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Chapter 1

England looked at the small figure of a small child chasing a small butterfly, he knew the other countries would notice the little one , his little sister and he would protect her no matter what, "America, came you come here for a moment." he said as she stopped running after the butterfly and to her big brother. America was a small child with pale blond hair, safire blue innocent eyes and fair skin. she whore a long sleeve turtle neck dress she had small pink ribbon bow in her hair. As she ran over she saw her brother smile even more.

"Big brother, what is it." she said sweety as she brother almost blushed, "America, will you always stay by my side till the end of time?" he asked as the girl looked almost with sympathy, "Of course, your my big brother, I love you." she said as she grabbed his leg and hugged him, "I love you too America." he said as the siblings shared a special embrace, the too didn't even a countrylooking at them in amazement, but not just at England, but the beautiful little girl that was called 'America' he already knew one thing that he could already tell, he wanted her and would do anything to get her even if it meant kidnapping her. And that was what she was going to do.

that night

America sleep in the room next to her brothers room she sleep in silence until she heard a creep, she shot up in bead to see a shadowy figure inche twards her, FROM HER WIDOW. she didnt know what to do, she wanted to scream but no words came out, she wanted to run but her feet wouldn't move her muscles, that was when her soon kidnapper said three words, "Scream, England dies." the figure said, he had the accent of a person she never heard of (even though she only heard was her brothers) that's when the world and she felt her body be moved from her warm room to the outside world of the night, that when she screamed,"BRITIAN!" then all hell broke loss.

Britain woke up to hear his sister yelling his name, he looked outside his window to see a sheep he knew all to well, that was the ship of his eldest brother Sealand the fourth who his father banished him when Britain was very small, America I'm coming he thought as he opened his old chest looking at his red pirate uniform. this was the uniform he meet sweet America and now he was going to save America in.

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