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Author's Note: Hi there! I'm new here, and this would be my first fanfiction for the SNK fandom. These are my entries for the EreMika week, since I'm such a fan of this couple. Now, for the first prompt I wrote two entries, but I couldn't decide which one to publish, so I ended up publishing both. They are divided in Part I and II. Hope you enjoy them! See you guys tomorrow!

Title: The Red String of Fate, Part I.

Prompt: Scarf.

Summary: Mikasa's mother once told her that we all have a red string attached to our pinky that connects us to our soul mates. For her, it was that red scarf.

When Mikasa was little, every evening she would sit next to her mother in the living room, waiting for Mrs. Ackerman to tell her a story from their clan. Her father would join them in the story-telling, adding some remarks and making both laugh. Of all the stories that her mother told her, however, only one remained forever etched upon her memory.

"Once upon a time there lived a king who was very sad." Her mother told her, assuming her story-teller voice.

"Why was he sad, mommy?" Mikasa asked curiously.

"Because despite having all the riches in the world, he didn't have anyone to love." Mrs. Ackerman said, tenderness adorning her voice.

"No one?"

"Yes, he didn't have a beautiful wife or a cute daughter like I do, sweetie." Mikasa's father interrupted the tale, pointing to himself and giving his wife a cheeky grin.

"He wasn't as lucky as daddy is, Mikasa. He searched for years to find the right woman for him, but always had to return home wifeless."

"Poor king." Mikasa muttered, while she held her blanket tighter.

"Yes, however, one day his fate changed when he came upon an old man reading a big, thick book. The king asked the old man what book he was reading, and the old man told him: 'This is the book of marriage records. I only need to use one of the red strings in my bag to tie a man's pinky to a woman's. Once they are tied together, they are sure to become husband and wife.'

'Does everyone have a red string tied to their little finger?' The king asked the old man. 'Yes, those who are joined together by the string are soul mates. They are destined to be together. For instance, do you see that girl over there? That is your future wife.'

But the king didn't believe the old man, and ordered his servant to kill the girl. Thankfully, the servant merely made a small cut on the girl's forehead. Years later, the king finally found a woman he wanted to marry. On the wedding night, the king discovered his wife had a small cut on her forehead. When asked about it, she replied that when she was a child a man had cut her there, and she had had that scar ever since."

"I think he didn't deserve the girl after what he did to her." Mikasa told her parents, completely angry at the king from the story.

"The lesson of the story is, Mikasa, that we are all destined to be with someone. The red string of fate may stretch or get tangled, but it will never break."

"Will I ever find my soul mate, like you and dad did?"

"Of course, sweetie! One day you will meet a boy who will become your husband, just after daddy makes sure he's the right one for you!" Mr. Ackerman exclaimed.


"Yeah, but can I tell you a secret?"

"What is it, daddy?"

"No boy will ever be worthy of you!"

"Honey, don't tell our daughter that!"

The family spent all evening laughing until bed time. Although she had liked the story, Mikasa was never quite sure that such a thing as the red string could exist. But, years later, when she thought that her life was over, a boy, her savior, wrapped a red scarf around her neck and gave her a home. Now, she realized that that little token she treasured the most, was their very own red string of fate, joining them together, forever.

P.S. I don't own the Red String of Fate story, I adapted some parts of the original tale, which belongs to the Chinese folklore.