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Something was missing.

I couldn't place it. It felt like everything in me had shifted. Nothing felt the same anymore. I wasn't the same anymore.

I used to be able to feel her, even when we were far apart. But something had changed. I felt nothing, no tingle, no spark.

Complete emptiness swallowed me whole.

A blackness took over what was once filled with light.

Absolutely empty.

I used to have so much to live for, but I left that all behind.

She was my reason, my light, and dare I say it even my soul. And yet knowing that, I still left her behind.

And for what? Keeping her safe? Proving that I could possibly love her more than she could ever love me? That life was worth living if you are only half living it?

Mistakes, nothing but mistakes.

Yet, here there I was, searching for the one thing that shined a bright light into my dark existence.

But she was nowhere to be found.

Instead of those fateful words I said to her that day in the forest. "It will be as if I never existed." But I was existing, only now, it was her that ceased to exist.

She was one of the missing.


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