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Anyway, here are some spoilers so that you may know what you'll miss if you decide to ditch me:

Caroline is going to be human. That's the biggest spoiler. She will realize it and have trouble adapting back to the human life considering she's been a vampire for a while now. If you remember the first season, that's where the base of the Daroline relationship lies. Damon will want to use Caroline to get into the Gilbert home to get the journals that will eventually help him free Katherine.

But Caroline knows better now, having lived through that nightmare once already. So she will be able to avoid Damon, for a while. We all know how persistent Damon can be, though, so he will stop at nothing to get Caroline. But she will have an ally she didn't have the first time; Stefan Salvatore.

Yes, Stefan is with Elena. Yes, he loves her. But now that Caroline has gotten a second chance to fix things, she will correct every mistake she's made that she has regretted, including how her and Stefan started. She will patch things up with Elena as well and she will be the Caroline she became after she turned. Stefan, as we know, loves that Caroline so when Caroline starts acting the way she did as a vampire, Stefan will like her from the start. Thus, he will protect her from Damon.

Caroline and Stefan will be friends, very good friends, much to Elena's dismay. She'll be jealous, a lot, and I will bash her. Definitely. But this is a Steroline and a Daroline story (tho I'm using Steroline as the picture, but that's because s4 and everything in s5 till now has killed me with all the steroline feels!) I'm not really sure of the endgame, to be honest, so we will have an equal amount of both. Maybe a bit more of Daroline? Caroline's change in behaviour will remove Damon's attention, though temporarily, from his mission and from Elena. What do you think that'll lead to, considering how Caroline and Damon's relationship could've been if Caroline hadn't been acting as that shallow, insecure, neurotic control freak on crack?

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