(I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin. This is a sequel to Body Switch, alright? Great, fantabulous. ouo)

Eren jumped out of the bed he-she-was previously occupying, her body heat leaving with it. Levi stared at her, bewildered. First a body switch, and now Eren was a girl?

Deep down, though, Levi couldn't help but admit that she looked adorable. Eren was obviously more feminine, but her figure was petite, and she was shorter. This still didn't help Levi, though, because they simply matched height, seeing eye-to-eye, literally.

Her face became flushed, out of worry and slight excitement as she realized what had happened to her. It became clear to Levi that she finally processed the current situation, and he could see the thought, 'This is because of Hanji, isn't it?' in her confused turquoise eyes.

"Oh, this makes sense." A lovely melody of a voice protruded from her mouth. Levi sighed.

"You sound like you're okay with this." Levi deadpanned, as if to knock some sense into the other. Who knew what Eren was capable of when he was a she.

In the least, he would most likely be able to get away with almost anything. His-her - level of cute-ness rivaled Christa, surprisingly.

"Of course I'm not okay with this!" Eren screeched after a moment of silence. Levi winced at this.

"You're going to lose your voice if you keep that up." Levi sighed again and crossed his arms.

"It's not even my voice! What on earth is this?! What in the name of titans was in that vial exactly?!" Eren was gripping at her hair, as if she were about to tear it out right then and there.

"Eren, calm down-." Levi started, but was cut off.

"I am NOT going to calm down! Look what she's done to me! She's been causing so many problems about this lately, and I haven't even had a full day to grow accustomed to my regular body!" Eren ranted, panting out of rage.


"What?!" She questioned, voice full of bitter animosity toward his luck in the past few weeks.

"Shut up." He narrowed his silver eyes at the other, who seemed to shy away for a moment. Levi didn't really want to scare her, but if he wanted to knock some sense into the utterly confused now-female, he was going to have to make her realize that she'll need to assess the situation better than how she was currently.

Eren huffed, but didn't open her mouth after that.

"Take deep breaths." He commanded, to which she hesitantly complied.

"Better?" He asked her, after he felt she'd taken enough. She seemed to calm down considerably, but anger still raged on in her bright eyes. The brunette merely nodded.

"Alright. First off, you're going to need some smaller clothing. Do you think one of your weird friends might have some to spare?" Eren stared at the floor for a moment, biting on her lip nervously.

This did not go unnoticed by Levi, whom merely watched the little motion before she spoke again.

"Mikasa, maybe."

"Good. Now go find her. I'm going to have a little... talk with Hanji." With his last three words dripping with as much venom as anyone could add to them, he left, climbing the stairs to head to Hanji's without stopping for anything.

Or anyone, unless it was Erwin or Eren.

Eren sighed, wanting oh so badly to flop onto the bed and wake up from a dream, because he-she, she reminded herself, wished that she was merely dreaming.

Sadly, nothing in the universe would provide her the bliss of waking up from any dream.

This was stressful, she concluded as she rubbed the side of her face tiredly, letting out a groan before heading upstairs herself.

She walked. Through the halls, forgetting about her current appearance of baggy clothing and long, soft and silky hair.

Eren looked out one of the windows, concluding by the way the sun was setting that it was dinnertime.

Meaning Mikasa would be in the dinner hall.

Meaning that Armin would be there too.

Meaning that everyone else would be there.

Meaning that everyone would see Eren's current predicament.

She wanted to punch someone. Really badly.

Rosy lips parted as a few soft mumbles emanated from them; "Where's that horseface when I need him?"

She'd finally arrived, turquoise orbs studying the double door to the dining hall, until she entered with a deep, hesitant breath.

It was noisy in the hall. She nearly chuckled as she recalled when Levi was occupying her body-when he was male, of course, but she was in his body-and Levi stabbed someone's hand.

Good times, yes, good times indeed.

She stepped in, catching a few people's attention as she walked past. She could feel their questioning gazes on her, but ignored it as she made her way to Mikasa, who didn't notice her at first.

Once Eren finally arrived, she waited a moment, to choose the right words, and caught Mikasa's attention with a, "Mikasa? I need your help."

