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"Corporal Levi wants to speak with you in his office." Stated Petra, and Jean stiffened in his seat at the table he sat at, nearly dropping his spoon in his soup. He slowly turned his head toward the woman, swallowing thickly.

Petra looked pretty indifferent about this, but she offered a sympathetic smile, for the Corporal usually never called in anyone to his office unless they'd done something extremely, extremely regrettable.

Needless to say, many people have learned their lessons, whether it be not to litter or to be serious during training and not throw things at other people.

More specifically mud.

Jean shivered at the memory and nodded. "Yes ma'am." With that, she left. The others at the table stared at the two-toned hair-ed male, wondering what exactly he'd done wrong.

Knowing exactly what they were thinking merely from their incredulous stares, Jean flashed a look that said, 'beats me' and shrugged.

Once he finished, he put his dishes where the dish washers could access them easily, before hesitantly making his way to Corporal Levi's office.

He arrived, trembling with slight fear, before taking a deep breath and calming down his inner turmoil, which screamed all the while, 'run for your life while you still can.'

Jean raised a fist to the door, almost contemplating leaving when it opened.

"Oh, Kirschtein. Come in." The Corporal's monotone voice and apathetic expression shook him to the very core of his being.

"Y-yessir." He replied, nervousness clear in his voice, to which the raven raised an eyebrow at.

"I'm not going to rip your head off. I just need to talk to you." Though, the look in his obsidion-blue eyes said otherwise.

Jean gulped, before standing in front of the Corporal's desk, whom had sat down in a (very uncomfortable-looking) chair on the other side.

"Tell me, Kirschtein. What relation do you have to Eren?" The other asked, voice low and dangerous.

"He-She and I graduated together, in the 104th." He gave himself a mental pat on the back for managing to keep his voice calm and collected.

"Is that so. Nothing more, nothing less?" The Corporal questioned, and this confused Jean more than it scared him, much to his surprise.

"Uh..." He began, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "Yeah. Nothing more, nothing less." The male repeated the other's words, yet Levi didn't look convinced at all.

"Do you.. harbor feelings for Eren, Kirschtein?" The accusing tone in his voice nearly made Jean jump.

"N-no, not at all!" He stammered, though, it was a lie.

He wasn't quite sure of how he felt about Eren.

"Listen here, you little siht. Eren does not belong to you. I am her Corporal, her keeper. You, are nothing but a snot-nosed brat who happened to graduate in the same class. No more, no less. You're dismissed." Levi stated bluntly.

"But-." Jean started, but the Corporal's glare made him stop before he said anything stupid.

"I said, you're dismissed." His tone sent fearful shivers up the other's back, who visibly paled all the while. He gave a quick and sloppy salute before racing out of the room.

-Timeskip. :D-

Levi tore his silver gaze away from the papers placed neatly on his desk when a knock at his door resounded throughout the room. "Come in."

Eren's head poked it, before a smile adorned her face. "I brought you tea, sir."

He nodded and gestured her forward whilst turning his attention back to the paper in his hand.

Though, on the inside, he was slightly happy she took the time to make him tea.

She set a small plate with a teacup on his test, pouring the tea after she did.

"Why didn't you just pour it before coming here?" The raven questioned, confused as to why she wouldn't just do it then. He didn't let the confusion show, though.

"Oh, well, I was afraid I would end up spilling it, you know?" She laughed nervously, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck.

"Hey, Eren." Levi spoke after a few moments, causing the other to jump.

"Yes?" She offered a smile, but his features didn't change.

"Do you like that Kirschtein kid?" At this, Eren's eyes widened with bewilderment to the question.

"Jean? Why would you assume that?" She asked incredulously. Levi didn't say anything; he stared her down, deep into the depths of her turquoise eyes for confirmation.

Once he felt satisfied, he nodded. "Just checking."

"Aren't we.. you know, a thing?" She asked, and he cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah." He finally voiced, and she wrung the hem of her shirt, staring at it. Levi's eyes followed, catching glimpses of the sun-kissed skin of her hips. Delightful.

'Not sarcastically, though.' He mused to himself, though he didn't know why exactly he had to confirm it with himself.

"Well, then that means that I'm yours and yours alone. There's nothing to get worried about, so just trust me, 'kay?" She voiced her thoughts, and brought her gaze up to meet Levi's grey-blue.

Levi honestly wanted to rush over to her and cuddle the h3ll out of her, for he thought it was the most adorable thing in the world, the way she acted.

Much different from her usual head-strong, corageous self, he concluded as a smile graced her bronze features, pearly white standing out brightly.

"Hn. I see. I suppose you're right." He stated, looking back down at the long-forgotten document, but thoughts were racing through his mind a mile a second, so he couldn't find it in himself to concentrate properly on what the words said.

"You sounded slightly jealous." Eren pointed out, and a scowl made its way onto his porcelain face.

"There's nothing to be jealous about." He denied, but Eren knew better. Nonetheless, she didn't say anything further on the matter.

"Is there anything else you would like?" She offered, and it took Levi everything he had in him not to say, 'You.'

"No, that should be all." With this Eren nodded.

"Alright. See you later then." She made her way to the door.

"Eren." He spoke up once again, right as her hand touched the handle of the door.

"Yes sir?"

"First off, drop the 'sir'. It makes me feel old. Second..." He trailed off, and she gave him a look that urged him to continue.

A small smile was apparent to her. "Thank you."

With that, she left a flustered mess.

A smile looked nice on her Corporal's face.