick is" he smiled and glanced back out the window, "I'm just kidding although you are two hundred years old, a face mask wouldn't hurt". They were in the main town now and almost at their new-found base of operations, the archives of everything weird she liked to think of it.

They walked into the dusty old room filled with old books and files; Abbie took off her jacket and threw it over a chair next to the large desk. "Ok so fill me in on what happened so we can try to figure out what's after you" Ichabod began pacing up and down the room with his hands behind his back as he explained last nights events to her, leaving out the part of his dream and how scared he actually was, he needed to stay strong and calm, he didn't want to her to see him too venerable. After finishing his tale she pulled out the seat of the desk and sat down.

"So we have a monster that looks like a wolf, with a snake's tail, wings and may breathe fire?"

"Yes, correct" He said in a nonchalant manner. He began to pull some books off the shelves and blew on them to clear some dust. Abbie opened her laptop and began searching, she thought this thing sounded terrible and Crane didn't seem that phased at all but she knew he must feel frightened sometimes like she does, who wouldn't?

Some time had passed when Ichabod broke the silence "Aha" he exclaimed as he stood holding open a large leather bound book. "I think this is what we are dealing with" He walked over to the desk and placed the book in front of her and pointed to the page which had a simple black and white drawing of what he described. "That is Marchosias. A ruler of hell that can be summoned by a witch and when summoned will be very faithful to its new master. In the Ars Goetia, the first book of The Lesser Key of Solomon, he is depicted as a wolf with gryphon's wings and a serpent's tail, spewing fire from his mouth, but at the request of the magician he may take the form of a man."

Abbie rubbed her forehead, "so what you are saying is someone, a witch, summoned this thing and it could be anywhere because it can change into a human? And the witch controlling it is probably human too? Well that's just great." Ichabod shut the book and looked to her, "No it is not, now we need to find out who is controlling it, if we stop the witch it will be far simpler than taking on that monstrosity" Abbie nodded in agreement "What I could do is look online for all the local witchcraft stores, if there are any, swing by and ask if anyone was buying items to summon a Marchosias. There was a list as the side of the page I saw so hopefully that can lead us to our witch but first I need coffee" She stood up and pulled some money from her jeans pocket. "Why don't I go to get the beverages and you stay and look on the netting, web contraption for these outlets" She smiled and threw him over some money, "OK if you are going to be alright on your own, every time I'm not by your side you seem to always end up in trouble" He walked to the door, turned to face her and bowed his head and he was gone.

Before he went across the street for coffee he decided to take a detour, as it was during the day and out in public he hoped he would be safe enough. He didn't know a lot of town yet but he knew how to get to one place, Katrina's false grave. He knew it was foolish as she wasn't buried here but it gave him comfort and somewhere to clear his head. He sat on his knees in the damp grass and began to talk out loud, "Katrina, my love I don't know if you can hear me but I just wanted to see you again." He glanced around to see if she would appear to him but he sat alone. "We are tracking a witch you see, it would be very helpful to get some insight and some help with the horseman in general, just anything" He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment "But more than anything I wish you were alive and here with me now" He felt a warm breath on his neck, he opened his eyes and the graveyard was coated in a light fog. Soft kisses were planted on the curve of his neck by Katrina, her hand glided round his chest inside his jacket and he felt a shiver run up his spine, "Soon my dear, soon we will be together forever"