Mikasa turned her attention away from her food, and from Armin who's view was blocked by someone standing in Eren's way.

The ebony-haired female's matching dark eyes widened as she dropped the bread she was eating. She held the other's green gaze, which she only recognized from one person, and one person only.

"Eren...?" Her voice was soft and disbelieving.

The other female, who wasn't sure how to explain everything to her, nodded sheepishly.

"Mikasa? What's the matter?" The two heard Armin question, and the soldier standing in his line of sight walked away, revealing Eren.

Armin's jaw dropped at the sight of her. "E..E-eren!?" His chair clattered noisly against the floor as he abruptly stood up, slamming his hands on the table, and a soft blush flitting across his cheeks.

Unfortunately, this caught many people's attention as they all stared at her.

It went silent. Painfully so, before a loud, questioning cry came from one person, and it spread across the room. She was suddenly overwhelmed by a thousand questions getting thrown at her.

"Everyone, shut up!" Eren had gotten tired of the questions that she was getting bombarded with. The room went deathly quiet again.

She took a deep breath. "Hanji had a few serums she wanted to test on me, since if it were deadly, anyone else wouldn't recover quickly. The last one didn't do anything, but now, I guess it did."

It was quiet for a moment, before she added, "$hit tasted nasty, by the way."

This caused a quiet chuckle from Armin. Eren smiled at him, and he became flustered again.

"By the way, where's Horseface?" She questioned, realizing the room had been missing that single individual.

She received a few shrugs and nothing more. Eren sighed. "Anyway, Mikasa, do you have any spare clothing?"

Surprisingly very understanding of the other, Mikasa slid her food over to Sasha, who happily obliged, and beckoned Eren with a nod of her head out of the dining hall.

The other followed without hesitance to her room. Once they arrived, Mikasa pulled out a lilac shirt and a pair of capris, something meant for warm days, but she figured it was one of the best thing for Eren right now. Also, a bra and some panties.

"Don't get picky now, Eren." She commented, noticing Eren's expression toward the lilac shirt, and the women's underwear. "It's necessary."

Eren looked sickened, before clearing her throat, and nodding.

Without another word, Mikasa left the room for Eren to change.

A few more moments, Eren emerged, but wasn't quite done yet.

"How... do I put... this thing... on?!" She asked, clearly struggling with the bra, the lilac shirt between her teeth.

Levi, who had been heading down the hallway to check on Eren, reached her first and hooked it for her. That's extremely awkward.

"Oh." She said, before turning around. Levi snatched the lilac shirt she had been between her teeth and shoved it over her head.

"Levi, I know how to put on a shirt." Eren complained, while Mikasa cracked a small, endearing smile at the scene in front of her. Levi didn't seem to care about anything that was going on, considering he hooked the bra without batting an eyelash. It looked like Levi knew what he was doing, as if he were taking care of a kid.

"I'll leave you two, then." She said with a monotone voice, but underlying it a tone of clear happiness.

"Your hair is a f#cking nest. Were you even planning on brushing it? Probably not, because you're one of the messiest people I know." Lord Ravioli didn't give her another moment to speak before he dragged her down the hallway, to her bedroom.

Eren sat down in the chair at her dresser, as Levi demanded on the way down. He'd rummaged through the dresser until he found a brush, and something to tie her hair with.

Despite her protests, saying, 'I can do this myself, don't treat me like a child.', Levi ignored her as he ran it through her tresses carefully.

After, he parted some hair, leaving the bottom half down as he expertly twisted it into a small bun, and tied it. It fit her look perfectly.

"We're going to go see Hanji." Levi stated, going up the stairs. Eren followed behind.

"What the was the use of doing my hair for?" She questioned, an annoyed tone lacing her words as she reached up to feel the bun.

"Your hair looked like a pigsty, and I couldn't put up with that." The other replied, heading down the hall to Hanji's once again.

"She has a proper explanation, I suppose?" Eren didn't need an answer for that, though. She didn't pay attention to anyone, but secretly wished that she wouldn't have to see Horseface before she was turned back.

And right then, she had the worst luck in the world as she heard a familiar voice say, "Wow... wait, Eren?!"

Turning to meet a flustered Jean, she knew she was in some serious business.

She wouldn't hear the end of this.